Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Exploring, Carbs, and Too Many Pictures - Part Two of Day Four of Paris.

When Edwin and I finished up browsing at Shakespeare and Co. (check it in the first part of  this two part post) which as I said, was highly shortened because the place was PACKED, we headed across the street and over a bridge to Notre Dame. It was another totally surreal experience, even as we avoided the crowds and the street vendors lined up along the street selling their original art (that was strangely the same at every stand), old books, I heart Paris or "Bonjour!" t-shirts, etc. 

As we got closer and closer, we weren't even speaking to each other - both of us were just in absolute awe, phones in hand (for moi, it was phone + Nikon, and the struggle was real) and taking a million pictures at a time.

Like basically everything else that we saw while we were in Paris, it was incredible to see all of these things that I had seen pictures of, in the background of a movie, or in a French textbook, but never saw firsthand.

The Seine and Notre Dame - getting closer (though at this point, it still wasn't that close, it is just immense).

Notre Dame was stunningly made, with the famous gargoyles on display, and the flying buttresses that were so intricate. When we finally did talk to each other, we commented on how buildings like this just don't exist in the United States.

Seriously, this is so gorgeous - and it was fascinating to see people of all different cultures, and I assume religions, gathered at a religious place to admire its beauty and incredible architecture.

Close-ups of the architecture (and some sun glare, which I couldn't seem to avoid).

This was just part of the line - it wrapped at least three blocks down. Needless to say, we did not go inside. This was also the only time that we encountered one of the Parisian scams that we had been warned about (first, someone offering to make me a free friendship bracelet, then someone asking me to sign their petition).

And then, since it was about 1:30 p.m. and I was on the eating schedule of a 15 year old boy, we decided to head  to Galette Cafe to take advantage of more carbs. Please note that while in Paris, I rarely wore much makeup beyond concealer and never did my hair - so this is in fair warning!

Une beure sel crepe.

Une fleur de sel crepe (salted caramel, which was to DIE for).

From there, we (shocker!) walked more, over to the Louvre, which I did not realize is massive. Like, would take you over two weeks to just have a glance at every piece there. I knew it was big, but didn't know it was THAT massive. 


There were gorgeous sculptures of famous and prominent French men carved and prominently displayed. 

We didn't go inside the Louvre either, because that had a FIVE HOUR WAIT, but we did see the Mona Lisa as we walked to Pierre Hermé for macarons.

Womp, womp - I know. 

And that is where I will cap this post - the next will finish up day four (because seriously, I have way too many more pictures to post on this day alone!) and go onto oucinquième jour.


Elisabeth Sedlachek said...

I dream of Paris, like every day, Allison. Maybe I can sneak away at the end of this month but seeing your photos makes me wanna go right now. Fantastic experience. xxx


Kizzy Von Doll said...

So wonderful. I do love Paris lots!! Gorgeous pictures doll xx

Elle Sees said...

love your pics and recap, as always!

Sienna said...

your pictures of notre dame are gorgeous!!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing pics!
Crepes look delish!


Megan said...

Your trip looks sublime! Paris is one of my must see place!

Gracey Williams said...

I'm so jealous! You took some gorgeous pictures.