Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Official Fall Fashion Season.

Fall has always been my favorite season - I know it JUST happened as of today, but honestly, if Starbucks can roll out a PSL early this year, I can do a post on fall fashion now that it's officially, officially fall... even though I started this post a few weeks ago and forgot to post, oops! (but honestly...it's never too early for pumpkin anything and everything, I promise). 

I love summer, I love wearing a bikini and lounging by the pool, but give me an excuse to skip doing 100 push-ups every day because my arms will be out and about, and I'll totally take it and put on a slouchy sweater instead.

(I also love fall because as a teacher, you have about a kagillion days off for various holidays... not that I keep better track than my students or anything). 

The other thing I love about fall fashion is pretty stable - you can incorporate the newest colors and a few trendy pieces, but really, oversized sweaters and Frye boots aren't going anywhere, so they're easily recyclable from season to season.

 To me, fall fashion means...

Dark colors.
For nails, for wardrobe choices, for accessories. Give me a maroon or black over neons ANY day of the year and I'm a much happier person.

Tall, short, lace up, zipper, brown, black, whatever. I don't care - please give me a reason to wear any type of boot.

You'll see it everywhere, no matter where you live. It screams fall, and is a change of pace from the gingham J. Crew button down we all saw/wore this summer... though if you pair it with a vest, it becomes fall appropriate too (see you at every bar ever).

Slouchy/oversized anything.
Slouchy sweaters, yes. Slouchy beanies, yes. Chic and oversized flannel, yes. Enormous wraparound scarves, yes.

Actually... just sweaters in general.
Pile them on. Stock up your closet. The more the better, forreal.

I love when I can break out my leather jacket, which easily makes any "going out to the bar" outfit just slightly more badass. With all the colors available now for leather (or vegan leather) jackets/bags now, it's extra fun to embrace the trend.

Give me an excuse to buy more J Brand, I dare you. My favorite fall outfit always involves a perfect pair of denim, which I avoid during the summer because I'm pretty sure the heat (or all the ice cream) makes my thighs swell so that skinny jeans are not a good look.

Not having to wear a jacket/coat.. yet. 
Fall is that middle ground when you can wear a fantastic sweater, cape, vest, and not have to worry about being frozen and looking like you weigh 10 pounds extra. So people can actually see the effort you've put into a look, versus bundling and zippering up and having that lost. 

And obviously... carrying a pumpkin spice latte everywhere (venti, nonfat, no whip if you decide you want to bring me one at work! xox).

All photos except for the last (which is mine) are from Pinterest.. basically the only source for fall inspiration. 

What are your 2014 fall fashion necessities?

Currently listening to: Call on Me - Eric Prydz (getting ready for the Prydz concert on Saturday!!).


Kristen said...

yes to all of these, especially boots, sweaters, oversized everything and dark colours. not a PSL lover (eep!) but I do love me a good hot chocolate ;)

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I love Autumn as well...maybe cause I was born in Autumn not sure. But, I love the leaves changing colours, the smell of pumpkins and spice, it just gives an amazing feeling. I love deep dark rich colours, like burgundy and burnt oranges and gold yellows. Most think I'm all about pastels and all that, but I prefer dark colours really. I don't drink latte or any of that kind of stuff, I'll have a hot chocolate or something like that, but I'll bring you one ;) xxx

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

thick, cozy sweaters, vests, boots, leggings. those are my fall jams :D

Vodka and Soda

Christina said...

I love all these looks! Fall is my favorite, but it's not always as lovely as it seems here in Seattle. It rains. A lot. And those fallen leaves are in nasty piles of mud. Haha! So today, we're in raincoats and rain boots, not adorable sweaters and scarves. Boo. I'm so glad flannel has made a huge comeback. I love it! I think I need to get a vest!

HiFashion said...

While I always love summer, autumn for fashion is my favourite. I love all the chunky knits and ankle boots. I've stocked up on both for this season and I can't wait to just snuggle up. I also have a 'slanket' in the office for when it gets too cold.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

The boots! The scarves! The sweaters! I love fall fashion and can't wait to break out all of my new finds!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

OH yes, darker colors, cozy scarves and sweaters, boots, and warm cinnamon spiced drinks...yes yes yes. And lots of pumpkins...I love fall. Thanks to your photos I now want to buy all of those items. I will be in trouble.

Elle Sees said...

scarves and boots and chunky sweaters--give them to me!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Jealous! All I want in life is to wear cozy sweaters. Unfortunately that doesn't really happen here. We stay hot til December or January when it gets cold (like 60 degree days) then our springs feel more like fall should and by that point these styles have passed :( Stupid LA! It's legit going to be 90s this week.

I want that J.Crew vest! I just can't justify buying it since I'd never get to wear it. I love living vicariously through you, though! Keep it comin'. Lol