Sunday, September 14, 2014

(Not Quite) Fall Favorites.

The first week of September on the East Coast was HOT. Like, 90+ days with ridiculous humidity levels of hot, where you couldn't tell if you had just come out of the shower, or just stepped outside for a minute. It was brutal, so the early release of the Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks left me just "meh" and just feeling extra, extra lazy (besides the start of work, which just left me "meh"). 

However, the spike in weather only meant that the cool down this week is even more welcomed - we're talking 60 degree nights now, which is perfect weather to make me gear up and get excited for fall in a few weeks. 

So, on that note, my end of summer/pre-fall favorites are including:

1. Surprises from Influenster/serious workout motivation. 
I love running in the late summer/early fall - the weather is perfect, the leaves are changing so everything looks different, and there's usually no humidity. However, once work starts up again, and I know I won't be in a bikini anytime soon, I take a dip in motivation for running - which is so counterproductive! 
Influenster and Victoria's Secret totally must have banded together to shake my early fall laziness, because I received  a complimentary box of Victoria's Secret goods - the VS Sport bra and the knockout crop capris, as well as a stack of 25% off coupons for a VS Sport item, which I handed out like candy to friends and coworkers (and some of the fantastic women in my yoga class). While I received these items for free, my opinions are not influenced by this and are 100% honest.

In the package, I received the VSX Sport Knockout crop, which retails for $62.50 normally (still cheaper than some of the other high quality sports gear). They're thick enough that they don't do that horrible see through thing when you stretch them, and have my favorite feature, the hidden waistband pocket, which is perfect for a run when you want to carry some money, a key, whatever.These feel high quality - and you won't get that dreaded see through effect when you bend over while wearing them (I asked my best friend). 

They're also comfortable enough to wear to brunch with said best friend, which is living proof that guys and girls CAN be just friends. 

In love. 

I also received the Standout Sport bra, which retails for $49.50. It is heavily padded, which for me is a plus, because there is nothing I hate more than running with jiggle - this bra ensures (and I tested it through tempo runs, jogs, and sprints) that the boobs are staying in place. The straps are comfortable and adjustable, with cushioning. According to the information that I received, the nylon performance fabric has four way stretch, and it keeps you cool and dry. My take on the sports bra is really that it held up so well. I'm a big fan of functional design that still looks pretty (the Barbie pink color definitely doesn't hurt either!). This offered awesome support, looks great, and isn't too tight or restrictive, which is necessary. The adjustable straps were an enormous benefit, since it eliminated bra strap bulge, which is another issue of concern for me.

And I actually sucked it up and ran during the humidity to test out the bra - it was THAT motivating! The after picture is not so cute, but the nice thing was that the bra did NOT get sweaty (even when the rest of my body was dripping). 

2. Pancakes. 
Guys. I have been eating so many pancakes lately. I may actually turn into an enormous chocolate chip pancake and I do not care at all (hence the need for running in humidity, nah mean?).

3. Poetry
I'm officially teaching ONLY Language Arts this year, versus all five subjects (is it weird I'm going to miss teaching math?). The positive is that I get to design my own curriculum, and pick any resources I want - I've already got my poetry unit on lock and am SO excited.

4. Lucille Bluth
I rewatched Arrested Development with my dad and brother, and I swear, Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal.

5. Lots of blankets and open windows.
Fall for me means leaving my windows open and just piling on blankets on my bed. I love being cold going into bed so I can snuggle up and cocoon (except on weekdays, because then 6 a.m. comes wayyy too early to break free from the cocoon). 

6. Pretty typography and meaningful quotes.
I'm telling you, there are days when you have to make your mind up to be happy. It doesn't always come naturally, and sometimes it has to be forced, but if you can keep mantras around to remind you of how awesome you are and what you deserve, it definitely helps.

7. Oversized sweaters.
Love. I love these all year round, but particularly when you can just throw one of these on over a tee for nights outside.

8. Drinking and eating for charity.
Every year my family goes to a firefighter's appreciation/fundraising benefit. This year was no exception and included my dad rapping to Drake's "Trophies" in the town car on the way over, lots of drinks and food, and going HARD on the dessert trays.

It was so freaking dark that pictures are terrible quality, but you get the gist of how the evening went ;)

Knob Creek and ginger, Ketel and club. Brother/sister benefit-ing.

"Your mother is going to be really pissed off you didn't feature her glass of water." -Dad
 This even raises a ton of money for the volunteer fire department and was just a great time to spend with my family, which is always a great time.

What are some of your favorites about this in between summer/fall weather? 

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Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i LOVE pancakes! i make my own and i love how they turn light and airy i can gobble them up with zero guilt.

Christina said...

Ugh, it's been so hot here too! I think it hit 88 today. I'm ready for 60 and rain! At least it's cooling down at night now and we don't need ACs to sleep. That is one awesome Influential box!! I love every single thing about Lucille! That banana quote is perfect. Your family looks like a blast to hang out with!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

This is great. Love the things you got in the box. The sports wear looks great, I could do with some pieces like that. The family picture is priceless, love the silly face one, made me smile :)) I hope your school year is marvellous and you enjoy it. It's colder here, not freezing, but cooler. Leaves all around, it's nice. Have a sweet week doll xx

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I'm loving that free workout gear - cute clothes always help to motivate me! I'm glad it's finally starting to feel like fall but I think it's going to get pretty hot here again this weekend (and I don't really mind, since I got a cute crop top at an end of summer clearance and who knows if I'll be crop top-ready at the start of next summer after a cozy winter full of binging!). Great pics from the benefit, especially the family of drinks at the end, haha!

HiFashion said...

That work out gear is the hottest! My sports bra is boring and grey - I need a pink one!
See, while I love the beginning of autumn, I feel like I could have done with a bit longer from summer. Just a few more weeks! The British summers are the worst haha.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

BUTT! Can I have your body? Like not sexually, but just to replace mine? You're freaking hot! It's probably all that running while I'm just over here sitting on my ass lol!

It's been 107, 107, and 108 the last three days here. Stupid heat! I think with your humidity it's still worse than our temps - I FEEL FOR YOU! Also I've decided that I am going to just come stay with you for like three months. I want to experience fall and winter. Then next summer I BETTER have a job and you can just stay with me for three months. Deal? :)

Elle Sees said...

you look great--I haven't logged into my influenster acct in a couple of years i found out the other day, hehe.
i always love some pablo neruda for love poetry.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yeah, I don't know what fall wants us to believe this year. We have had temps in the 100s and it's been crazy. I am longing for days where it's 80 only. hahahaha.
and you can never go wrong with poetry, though I understand the sadness over the lost math class. hahahaha. :) you got used to it, that's all. :)

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