Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October(ish) Favorites, 2014.

Fall is my favorite time of year (I know - I say this all the freaking time, so you get it by now.. but it's like when a teacher keeps telling you that you "might see this information on a test".. I want to just drill in HOW much I love the damn fall), as much for the changing leaves, cooler temperatures, fun holidays on deck and fall activities, but also because  it seems like fall just stacks my social calendar with amazing things.

I realized at my giant blogger blate this weekend that I am a highly lazy blogger - I do these massive recap posts because I just can't seem to stay ahead on things... sooo be prepared for a shitload of pictures and descriptions where all I do is try to recap so I don't forget anything (which, according to the post below, is not as easy as it may seem.. thanks, vodka).

Prydz concert.
To recap: 
Forgot to eat dinner.
Went to see Prydz.
Drank vodka to pregame before concert.
Realized Madison Square Garden sells hard alcohol, not just beer.
Listened to music.
Drank more vodka.
Realized they sell doubles.
Remember about half of Prydz's set.
Got safely back to Hoboken.

...In case you have 3 hours to spare:

Lazy fall weekend mornings.
Typically involve some type of breakfast foods - one morning, it involved pancakes. I made the batter (from scratch, which is important to note for my self esteem), and then showed how horrific of a pancake flipper I am.

Just call me Wolfgang Puck (mine is on the left).

Then a certain someone got fancy, so I asked for an elephant... which actually wasn't too awful.

NYC Blogger Brunch. 
This past Saturday, I headed to a NoHo brunch spot for a NYCish blogger meetup, with the gorgeous ladies from The Sequin Notebook, A Little Glitter, The Kari Diaries, and Your Beauty Fix
We prosecco'd (it's a verb, okay? I'm a teacher, I promise accuracy), ate delish pizza, threw shade at the bitchy waitress, and talked about our lives and blogs for HOURS (and were it not for aforementioned bitchy waitress, we could have easily stayed longer)
B and M from The Sequin Notebook hosted an incredible event for us, with the most thoughtful and creative gifts. Can't wait for the next one, girls! (And I'm totally stealing the group pictures from everyone else - dropped the ball on taking my own pictures, but hello -we're bloggers, so I knew it would all be captured).

Amazing swag bags from The Sequin Notebook ladies, embossed with our blog logos and filled with mini champagne bottles (glittered up!) and cookies. SO thoughtful.

Pretty blogger friends.

Pumpkin/apple picking.
Anthony and I headed up to Chester, NJ where we spent the morning exploring the town, which consists of little antique shops, bakeries, and cafes (it's adorable!). We woke up relatively early and were able to stop at a cafe for pastries and coffee, taking advantage of the gorgeous (albeit a little chilly) fall morning, that was made for a North Face and outdoor seating.

From there, we walked Main Street, exploring different antique shops (and stopping at a bakery that was on Cupcake Wars where we bought basically everything, including a chocolate covered Oreo Reese's.. which is a thing).

 From there, we headed to an orchard in Chester (down a pretty, tree lined road) where we met up with friends of Anthony's to have a pumpkin/apple picking double date. The orchard was almost picked clean, but we were directed to some trees with apples, and then headed to get our beautiful pumpkins. I'm VERY intense when it comes to getting the perfect pumpkin (or Christmas tree), but it worked out and I couldn't be happier with what I ended up with.

This candid will probably be my new blog header soon.

Or with a wagon.  

We also bought apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, and God knows what else because both guys were going toe to toe picking things up to purchase. It was the perfect fall day, and the perfect way to unwind and end the weekend (before a very intense pumpkin carving competition between Anthony and I - more to come on that later in a future post!).

Did you do apple or pumpkin picking this year? 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

sigh...i love apple and pumpkin picking but we missed it while in orlando :(

i wanted to get fresh apples to make apple butter!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Love pancakes, so much fun. Haven't been picking for apples or pumpkins in years, love doing that. Am happy you had a fun time. You look gorgeous in these photos and super happy too. Hope your week is going well lovely xxx

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I can't even deal with these pumpkin picking guys are seriously the cutest, and it sounds like SUCH a perfect fall day! Obviously I am still completely obsessed with our blogger brunch and can't wait to get another one on the calendar soon. At least we have another November "event" to look forward to now, haha! Love seeing a new post from you and can't wait to see more!

Elle Sees said...

love fall and love that you are just as passionate about it like me! i knew i liked ya for a reason! ;)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

OK I want that pizza right now!! This sounds so fun! I have always wanted to do a blogger meet up--I wish I wasn't 6 hrs away from NYC! You are adorable and I just love how much you love life. What a fun Fall post!

Rebecca Harasym said...

Wow! You sure had a lot of fun things going on! I too love fall so much but I hate winter as it gets way to cold here! The concert looks looks like it was so awesome! That blogger dinner must have been amazing! Too bad for the bad waitress! LOL! The taxi cookies were really cool!


Christina said...

Hard alcohol at MSG? That seems dangerous, especially during sprting events. Haha! We made pancakes from scratch last weekend. We almost never do, but they are so much better! That is one serious blogger meetup! Love it!! The pictures from the farm are so great! I've never been apple picking before and really want to. My mom has a green apple tree in her backyard so we always have an abundance of apples. Apple cider doughnuts are the best ever!

Sara Louise said...

I'm failing at fall this year; no apple or pumpkin picking, and no vodka either, but there has been wine, lots and lots of wine ;) x

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I laughed out loud when I read "doing basic while people things like posing in a field". Hahahha. Thank you.

I went to a pumpkin patch this year and got my little orange fellas, and now they are all carved. :)

Love brunches like's always fun to meet new people and get together with people who like blogging just as much.

Happy Halloween.

Olivia Fuller said...

SO FESTIVE! I love it!

And I also love music and drinking (obvious from my IG ;).)Looks like an awesome show! I went to MSG once for Kings of Leon, which was a fabulous time. I thought a venue that size would be a nightmare to navigate, but it wasn't. They've got a great set-up as far as I can tell.

That's so awesome that you were part of a blog meet-up! Definitely something I hope to do one day, once I master the art of regular posting :).

I love the photos from your pumpkin picking expedition, especially that shot of you in front of the corn field! Looks like such a fun date, and you, my dear, look gorgeous!

I haven't gone apple picking yet myself, but I'm waiting to go as a volunteer to gather leftover apples with a program that brings them to food pantries and shelters.I can't wait, though, I love apple picking and all fall festivities :).