Friday, September 5, 2014

The Best of Netflix - September 2014 Edition

So, post breakup, I decided that I wanted a week where I did next to nothing. Wake up late, make coffee (which unfortunately was my morning and afternoon meal, which is NOT good at all), and watch a TON of Netflix. Like, more than is healthy for your eyes or brain. 

The beauty of Netflix is that it's always there. So while I won't be going on an "I'm sorry for myself and will be alone forever" binge any time soon, I can't say that I'm not looking forward to a rainy weekend day to indulge a little bit (after a run - it evens out, right? OR on days I don't want to run, I promise myself I'll do 15 squats or 15 push-ups after every episode).

So here, are some of my favorites that I've binged on or enjoyed lately. 

1. Orange is the New Black
You can easily watch a season in a weekend - it's only 26 episodes, so you're not dedicating too much of your time (just like.. a full day). But seriously, talk about flawless casting. Every single character has so much depth, even the ones you love to hate. The episodes focus on one character, and what brought them into the prison, which is interlaced with what's going on at the prison at that moment. It's brilliantly done and I can't recommend it more highly (unless maybe you're a prude or don't like to hear the f word. Then maybe not so much for you.. I discouraged my prude mother from watching it).

2. The Walking Dead
Oh, you're behind? Or don't have much to do from now until October? CATCH UP before the new season comes mid-October. Seriously, get on The Walking Dead, because it is legitimately one of the best television shows - and it's more than just a zombie show, there are so many dynamics and it's really a study of human nature (if we're being Aristotelian). They JUST put the newest season up, so seriously, catch up and we  can swoon over Daryl together (don't knock him until you watch the show).

3. Jumanji 
Obviously. Relive your childhood - it's as good as you remember.

4. Food, Inc.
This isn't a fun watch, but it's one of the tipping points that converted me to vegetarianism (though it first just made me WAY more conscious about my eating habits and behaviors). It's a powerful look into the food industry in the United States, and is done in an interesting way (though it will probably infuriate you a little, and might make you buy more organic/local).

5. Love Actually
The best love movie ever created, in my opinion. Plus, Colin Firth. Plus, it's just so sweet. Plus, you know you wanted someone to hold a sign for you saying how you're perfect to them (with a beautiful appearance by Rick Grimes from Walking Dead). Ugh, swoon.

6. John Mulaney New In Town
This is HYSTERICAL stand up comedy. Mulaney is self deprecating in an adorable way, looks and sounds exactly like my best friend (which is just an aside), and talks about very easy to relate to topics in the funniest way.
My friends and I quote this sketch ALL the time (and I almost said the f word in my class when explaining that trying to plot points on a graph is like finding a place in the city and how it's a grid system, ya simple bitch).

Seriously, watch it. You're welcome.

7. The Following
They only have one season up yet (there are two in total), and this is NOT a show for the easily scared and squeamish (like me), but it is GOOD. It stars Kevin Bacon as a retired FBI agent who is profiling a serial killer that has a cult of people who will carry out his sick mindset and ideas. It's dark and will have you biting your nails/jumping - so take that as a warning.. but it is ADDICTIVE.

8. Bridalplasty.
Okay hear me out - I was going through a breakup, and all I wanted was a trainwreck show that made me feel better about my life, and the fact that I was putting chia seeds on top of ice cream and pretending it was healthy. This show is absolutely horrible. Like, awful. But soooo awful that it's so good. Stolen straight from Netflix, this is the gist of the horror (remember, feel bad for me, don't judge my horrible taste in television): Brides-to-be vie for plastic surgery procedures and the wedding of their dreams, where the big winner will reveal her new look to the groom.

9. Blackfish
I think everyone has probably seen this at some point - it's a more serious one (I have to redeem myself after Bridalplasty), and is about the abuse of the animals, specifically Tilikum, whose captivity caused the killer whale to kill trainers over the years. It's insane, and will have you not wanting to visit Sea World any time soon. Not a feel good movie, but an informative one.

10. Hook
Another one that's as good as you remember it, though it will break your heart to see Robin Williams so young, and as talented as ever.

11. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Missing No Reservations? This is exactly the same, and will give you a dose of travel, and how weirdly hot Anthony Bourdain is. Oh, hello.

12. American Horror Story
The first season was by FAR my favorite, and definitely the scariest. So well acted, so twisted (especially the twists in the first season - insane!), and just so good. Again, another one not for the squeamish or easily scared, but it's so good and Jessica Lange is seriously perfect. Another one to catch up on before the new season (though it honestly doesn't matter, because every season is 100% new with the plot - no carry over characters or storyline).

Who are your favorite OITNB characters? I love Red, Taystee, and Poussey. And obvi Pennsatucky. And maybe everyone.
What are you Netflix (or regular TV) favorites? (I do have House of Cards on my queue). 


Kizzy Von Doll said...

Love Orange is the new black and all of these shows actually, hehe :) It's good to just sit and watch things that you enjoy and just get lost in them, you feel refreshed when its done, a great way to clear the mind and let go. Love Actually never gets old, Colin Firth is marvellous, always a favourite :) And Robin Williams had that special charm that just made you believe in all missed. Not seen Jumanji in a long time, will have to watch again. I loved Hook. The Walking Dead, oh yes, love that & The Following freaked me out like something crazy, haha!! Seriously, I was afraid to go outside thinking people like that were out there, but that's good acting for you. Plus James Purefoy is a pure joy, hahahaha. Amazing actor, not seen him in anything that I don't enjoy. Fantastic ability to become whatever character he's playing. So good. American Horror Story, looooove <3 Now, I just want to watch tv shows and eat cupcakes :))) Might do it. I hope you have a beautiful weekend my dear <333

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

right now i'm all into Bates Motel and OMFG, SO GOOD.

taystee is the best character on OITNB!!

Vodka and Soda

Christina said...

I can't say enough about OITNB! It's the best show!! My favorite character changes by the episode. I think I love Sofia, Poussey, Taystee, and Lorna. Oh, and I can't help but be in love with Bennett.

I keep meaning to give The Walking Dead a chance. I'm not really into zombies, but everyone else is also saying it's much more than that. Love Actually is my favorite Christmastime movie. I watch it a few times in December. I just added John Mulaney. He's hilarious! I'm curious about his new TV show too!

Over the summer I binge-watched The League, Louie and Sherlock. All very good! I really want to start Community and Friday Night Lights soon.

HiFashion said...

Netflix always makes me feel better after one of my 'I'm going to end up alone' moments! Ha. I loved watching OITNB - so goo. I wish the UK selection of shows was as god as the US's. I'm dying to watch The Walking Dead but we don't get it. I'm a little excited for the new show Gotham, which I hear Netflix has global rights to.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Omg I could totally see myself getting sucked into a Bridalplasty marathon...good thing I didn't know about it last week when I was sick! I feel like I'm the last person in the world that isn't watching Orange is the New Black...I know I would get totally hooked on it, so I've been resisting the Netflix subscription (also because my tv schedule is already packed with bad Lifetime movies). Oh, and seriously - what's up with Anthony Bourdain?! I rode an elevator with him a couple of years ago and there is seriously something so magnetic about him!

Ashley said...

Anthony Bourdain is my FAVE!! And Chia seeds on ice cream? That sounds totally healthy to me!

Elle Sees said...

i'm skipping the scary stuff--i am a wimp and if i binge-watch, i'll have nightmares, but i do see a couple i haven't checked out yet!