Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Half of Day Four - Paris 2014.

Day four of Paris was one of our most photo-worthy, mainly because it was the day that we crammed (in a good way) a TON of sightseeing, since so many key places in Paris are located in similar areas. 

As in days one, two, and three (which you can catch up on respectively), we walked almost everywhere, not realizing that things on maps are apparently are lot farther than they may appear to be. 

Obviously we began our day with French breakfast, which as I've said previously, was one of my favorite things that we did, seeing as how I eat coffee for breakfast (I don't need a lecture, I know, I know) when I'm home. We had planned the day prior, when we were at Les Frangines, to take advantage of their amazingly priced petit déjeuner, which consisted of une tartine et confitures, un croissant ou un pain au chocolat, une boisson chaude aux choix, et un jus d'orange (toast with butter and jam/homemade Nutella, a croissant or chocolate bread, a hot drink of your choice, and orange juice). 

Les Frangines had le déjeuner on lock, and we went there every morning that we were in this area, because it was perfect - especially the homemade hazelnut spread. One of the cool things was that on this morning, the hostess/waitress hadn't gotten bread yet, so she left us in the restaurant alone while she ran to the boulangerie to grab some baguettes. Vive la France!

The green confiture was a mix of four different tropical fruits and was PHENOMENAL. I'm pretty Edwin ate some just with a spoon. 

After a very delicious and filling breakfast, we headed on our way to Notre Dame, and cut through Jardin du Luxembourg on our way. The jardin is massive and we tried to see as much of it as we possibly could. It also houses the French Senate, which is the huge building near the pond that you'll see way too many pictures of. 

I think one of the funniest things about this trip in entirety (which I can't remember if I posted about or not, because grant writing and submitting final grades are destroying my short term memory) was that before we left for France, my dad, who has been to Paris more times than he can count, gave us this advice: "The thing about Paris is that it's very grey - the buildings are grey, the weather is grey, the people are grey. But grey is a pretty solid color, just don't expect more than that." 

So I'm expecting rain and unpredictably cloudy weather - it rained ONE day we were there, that's it. Other than that, it was blue skies and gorgeous weather. So take that, mon pere. 

It was honestly breathtaking - I love Central Park, but really, it can't compare to this. 

The first view of the French Senate - though at the time, I had 0% of an idea of what this building was - probably because unlike Edwin, I did not examine the map. 

One of the few areas in the entire jardin where you could be on the grass. 

The French Senate building is absolutely gorgeous, and has a boat pond that everyone was hanging out in front of. 

This was one of my favorite pictures of the jardin.

More exploring around the Jardin. 

After exiting the jardin, we headed towards the Panthéon. I actually didn't know what the significance of the Panthéon was, but it was originally built as a church, and now houses the remains of famous French citizens (like Voltaire, Pierre and Marie Curie, Louis Braille, and tons of others). It was under construction when we got there, but we still were able to walk around outside. 

The architecture was absolutely unreal, especially when you think about how long ago they built this. 

And the view that oversaw the Eiffel Tower from a distance wasn't too terrible either. 

We took off, Edwin having a direction in mind, and moi being totally in the dark. 

We ended up at Shakespeare and Company, a huge, and incredible bookstore that's on the top lists of "bookstores you must see before you die." It was incredible (though no photography was allowed, and it was PACKED with tourists, but it was definitely still worth seeing and exploring). 

From there, we meandered through the streets of Paris until we arrived at Notre Dame - which is why this post is only half of day four (I took over 100 pictures of Notre Dame - I promise, not even a quarter of them will be on the next post!). 

Currently: Binge watching Orange is the New Black because how did I not know about how good this show was? Also - no joke, the inmates on this show are HIGHLY similar to how my students (many who are ex-inmates themselves) act. So please picture those dynamics in my classroom. 

Also, thank you all for your supportive comments about my last post - it was something that was really weighing so heavily on me, but it took me about six times before I actually posted "Publish," because I was so afraid of backlash like I received on Facebook. Reason #1000382243 why bloggers are the best ever! 
I love you all. 


Kizzy Von Doll said...

This looks wonderful...I loved all of these places in Paris too. I need to get back there as I loved it so much. It was hot hot hot when I was there though. I watch Orange is the New Black as well, makes me laugh. The characters are hilarious. Really fantastic show :) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

MakeMeUpMia said...

So gorgeous, that grass is so green and plush! PS- I'm glad you hit publish on that post :)

yours truly, melissa said...

Wow! How beautiful. Eurpoe is just packed with so much history.

yours truly, melissa said...

Wow! How beautiful. Eurpoe is just packed with so much history.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I don't think I can even communicate just how amazingly beautiful these photos are. Seriously breathtaking!

I didn't realize that was the Senate. I've seen the view of it from the first picture but never knew what it was.

So glad I have your posts to live vicariously through :)

Alicia Mackin said...

Oh gosh this looks soooooo wonderful! I hope to get to Paris one day. I have been trying for a while but something keeps coming up financially...*sigh* one of these days...

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Elle Sees said...

sigh...just breathtaking!! when i went to the shakespeare book place, no one was there. i talked to an old man (owner?) for hours! he suggested i buy poetry.

HiFashion said...

Omg - that scenery is so beautiful. Paris is just full of so many baeutiful little gardens and spots.

Gracey Williams said...

Dang, that's some green grass! I'm so jealous though, that breakfast looks amazing. Also about your previous post, I HATE not being able to go out to a bar or something and socializing with a male without them expecting something in return. Sometimes I will accept their drink if they buy me one. Sometimes I will buy them a shot or something. Doesn't mean it's going to go go any further than maybe a friendship outside of the bar.

Ashley said...

Every Paris post makes me want to hop on a plane and experience it all first hand! Your pictures are gorgeous. Hope summer is going so well! Xo

Ashley said...
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Sienna said...

paris is so beautiful and the gardens are definitely one of my favorite spots, lovely photos!