Sunday, November 16, 2014

Save or Splurge?

Biana over at B Loved Boston shared a really fun post recently about things that people typically save or splurge on. It definitely got me thinking, and reflecting on my spending habits (and what I probably should be budgeting more on... I always considered myself a saver, but maybe not!). Below are the categories and feel free to join in on the fun! 

1// A cocktail dress to wear to a wedding
2. A glass of wine at a restaurant 
3// A hotel room
4// A haircut
5// Wild name it! 

1. Save/splurge.
Okay, so this one really depends. Sometimes I get this very inflated ego, where I think that people on Insta or Facebook are analyzing what I wear and how frequently I wear it, and I'm convinced that I need a new dress for every single wedding or function that I'm invited to. 
I usually hit Nordstrom for cocktail dresses to wear to a wedding, however I do use my Nordstrom card, which constantly gets me credit/points, which equals dollars off (significantly in some cases!), but definitely still adds up to way too many dollars in cocktail dresses hanging in my closet. 
Last week though, I went to Marshall's during my lunch break and found a GORGEOUS maxi dress for.... $45 that I bought in preparation for the slew of weddings that are on deck. Talk about preemptive saving!

Must keep reminding myself it's okay to wear a LBD to more than one function.

2. Save-ish. 
I usually pick the glass right smack in the middle, price wise. So if the house wine is $8/glass and the most expensive is $20/glass, I'll go for the one around $12, figuring that it's got to be somewhat decent. 
Typically when I buy wine for myself, I base it off the cutest label (my dad, who orders the most expensive glass at every restaurant, always dies a little inside when I bitch about a bottle of wine that isn't so great... "but the label is sooo cute!"). Sorry, but a $20 bottle tastes the same to me as an $85+, dad. 

3. Save.
Wow, I'm not as thrifty as I thought! For this one, it really depends on the area I'm staying in, and the cost of the overall trip. 
I've been obsessed with Airbnb lately, where you can 5x the space for the same price as a hotel room, which is very economical (Anthony and I just booked a penthouse in Philly with floor to ceiling windows in Rittenhouse Square for under $200/night. UNHEARD of). 
My dad has a Hilton Honors and a Marriot Rewards card, and has literally three months worth of free rooms that he doesn't use, so he usually gifts them to me if I'm staying outside of a city, so the cost for a great room is $0. It's not what you know, it's who you know, right? 

4. Splurge. 
The girl who cuts my hair started on the "mentor" level at the salon I switched to after moving back home after college. The salon itself uses all Bumble and Bumble products, and Jessica's blowouts are like none other. She's now (four years later --- where did the time go?!) made her way up to the "master" level, which means her prices took a $40 jump. I will pay anything for her haircuts, blow outs, and her phenomenal personality. 

5. Wildcard -> Denim -- Splurge.
Always. I've tried other denim (under $100), and maybe it's in my head, but I don't think anything is comparable to a pair of Hudson, AG, or J Brand denim. The quality of the denim is fantastic, they hold up well, and are figure flattering. I have more athletic thighs, but a thin waist, so finding flattering denim is not easy.

Listen, Princess Kate choices J Brand for a reason. Just sayin.

What are your thoughts on saving versus splurging on the above mentioned things? 
I know I definitely need to start budgeting better/being more thrifty with cocktail dresses, even if that means I need to condense my closet before making any more purchases! 


HiFashion said...

I am such a splurger in every section of my life. I should probably have some kind of a budget, but I'm not a crazy shopper, so splurging on the occasional thing.
Except for wine. For some ridiculous reason, I like cheap wine. I wish I didn't!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I love this post and actually have my own scheduled for this week! I buy my wine the same way - cutest label/bottle wins :) Now off to check out Air BNB, this sounds amazing!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I am totally with you on all over these! I always splurge on one or two really good pairs of jeans. They last so long especially if you buy a timeless cut! I miss Rittenhouse Square and Philly so much!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I save alot, but then randomly splurge on something I over the moon love. I couldn't tell you what it would be, it just depends on what I see. But, most times I save, but my splurges are so random, it could happen at any time. I don't wear jeans, so never splurged on those. I don't drink, so never splurged on wine. I can splurge on dresses or books or art stuff. Going places. Those are my splurges I would say :)))) xoxox

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

That is such an incredible Airbnb find - I've been thinking about renting out my apartment (especially since I could have made bank with the marathon and Thanksgiving this month), but I'm a little scared of having strangers stay here! I'm with you on the pre-emptive saving when it comes to know you'll wear it eventually, so might as well pick it up when you spot a good deal!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Oh wow, that's a great deal. Love Philly. Have fun!!!!
I splurge when I know the quality is good. I don't mind spending money on wine if the wine is really that excellent. My husband claims he can taste good vs bad wine...I tested him and he could. Oops. So long my cheap $5 wine I love so much. But I do save where I can. If I can get the same dress at 50% off I'll get it then. No need for me to pay over 200 bucks. hahahaha. I'm a cheapo. :(

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i never ever skimp out on skin and beauty products although i work really hard to find them on sale or get them at a discount because ain't nobody got time for full price!

i agree with you on jeans; i have a few pair of designer jeans that fit SO WELL and have lasted through the years (i have seven jeans from 14yrs ago that have not lost their shape!)

Elle Sees said...

i splurge on getting my hair cut and colored. no regrets!

Mili said...

I'm definitely a denim splurger too, although sometimes I have magically found a pair of jeans at urban outfitters that happen to fit. And lucky you for having all those hotel points! Or well lucky you that your Dad shares the wealth :)


Christina said...

This is such a great post! I should do something like this to get a better look at my spending and lack of saving. I've heard such good things about Airbnb, but we have Marriott Rewards and have been able to stay free almost every time we go away for the past five year. It makes hotel hunting a lot easier too and there's almost always a Marriott downtown in every city. I totally agree with you about splurging on hair care. It just looks and feels better when you have an expert take care of it. Speaking of, I need to make an appointment... :)