Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Catch Up

Sorry for being MIA as of late - the switch last week to a new job in an entirely new career (from teaching to finance) is really stressful, mainly because I am a perfectionist and expected to come into aforementioned new career already being an expert... which hasn't exactly happened, so it's been quite the adjustment.

Before I get too far behind though, December has brought a ton of awesome, friends filled holiday activities and events that have definitely gotten me into the most Christmas-y of moods, so really, since it's Christmas Eve, this post is in absolutely perfect timing! ;) Plus, I figure since I haven't posted in forever, it's totally okay that I'm putting 95 kagillion pictures up on this one. 

Tree Shopping
We had planned to chop down a tree with Anthony's sister and her husband, but the weekend we had planned to go was rainy and awful. Instead, Anthony and I headed to a local farm where we found the perfect tree within ten minutes, and spent the rest of the night setting it up, stringing lights (I directed), and then turning off all other lights to enjoy wine by the tree. 

Obviously since this is a good picture, it's Anthony's and not mine ;) 

Ugliest Sweater Party and Crafting
Anthony and I decided that hunting around Goodwill or buying one was not going to happen, so instead, we ordered ugly colored Hanes sweatshirts, spent an afternoon (seriously) in Michael's Arts and Crafts, and then spent an evening watching Jingle All the Way (thanks HBO GO!) and created what might be the ugliest sweaters ever made. 

The next night, we headed to the city to Jon and Jess's ugly sweater party, where we all drank too much and basked in the absolute ugliness of everyone's outfits. 
Everyone was very into my balls.

Someone told us, "That picture is good, but would be even better with the mystery finger." Okay.

Drinking to make the sweaters look better (or something like that). 

We also had a very, very interesting drunk Uber ride home with another couple, which in my opinion is the only way to Uber (unless you're alone, and then maybe not so much). 

Gingerbread house making competition.
Take six former athletes and throw us all together and you will wind up with a way to make anything into a competition. Houses and supplies were bought, and it was game on. The stakes were high as couple vs. couple vs. couple were pitted against each other, with the prize being that the two losing couples had to buy dinner for the winning couple. Pictures were posted on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and votes were calculated (mostly by Ant and I, who I guess really win the competitive award). It also helped because Anthony and I won!! 

Jon and Jess's house.

Nicole and Rob's log cabin, complete with Sour Patch kids having sex on the front lawn. 

Don't even know. 

Seriously, we are way too competitive for our own good. 

How have you gotten into the holiday spirit this year? 

Tonight I'll be spending Christmas Eve relaxing with Ant for our first Christmas Eve/Christmas together. There are plans for lots of relaxing, potentially driving to look at Christmas lights, and lots of red wine. 

Happy Holidays to everyone! You're all the absolute best and have made my year so special. xox


Shenine joon said...

Merry Christmas! Your tree is so cute and that photo of your wine glasses with the tree in the background should be framed in your house! lovely!

HiFashion said...

Hope you've had a lovely Christmas! I've been spending most of my time off so far in bed with Netflix.
Wow, that's quite a career jump - good luck with it all.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Your tree and sweater both are perfect {and not at all ugly}. :)

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Ahhh...this was wonderful :) Merry Christmas so happy you had a wonderful time. Sorry I'm a little late on this post, I took a break - a well needed one and I am feeling much better, pumped really!! I hope Santa was good to you ;) These are really marvellous pictures, loved the gingerbread houses. You two are completely adorable & I'm happy you have someone that makes you smile, it's the best :) I hope the New Year is fantastic for you & all your hopes and dreams continue to come true...good luck with the new job, sounds like it will be an adventure in itself!! No doubt, you'll ace it!! Thank you for always popping by, your comments always brighten my day!! Lots of loves to you <3

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Omg "The A Team" - love it!!! You guys are the cutest, I love how you fully embraced the cheesier aspects of the holidays and started making your own traditions! Your ugly sweaters were truly a force to be reckoned with, and clearly I am not surprised that your balls were so popular ;)

Elle Sees said...

loved your recap!! hope your holidays were stellar!! i went to an ugly sweater party and NO ONE BUT ME had one on. seriously. i made it about 20 min and bailed.