Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Running.

I have a love/hate affair with running - I love how it makes my legs and core look, I hate that I have to stop watching Netflix to actually go outside and run (it's 2014 - can't I take a pill and just have a really good body while not trying whatsoever and eating cake all day?). It's temperamental too - your mind and body have to work together to have a good run, and that sometimes takes significant motivation.

For me, two things make me want to get out and run (okay - looking good is a given, so technically three things). The first is cute workout clothes, which is why I can't even give away all the Lululemon and Athleta reusable bags I've accumulated, and the second is kick ass running mixes, of which I am very proud. 

So, in case you're seeking new music to run to, here are some of my latest favorites. Note though - I do tend to start off my runs very quickly, so there may be need for some slower paced tracks in your workout to go from a jog into more of a tempo pace. 

When the Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys

I am in love with the Arctic Monkeys, and this song is really good for interval running since it starts out very slowly and then picks up speed perfectly. I usually jog the first 50 seconds and then adjust my pace accordingly.

Camelot (original mix) - Sergio Mauri. 

Obsessed, and it's a high intensity beat with a sick drop that'll keep you going and make you dig a little harder. It's like EDM meets Game of Thrones.

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis

Upbeat tempo, catchy, and maintains a steady pace throughout. Solid and allows your to readjust your pace to work with the beat.

Anywhere for You (Tiesto vs. Dzeko & Torres Remix) - John Martin

This one is pretty consistent, but the pace and BPM is really good, which makes it a good running track. I also am in love with John Martin's voice.

Sweatpants - Childish Gambino.

I love Donald Glover on a whole, but adore this song off his new album, which is killer to begin with. I usually begin my runs with this one, because the beat is sick, but it's not super fast (solid head bobbing music). Plus it's filthy, which is all I want when I run.

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys.

This one starts off fast and maintains, which is awesome for an interval run.

Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

This song has a badass beat. I'm obsessed with it, even though I know it's going to be played out in four seconds, I do not care because it is sooo good. It's really good for any HIIT training.

The City - Madeon

Madeon is my favorite ever. EVER. This song has been on my running list for at least three years, and I never, ever get tired of it. I use it usually for interval running and sprint during the chorus, which works beautifully. The video is also gorgeous, which helps 0% during a run.

Salute Your Solution - The Raconteurs 

Another one I use when I want to FLY. Fast BPM that's super catchy. Make sure you're on a stretch of road where you can just take off, without having to wait for cars/the right of way.

M.A.A.D City
Backstreet Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar

Two gems that I can rap every word to (no joke), and that switch up the beat throughout, which again make for a good HIIT run. Again, filthy, and there have been times I swear I've been bobbing my head during a run.

40 Day Dream - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes.

This is usually my cool down - the beat is steady, but slow, and it's a nice one to just do the last four minutes of a run with.

Notable Pandora Stations:

-90's Alternative Station
-Alternative Endurance Station
-Yoga Workout Station

Notable Spotify genres 
(with totally pre-made playlists that are crazy kick ass):

House Workout
Power Workout
Hip Hop Workout

What's your running/workout go to music?


HiFashion said...

Someone really needs to invent something that lets me eat cake and lose weight at the same time.
I've been working out more these last few months, but before work, so I'm resentful as it takes me away from my bed. This is a great and upbeat playlist.
When I'm running, I have 'Can't hold us' by Macklemore on repeat.

Sienna said...

love your playlist, the alternative stations are my fave, the arctic monkeys are amazing!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I am not a runner, I really dislike to run, haha. But, I love the running tunes, so cool :))) Hope you're having a great week doll xx

Elle Sees said...

you know i adore your playlists--so excited for this one!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I LOVE Jessie J. She's such a badass talent.

I def need to check out most of these songs and expand my music from just 1D ;) bahahaha!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i listen to electronic music and i have some sets from some of my favorite DJs (afrojack, Zedd, david guetta, deep dish etc).

and of course, NSync forever :)

Liz Taylor said...

You are damn right about this girl. A cute workout outfit and the right mix of music make SUCH a different with working out.

and LOL!!! I SOOO wish there was a pill we could take. GIVE ME ALL THE CAKE IN THE WORLD!

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I'm not a runner but good music is always a must for my cardio routine - thanks for giving my playlist a little refresher!

Christina said...

This is an awesome playlist! I'm gonna use it to clean my house instead of run though. Haha!

Coco said...

Dear Allison, I came across your blog from Rebecca's and I love it!! You write beautifully (feel free to correct my grammar) and have such a charismatic personality! I feel exactly the same about running. I have another problem: here in Northern Italy it's raining cats and dogs like every day, and I hate running in the rain! Music gets me going and helps me concentrate. Here are some songs from my running playlist: Hasta que salga el sol, Girl on Fire, I've got a feeling, Papaoutai, and other Zumba fitness tracks by Don Omar. I will try your tracks for sure!!
Following you via gfc by the way!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook / International Giveaway

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