Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Loving.

I'm going through a bit of a rough patch right now, and want to stay focused on the things that I'm loving - because it's so easy for negatives to spiral into more negatives, but it's just as easy to let positives spiral into more positives. 

1. Watercolor painting.

I'm not good at ALL, but have been terrified of watercolors for the longest time because they're so finicky, and I like control. Poppy was a phenomenal watercolor artist - like absolutely unreal, I'll have to post on some of his incredible art - and I inherited a ton of his gorgeous art books and supplies, so I sat down equipped with YouTube and Pinterest tutorials, and tried my hand at some watercoloring. It is the most therapeutic and relaxing thing ever.

2. Yoga.

I've always been relatively flexible, but yoga is all about listening to your own body. I started taking pictures so that I could see if my body looks the way I think it does and how I can improve my body to continue strengthening. It was very telling - point in case the picture posted below, where I thought my hands were straight, when they just needed a slight adjustment. The only way to grow is to self assess. Plus meditating and focusing on my own body and the strength that it has is totally empowering.

I also thought I had serious bra bulge, but it turns out it's muscle! So that was a nice turn of events.

Of course, standing next to your best friend who doesn't do yoga makes you look better/stronger by default.

3. Elephants.

Just because. I can't even with how cute.

4. The season five trailer for The Walking Dead.

SERIOUSLY OCTOBER, GET HERE NOW. Though this trailer gave me heart palpitations from the get go, so maybe I'll do lots of cardio to strengthen my heart beforehand.
And seriously - leave Daryl the eff alone. 

5. Tattoos.

I finally jumped on the tattoo wagon - I've wanted one for forever, but to me, something permanent on my body is a really big deal. Piercings can always come out, but a tattoo should be special. So, I got two in one session, and while one is more meaningful than the other, I know I'm going to love them forever.

Poppy would draw this heart (on the left) on every single card and letter he ever sent me, so I had my tattoo artist copy it over exactly onto my forearm.

Geometric lotus flower because the lotus flower can only grow and flourish in mud, and I was told I would never flourish or grow in math, but because I persevered, it turns out, I'm pretty kick ass in math. Anything can be conquered with perseverance.

6. PIGS.

So my condo complex doesn't allow dogs, but there is absolutely NOTHING in the bylaws about a pig. I just want to love and squeeze and cuddle with one soo badly.

7. Amazing books.

I've definitely made some awesome headway with my Goodreads list this summer and have read some awesome books. If you need any recommendations, these were some of my absolute favorites that I've read so far.

This one made me cry, totally gripped me - definitely a FAST read despite that it's not a short book.

So good. A Civil Rights era story told by the perspective of a young girl, which was a naive and refreshing change.

Another very fast read, this one told from the perspective of a very insightful dog.

Ugh, this book still haunts me and makes me actually shudder at certain parts when I think of them. I have a hard time classifying Gillian Flynn novels - I read them quickly, but am left so unsettled afterwards.

A very cute, light read (which I needed after Sharp Objects). Plus, it's about Paris. Je t'aime.

8.  The entire cast of Orange is the New Black.

What perfect casting - every single character is incredible and the backstory on each of them is amazing.
Even the most despicable characters still have their lovable moments (I'm looking at you, favorite Pennsatucky).

I don't know why I love her so much because she is the exact opposite of who I am, but I DO.

9. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This woman makes me so happy and I have a serious girl crush on her and how brilliant she is.

10. Trying new things without fear.

I've been dong a lot of this lately. New activities, meeting up with new friends, being open to new experiences and saying "yes" more than "no" when it's something healthy for me. Another aspect of this is saying no to things that are unhealthy for me.

So far I have opted out of going to bars on weeknights (actually, I'm currently in the middle of a drinking detox - I'm at a week without even a sip of alcohol) in favor of running to deal with problems. I did a Pure Barre class, which destroyed me in such a good way and signed up for an art class.

11. BRUNCH. 

If you're an NYCer, you probably have been to/already know about brunch at Jane in the West Village, but it seriously is above the rest. It's my favorite brunch spot in the city (as of now), all brunch entrees come with a complimentary cocktail (the spicy Bloody Mary is PHENOMENAL), and it's in a gorgeous place in the city. Just make sure you make a reservation on OpenTable first - otherwise you'll have at least an hour and a half wait (no joke).

Passionfruit screwdriver and "The Best Bloody Mary"

And this is the Holy Grail - Vanilla bean crème brûlée battered French toast on brioche bread. It is UNREAL and worth every single dollar. 

The full meal - French toast, bread with homemade strawberry butter, coffee, home fries, Bloody Mary, love.

What are some of your favorite things this summer? 


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
Love your tattoo and Orange is the New Black!


Ashley said...

I hope you stay positive and keep loving the things you're loving! Mostly because we're so similar and I love seeing things that I love on your page. :) OITNB, pigs, yoga, and those perfect tattoos... Perfect. Ps. We need a Bloody Mary brunch date! ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My fav thing about summer is def going to be meeting YOU!! Woot woot! I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch, but these are some pretty awesome things to keep you inspired :) Have you seen the baby elephant playing in the ocean? OMG! I'll send it if you haven't. Adorable! And I think your painting is pretty kick ass!!

HiFashion said...

So much to catch up on. I'm slightly yoga obsessed these days too and I love your new tattoo. It's great that you got something with some personal meaning.

And sorry to hear about your rough patch. You'll get through it much stronger!

Jackie said...

It's never fun to deal with rough patches, regardless of what they are. It sounds like you have quite the list of positives, and that's a big thing. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't come up with such a great list!

xo Jackie
Something About That

Jackie said...

It's never fun to deal with rough patches, regardless of what they are. It sounds like you have quite the list of positives, and that's a big thing. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't come up with such a great list!

xo Jackie
Something About That

henning love said...

oh my gosh that french toast sounds ah-mazing!! i really really want to eat that now, goodness my mouth is waterin

Elle Sees said...

yay for life updates! a friend of mine has a pig and well, he is HUGE now. but he was cute in the beginning

Elle Sees said...

yay for life updates! a friend of mine has a pig and well, he is HUGE now. but he was cute in the beginning

Elle Sees said...

yay for life updates! a friend of mine has a pig and well, he is HUGE now. but he was cute in the beginning

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love that Orange is the New Black has new episodes right now! Such an amazing show!


Elisabeth Sedlachek said...

You're doing a lot of lovely things this summer, there are a lot of important thoughts involved as well. I loved your roundup.
As for Gillian's book, I've just finished 'Gone Girl' and will try to put my hands on 'Sharp Objects'

Have a great day xx

Sienna said...

those watercolors are amazing! and i'll take that french toast, please

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i refuse to watch the trailer of TWD! i can't wait till it comes back :)

Vodka and Soda

Jeeda said...

Your watercolour paintings look beautiful and I love how meaningful your tattoos are. I think this summer I'm definitely loving brunch and I'm drooling over your brunch photos. Anyway stay positive hun.. sometimes you just gotta keep swimming

Kizzy Von Doll said...

All of this is wonderful doll, I hope the rough times vanish over time. It does help to think on positive happy things in the midst of it. I love the tattoos you got, the heart is very special. I hope you have a gorgeous week ahead Xxxx

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Since I've eaten lunch and had chocolate icecream as well, it's ok for me to come back to this post *wink* I just saw your comment - Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers, I would LOVE to be in his shoots, they are amazing and make me daydream :)))) So sweet, they remind you of me <33 If he ever needs a model, I will work for free, haha!! Juicy Couture as well - they can pay me with their clothes, haha!! Have a sweet day my dear girl!! xx

Kelly said...

I love your tattoos even more now and I am absolutely down for brunch at the Jane and then some Connect 4!