Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter is Coming.

Winter/seasonal depression is definitely a legitimate thing. It's dark at 4 p.m. (I'm looking at you, December 21, you miserable bitch), it's cold so you have no desire to go outside, and so there's really nothing to do but stay inside, watch Netflix, and eat carbs (please tell me I am not alone in this), all of which just makes me feel worse about myself afterwards. 

This winter, I want to focus in on the good things and make the most out of what is the most miserable time of year and change it into being the actual most wonderful time of the year (sooo cheesy, someone cut me off, I know).

TV Binges.
I just started watching House of Cards with Anthony and I am obsessed. I plan for many nights in obsessing over how perfect Kevin Spacey is. After that Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad are on my queue (I know, I know, how did I get through life without watching either?). Regardless, winter is perfect for this! 

Hot yoga.
It's 12 degrees outside, but if you're a hot yoga junkie like me, this means nothing because you'll be sweating it all out in a 100+ degree studio, detoxifying, working off all of those holiday carbs, and being blissfully (or disgustingly in my case) hot.

All winter long. Experiment, use a Crock Pot, and have fun!

Yes. I don't care if you're cuddling with your dog, your significant other, your best friend, or your glass of wine. Cuddle up as much as possible.

Red wine.
Granted, I drink it all year long, but I think it's extra perfect during cold months.

Hot chocolate.
So good. Make it on a pot, on the stove instead of a microwave... add whiskey if desired and you're feeling extra adventurous. I also stir mine with a candy cane because I LOVE SUGAR and I do what I want.

Down comforters.
And down inserts for the top of a mattress. Seriously perfection (though you will want to cocoon and never leave your bed, ever).

Holiday movies.
There are the classics, like Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually that just feel better to watch this time of year. There are also horrifically made, ridiculously cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies for if you ever are feeling like you made bad choices in life, you can remind yourself that you never starred in Grumpy Cat's Christmas.

Christmas music.
Especially if Michael Buble is singing it. Oh, HELLO.

Lounge/yoga pants.
Okay, so I don't own a pair of traditional sweatpants - you know, the big and unflattering ones that basic bitches used to wear with Ugg boots circa 2003 that make your ass look like a concave basketball no matter how many squats you do... however luxe lounge pants or Lulu Wunder Under? Yes PLEASE, I will be wearing these all winter long.
Plus, no guy will ever protest about you wearing these.. even with Uggs.

There is no better time to read than in the winter. Snuggle up (combining a few lovely things in one!), grab your hot chocolate, and catch up on your ever growing Goodreads to-read list.

Holiday themed activities.
Ugly sweater parties (check, have one on deck), gingerbread house making competitions (we're doing a couple vs. couple vs. couple contest... six college athletes who are against each other. It will be a bloodbath), cookie parties, whatever. Enjoy and take part fully!

It's so damn pretty. Just enjoy it as it falls, without stressing about shoveling, etc. Seriously, it's gorgeous.

There is nothing better than baking on a cold day - for me, it's very cathartic and a really good way to just unwind and focus on something relatively menial, but where you have to pay attention. Plus, you get a delish final product that you can share with friends/family/coworkers (or yourself, because I mean, you worked hard).

I love sweaters, the more oversized, the better. Pair them with your lounge pants for a day on the couch and you'll be comfortable without being a total scrub (look good, feel good, amirite?).

They don't have the same effect in the summer, I promise you that. They're pretty and romantic and warm, so really, it's just perfection. Anthony and I went away to a B and B (post coming soon!) and our room had a fireplace, which was maybe the greatest thing ever (until we boiled... but it still LOOKED pretty!).
One of the rooms (not ours) from Hotel Mountain Brook, where we stayed!

Staying in or local, trying new things, relaxing... it's perfect in the winter time. In the summer, there's pressure to be outside taking advantage of the weather, whereas in the winter, you can be a slug and it's pretty acceptable.

Game night.
Get your friends, get a shitload of games, bake cookies, and play games all night. Bonus points if you make holiday drinks to go along with it.

Christmas/holiday decorations are beautiful.. like, absolutely gorgeous. Last year, my brother and I got Starbucks and then just drove around and looked at all the lights in our area (our neighbors tend to go pretty big - competition is all too familiar, even when unspoken).

NYE means sequins and sparkle - the more, the better. Embrace your inner diva and go big.

Pretty gift wrapping.
Now is the time of year to get creative with your wrapping! Last year I put sprigs of pine branches on everything and wrapped it all with Kraft paper (this year will probably be very similar because I was obsessed with how it looked.

Red cups from Starbucks.
The true mark of the holiday season.

What are some of your favorite things about winter? 


B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Ok, I felt like you were literally inside my head as I read this post (except for the whole not watching Breaking Bad yet thing...girl, you need to get on that!). Soooo many wonderful things in here, including my one true love Michael Buble, and of course the Lifetime Christmas movies (though I think Grumpy Cat's Christmas may be the only one I refuse to watch!). Also, I'm totally asking Santa for that cuddle shirt and that sparkle dress.

(And now I'll put away the Kraft paper that I was literally just using to wrap gifts.)

BLovedBoston said...

I'm on board with ALL of these things - especially cuddling during the cold nights!! Side story...we had a really cold few days in January like the rest of the country...and our city actually shut down like the mayor said DON"T go outside so we ate pizza, watched TV and seriously had the best day ever!! So much fun! That sequin dress has me thinking I need to find my NYE dress!!!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

that ugly christmas sweater!! for some reason whenever tis the season, i need me some ugly christmas sweaters!!!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Oh my you pretty much captured it all. Love to lounge, cuddle, drink warm drinks and taste holiday flavors in either drinks or foods, the movies, the music...the colors in general...this winter season is fun!

HiFashion said...

Winter is not treating me well this season. I am living in sweatpants, while watching constant TV. Getting out of bed for work is a new kind of pain I never knew existed.

We'll get through it together.

Brooke said...

Winter seemed to hit me yesterday. We got home after freezing our asses off taking Christmas pictures and I decided I was done for the day. I put on my yoga pants, a huge hoodie (with the hood up), and yep...even a pair of uggs, and I just sat on the couch with leftover chili and had a reality tv marathon hahaha I must have looked pathetic, but it felt oh so good!

Christina said...

I love and agree with everything about this post! There will be plenty of Netflix watching and book reading. I also go to a ton of movies in the winter. All Oscar buzzy ones are starting to come out and the superheroes are gone until spring. Ha! I'm currently wearing fleece lounge wear and loving it. When I was little, my parents made us bundle up in hats, scarves and coats and we'd go to the Dairy Queen drive through, drive around with the windows down, eat Blizzards, and look at Christmas lights on houses for hours. I loved it!

Elle Sees said...

yes yes to all of these!!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Love all of these things you've listed here!! I am not a winter person and I can get quite down when Winter comes around, but I combat it with doing stuff like you've listed. Christmas movies are the best, I need to watch more really. And all the food as well :))) I hope this season will be marvellous for you lovely xx

Becky Stemple said...

This post is everything!!! I about died with the reindeer sweater hahah best one yet!.. and that dress is drool worthy! I love your blog girl. Just started following you!

P.S.-- The Blacklist & The Walking Dead are good Netflix watches too :)


Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

This post makes me insanely happy. I'm all about any excuse to wear sparkles and drink hot chocolate. I also think I need to wear that shirt and follow Mark around until he succumbs to my cuddling attempts ;-)

Julie McQueen said...

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Kari | The Kari Diaries said...

So many of these things give me all of the feels, for real!

Winter is my time to savor all the hot drinks, reading, Netflix binges and cuddles I can get! I also love holiday movies and music although I'm such a grinch (eep!). But for reals, anything sung by Michael Buble warms me right up ;) Lol you mention yoga pants like that's not a year-round thing. Oops, I'm basic :) & SNOW! Oh, my winter-loving heart!

P.S. You post title reminded me of Game of Thrones and whether that was intentional of not I love you for it <3

Shenine joon said...

I pretty much love everything about this post. I do not love winter at all but you picked out all the things I do like. That sequin dress its heaven!