Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool..

Hopefully readers are Fresh Prince fans, otherwise this post title will make about 0% sense. 

A few weekends ago, Anthony and I headed to Philadelphia for our first trip together. I was instantly excited at the prospect of a trip together, but especially one in my old stomping grounds of Philly, where I spent so much time during my four years of college. We made plans to do a ton of sightseeing (since even though I went to school there, I went mostly to bars/restaurants versus tourist attractions), and visit two of my college friends, who I hadn't seen since the three of us went to Costa Rica together. 

Most of these pictures are Anthony's, since he is a very talented photographer. Basically if you see any that look good, he most likely was the one who took it ;) 

When we arrived in Philly on Thursday night, it was raining like crazy, and freezing cold. 

We rented a penthouse apartment in Rittenhouse Square, with incredible floor to ceiling windows and a killer view of the city - it was absolutely unreal, and a sight not to be missed. 

After checking in and taking time just to look around and realize how absolutely gorgeous the views from the apartment were, we headed to Tria, a wine bar/restaurant for some wine and dinner, which ended up being absolutely phenomenal. Being from NYC, where people are polite but do their own thing, it's always a shock at how freaking nice people are once you live the Tristate area - the bartender actually came out from behind  the bar to hand us menus, and then came back to take our order... so we didn't have to try to wiggle our way in to a spot in the bar to shout a drink order, which amazed both of us.

We tried new wines, ended up with a seat by the window, and had a prime spot when it actually started to snow. 

After Tria, we headed to Ranstead Room, a speakeasy literally a block from our apartment, that featured classic cocktails in a very low-lit bar that couldn't have seated more than 20 people. I ordered the monkey's gland, a mix of gin, absinthe, and grapefruit juice which was fantastic. 
The place itself was down an alley, and was unmarked except for a very small RR marked on a door. I'm a big fan of low-key places like that, where you can try new drinks, but also have conversation, so this was absolutely perfect for me. Night one was an early night, since we planned to do a ton of sightseeing the next day, which required an early start. 

We woke to blue skies, a sharp contrast from the previous day, and the windows in the apartment heated the room so much that it felt like a hot yoga studio (no joke). The views were so gorgeous though, that it made the heat more bearable (at least for me... I think Anthony was dying a little bit). He got breakfast while I got ready, and then we sat and enjoyed coffee and muffins (pumpkin for me, because even being in Philly, I'm still basic af) before heading out into the cold. 

Morning views.

The Liberty Bell was Anthony's must-see, and we ended up getting there at the perfect time - there were no crowds, so he was able to take this picture of the cracked and symbolic Bell. 

After the Bell, we wandered near Independence Hall, and through the park, near one of my absolute favorite and historic streets in the city. I want one of these brownstones so badly. 

No trip to Killadelphia is complete without a cheesesteak, at least for the meat eater in the relationship, so I made sure to take Anthony to Jim's on South Street, for the best cheesesteak in the city (Pat's and Geno's do NOT compare, I promise you that), and afterwards we wandered around Penn's Landing, before heading to the National Liberty Museum (specifically to see the Mandela exhibit). 

After our walk, we were obviously still hungry, so we headed to Franklin Fountain for a massive selection of ice cream... and then massive ice creams. 

Listen, you'd make the same face if you saw how many freaking options there were. 


Ben Franklin walked down this alley... most like likely with similar hand gestures. You go, Benny. 

We cut through Love Park on the way back home, where the sign was very, very tiny, but it still required a picture to be taken in front of it while a homeless woman tried to sell us beautiful blue antifreeze flavored candy canes, which really added to the moment. 

After a trip to the liquor store for more wine and vodka, we headed back to the apartment so that we could have a front row seat for that night's sunset from our apartment views, perfectly complimented by red wine. 

Picture of a picture of a setup for a sunset.

As we finished our first bottle of wine, my best friend and four-year college roommate Rach called to say she was in the lobby, which led to a huge catch up, story telling session (while opening a second bottle of wine, naturally). 
It's always amazing to me how time can pass, and yet you can pick up exactly where you left off with some of your friends. 

From there, we Ubered a fancy car to Fishtown, where we headed out for Mexican food and margs, and then met up with Amanda, the last of the three amigas.

From there, we spent the night bar hopping before ending up back at the apartment for more vodka and taking in all of the views.

All in all, it was a very, very packed, but perfect first trip together, especially since it ended with dinner at The Melting Pot with one of Anthony's best friends and his fiance after watching Interstellar.

What are your favorites ways to spend a weekend getaway? 


BLovedBoston said...

Looks like you guys had such a great time!! The view from where you were staying was gorgeous!!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Seriously this post makes me so happy and really really miss Philly! I wish I was there longer than only a year I truly fell in love with that city!

Ashley @BeautyBrain.org said...

It looks like you had SO much fun!! I've never been to Philadelphia but this makes me really want to plan a trip!!

Jax said...

I've never been Philly, but it looks beautiful! You're so right about people being so friendly outside of NY. Whenever I travel out of town, people speak to me. I'm like, um, why are you talking to me? I don't knowww you... hahaha It's a nice fresh of breathe air.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a fun trip and stayed in such an amaaaazing location! I'm incredibly jealous that you went to Tria - that was my FAVORITE wine bar when I lived there, sooooo yummy. And I mean...Franklin Fountain?! Yes, PLEASE! You and your friends look so cute!

Sara Louise said...

I love how you always try and get out there and do fun things! I haven't been to Philly since I was a kid, but judging by your weekend, I need to make plans for another visit :) x

Elle Sees said...

i LOVE philly! it's been around 3 years since i was there...october and a big snow, whenever that was...anyway, loved your recap. and not sure if i've been to jims. adding to my list just in case!

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful and delicious pics, darling!
I miss NYC!


Christina said...

What a great trip! That apartment is amazing! I need to go back. The 36 hours Leeann and I spent in Philly were not enough! I want to visit more museums and see more local sites. We also should have taken your word on Jim's. We ate at Sonny's and it was nothing special.

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Ahhh...this looked like a perfect trip...amazing!! I could have eaten all the food of course. You looked happy and wonderful lovely!! Am pleased you enjoyed yourself :))) xx

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I LOVE Philly. My favorite city on the East Coast. LOVE. Spent wonderful months there and cannot wait to go back one day. Glad you had a fantastic time, meeting friends and catching up. It's always the best part.