Get to know me.

Bonjour, I'm Allison.

I'm an inner-city school teacher with a serious love of red wine, vodka seltzers, and craft beer, travel, running, cooking, music, fashion, and photography.

I started blogging just as a way to really express myself and my love of the things that I don't always have an outlet for in my daily life. 

I speak my mind too often, snort when I laugh, and am perfectly comfortable in a pair of 5-inch heels (even walking for many, many blocks around the city).  

Pros: I can properly use an Oxford comma, was known by name and drink order at Starbucks in Beijing, and make absolutely killer playlists and mix CDs (if I do say so myself). 

Cons: I consider myself way too awkward to ever take cute outfit posts, cannot DIY to save my life (or just lack the motivation), and have yet to ever find anything remotely cute of salvageable at a thrift store; all things that absolutely break my heart. 

This blog is a mess - there is no form, no set "type" of post that I usually create - whatever I'm feeling is what I post. I learned too late in life that writing is unbelievably cathartic, so whatever I'm inspired by, upset about, or wanting to put into words so that I'll never forget is what I'm known to post about. No one in my real life has access to this blog, so a lot of time, it's entirely uncensored and is a means for me to express myself without fear of any judgment or scrutiny. 

I'm surrounded by incredible people in my life, many who will make appearances (without their knowledge), on blog posts in the future. 

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