Friday, October 3, 2014

Mantras and Beliefs.

Audrey Hepburn's famous quote on what she believes in is all over Pinterest, and for good reason. It's simple in its message, but resonates because it allows people to agree, "Oh yeah, me too!" or "Good point!" Through a few simple phrases, Hepburn proselytized this sense of identifying our own worldview and things that we can stand behind.

Sometimes sitting and actually reflecting on things that you believe, can become mantras for your life - which can then shape your attitude and worldview in such a positive and enlightened way.

So, I may not be as poetic as Audrey, but these are my beliefs that shape my daily life


I believe that you should should let the people who you love know that you love them. 
Seriously - you absolutely never know how fast something can happen, and the worst thing to feel in this world is regret at things that you've never said.

I believe that you should find some type of exercise that fits for you, and put your heart into really learning about it, no matter what your budget is.

I believe that if you want to order a damn salad, order the damn salad. If you want to order a damn burger, order the damn burger. Who cares? 

I believe that you should laugh, loudly, as often as possible.

I believe in eating fruits and vegetables every single day, and putting down the artificial sugar for natural sugar (your body and mind will thank you!).

I believe in taking notes while you read - maybe of words you don't know that you should look up, or quotes that inspire you, etc. Write all over your books, highlight them, whatever. When you reread them, it can give you insight into yourself and a place in life you were at.

I believe in proofreading. 

I believe that beauty has absolutely no size or physical characteristic, and every single person should hold their head up high and never conform to societal expectations that are never possible.

I believe in knowing your own limits - whether it's the amount of weight you can lift, how long you should hold that yoga pose, and realizing that you will probably never make a cup of coffee at home that's as good as you'll get for $5 in a coffee shop. 

I believe in listening to what people have to say - even if they have different views than you, it's polite to hear what someone says.

I believe that you should never start a sentence with, "No judgment, but..." or "No offense, but..." Say what you say and own it if you're being an asshole.

I believe that those we lose in life are always with us, and that should inspire us to keep striving forward.

I believe in avoiding Facebook when upset or angry.

I believe that if anyone I'm with is an asshole to a server, cashier, custodian, human being,  that it will be the last time I go out with them. 

I believe in holding my head up high and believing in myself, even if people don't like me (that's life and it will happen).

I believe in taking some time away from the damn phone, iPad, everything and being truly present - whether with yourself or with those you're spending time with. 

I believe in meditating. No matter what your religious beliefs, spending time in silence just focusing can bring so much to light.

I believe in the power of having a few nights alone every month (including one weekend night!), with ice cream and Netflix (and red wine) to keep you company.

I believe in being rational, and fighting anxiety and insecurity with fact (aka, get out of your head any way you can, even if it means literally writing down all the facts and then reading them back - there is no room for anxiety when you have reality).

I believe in not owning a scale.

I believe in finding ways to make yourself happy, whether it's getting yourself that venti PSL, leaving yourself love notes around your house, or having an inspiration board on Pinterest filled with encouraging words/mantras.

What mantras/words/things do you live and believe in?

Happy Friday, loves! I hope you have amazing things lined up for the first weekend of October.

I'll be... going to dinner at a place I've been DYING to go to for over a year (they only seat 20 people per NIGHT and it took 3 weeks for a reservation! But they make all their own pasta from scratch, so I am STOKED), well then be having drinks and seeing Gone Girl on Saturday (goes without saying, right? I think I'll need drinks to handle GG), and then will be running and enjoying a lazy Sunday :) 


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

What a lovely post! I am such a huge quote person and so many of my faves! Have fun this weekend--that restaurant sounds so cool! Enjoy the pasta!!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love these!!!! Thanks for sharing.
Have a fun Friday, and enjoy the restaurant...places like these are always fun to go to. :)


Kizzy Von Doll said...

I love that last one...I needed that one!! I agree with all of these things. Also letting go of people and the things that do no good for you. It will only bring you down and eventually make you forget who you are. I have 'friends' that I seriously think why do I even give them my time because they don't have time for me and it just brings me down when I think on it too much. And If I listen to others too much, I start to feel like I am not enough, I'm not good enough, smart enough, or anything else. So, I really must focus better and meditate and just walk my own way. This was super. Happy weekend beauty, I hope you are having fun Xxx

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

all of these! rude bitches who are rude to others have no place in my life. i always tell my friends i love them because your'e right -- you never know what can happen!

Vodka and Soda

HiFashion said...

I am so tempted to print some of these out and stick them on my wall.
I am a huge believe of laughing, loudly too - my laugh is loud enough that it's well known in the office haha.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

These are def some fantastic mantras (and not as poetic as Audrey?! Please. Don't sell yourself short!). I really love them all, but especially the Facebook rule (something I need to be better about sticking to), the final date straw (this actually happened to me a few months ago when a guy was a total jerk to the poor 15-year-old girl who was working at the movie theater - rude!), and fighting anxiety with fact (another area where I can use some improvement!). But seriously, these are all great!

(PS how was Gone Girl?!)

Liz Taylor said...

This is so damn true girl. People so often live their lives for all of the wrong reasons and a lot of times their own happiness and beliefs are on the backburner. These are all such inspirational, positive things that truly show that we should love and enjoy our life doing what we want. Also "I believe that you should find some type of exercise that fits for you, and put your heart into really learning about it, no matter what your budget is." Yes girl. YES

Elle Sees said...

lovely beliefs!! i believe in accepting everyone, no matter how different they are from me. so many times ppl are quick to judge--i see it on my instagram daily. if i post a pic of myself, something i kinda have to do as a beauty blogger, i lose followers (am i viewed as ugly? conceited?). if i post a pic of alcohol i lose followers. if i don't like a beauty product, i lose them. so yeah, i accept everyone.

Christina said...

Yes, yes, yes to all of it! The newest version of "no offense, but" is "just sayin'..." It's sooo annoying! If you can't stand behind something you're saying then just don't say it! I'm finally coming around to that Facebook rule too. When there's a hot topic going on in the country I have to just shut myself out of social media. Especially Twitter. It's so easy to get caught up and get more and more angry. I go play a game or bake cookies with my kids and I remember what life's really about. And I hide some people. LOL!

I gotta know, what did you think about Gone Girl? I LOVED it!!

Tricia Nae said...

These are all great!!

Rebecca Harasym said...

I think Audrey is fantastic and her words are still so lovely to this day! You have a great way of thinking too and it reminds me to enjoy life as much as I can! I hope your dinner is amazing! It really sounds like it is worth the wait!


Your Beauty Fix said...

Love the walking dead workout and Lana's laugh... just classic!

Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

Sara Louise said...

Yes, scales are evil!
These are all fantastic and I believe you are too! xx

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I believe...I should read this post daily. Can you be my personal motivational speaker? I agree with all of these points, I'm just not good at making these things happen. But with your help, I can accomplish anything ;)