Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On Getting it Together

My life right now is pretty fantastic. 

Work is tough, but it's going really well and I feel like I've finally found my niche within the company (and I know what most of the acronyms they spit out regularly stand for... I got you, UDAAP). I'm working on a specialized pilot program with an engagement ring company based out of California, which has added some pretty significant travel into my routine (more on that to come!). The hours are long, but I love my coworkers and feel confident about my direction in the company.

After almost eight official months together, I still have no complaints about things between Anthony and I. I love our time together (weekday nights are now a regular routine, so that time is constantly increasing), I love our time with friends, I love our time with his family (and could not be happier that I've formed a strong relationship with them, because I know how rare that is too), I love that we continue to grow together and what's in store. 

I love that every weekend is jam-packed with activities and new experiences (more posts on that coming too!).

The only thing missing from all the happiness I have going on is more regular blogging - 
I spent my Saturday night with dear blogger friends B and M from The Sequin Notebook, celebrating B's birthday, and it made me really reflect on how much I miss blogging and my blogger friends. 
Image stolen from the Sequin Notebook hotties! Sidenote - I totally forgot I drank vodka seltzers with you girls, which explains my beautiful hangover the next day. 

I'm honestly so impressed by how all of you juggle SO much and blog so routinely. I'm constantly treading water on it, but just want you to know that I value each and every one of you and will be working on posts more regularly, and more importantly, visiting all of your blogs to see into your lives more consistently (thankful for Instagram, since I get a peek into the happenings during my blogging hiatus!). 

With that said, here's to all of you, who inspire me, make me want to continue with it, and who I miss when I don't get to see into your lives via blog!