Monday, May 5, 2014

Deux jours - Paris 2014.

Day two of Paris - part two! (Fitting it was split into a two-parter). 

The story of the day picks up from after Sacre Coeur (which you can read about here if you missed it!), where we just wandered, which we spent a ton of time doing. The thing about being in Europe was that it didn't matter if we knew where we were or not - we just took it all in.

I'm someone who is usually a planner - I like a game plan, I like a beautiful little list when I go grocery shopping, and I like to have a general idea of my surroundings/places to go eat and drink when I'm going somewhere. However, French Allison was way, way more fun and way, way more laid back. I had absolutely no problems with NOT having a plan, and I really liked that.

So, we wandered and just took it all in little by little.

I loved these gorgeous flowers that grew everywhere.

And Edwin loved the old school little mini Coopers, which were admittedly really freaking adorable.

We ended up looping back near our apartment, deciding we didn't want to be there and wanted to stay out, so we continued to wander, heading towards Moulin Rouge instead (which we never actually did find, instead we just kept wandering).

One of the amazing things that we kept encountering were beautiful buildings like this - this was just a regular church - nothing special, nothing historical.. just there. Even in the city (New York), we don't have architecture like this, so I was just so inspired by how gorgeous everything was.

We had decided already to head to a craft beer bar that I had discovered when browsing through Yelp (it was one of the only things that I DID actually plan ahead), so we went from Montmartre to Oberkampf, which was about a 4.1 km walk each way. We hadn't eaten yet, and didn't know what the bar would have, so the plan was to stop for lunch somewhere along the way as we headed a few neighborhoods down.

The Seine.

I watch Walking Dead - there was no freaking way I was going to the Terminus brasserie, even if they did have advertised free Wifi.

I promised myself that we were NOT going to be the Americans who go to France and swear everyone should accommodate us by speaking English, so I tried my hardest to learn as much French as I could in the months prior to going. I did learn a lot (probably more than I ever did in the four years of high school French, and two years of college French), but I was still so unprepared.for how FAST people would speak. Typically, I would attempt my beautiful French with the most authentic of accents, and they would quickly switch over to English, which was helpful, but definitely an, "ugh," moment because I did not blend, and I'm not used to that.

When we headed to one cafe that offered fromage plats (cheese plates), Edwin's love of cheese took over, so we headed in. I asked for a table and a menu, and then thought that I ordered (in French), two beers, a cheese plate, and a salad. I knew enough that when he asked if I wanted steak, I said, "Non, je suis vegetarian," and was quite pleased with myself.

While we didn't end up getting exactly what I had anticipated, I was still pretty proud nonetheless that we were given a vegetarian meal.. with cheese!

From there, we continued to wander until the craft beer bar was open, where we learned that even French graffiti is pretty.

And then, once it was a little after 5 p.m., we headed to La Fine Mousse, one of the only craft beer bars in Paris. It was an incredible environment, where they truly saw beer as being an art form, and they prided themselves not only on the quality of their beer, but the presentation of it (so they cut the foam at the top with what looked like a straight razor - that serious about beer).

After we had a handful of French/European beers, we seriously RAN the 4.1 km home so that we could make it to the local epicerie before it closed, since we wanted to buy jam and fromage to go with baguettes from the patisserie for our dinner. We had already been walking all day, and the run was not at all good on our (read: my) calves/legs/heels, but we made it with ten minutes to spare, which was also highly impressive. 

We spent another end of the evening sitting by our lovely window, eating, and drinking while wishing we had ice to rest our swollen legs and feet. 

 And that was the end of a very, very packed day two of Paris - next up, our move to Montparnasse for a totally new area/experience. Sorry for the picture overload (though not sorry enough to delete any!). 


Elisabeth Sedlachek said...

What a fantastic trip, I love your photos and the experience must have been amazing. xx

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous pics!
Love Paris :)


Kizzy Von Doll said...

Hiya doll, this looks so great!! I always love the churches here in Europe, I never get tired of them. I'm about to have cheese for dinner myself, camembert, Looooove it!! Became addicted to it when I was in Paris many moons ago. Looks like the weather was good for you too, that's good as it can be quite tempermental really. Sounds like such a great trip, can't wait to see more. I hope you are doing well my lovely!! Xxx

Elle Sees said...

just drooling over these photos and experiencing wanderlust!

HiFashion said...

Paris is one of those cities that's perfect to walk around and get lost in. Looks like a fabulous day 2!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Your pictures are so beautiful - I feel like I was right there with you guys! I just love those flowers in the first picture too. And that cheese... amazing!

Meg {henninglove} said...

again take me to paris with you next time! oh and this is totally random but i never believe that you can eat the rind on brie, i always cut it off it tastes nasty to me and why does the raspberry jam in europe always taste amazing

yours truly, melissa said...

Wow! Looks like a pretty great day! I suppose I could manage to have a pretty great day myself if free to wander the streets of Paris! :)

MakeMeUpMia said...

Oh my gosh what a gorgeous trip, I'm drooling over all of that delicious food :)

Sara Louise said...

That baguette and cheese is making me incredibly homesick!

Sara Louise said...

That baguette and cheese is making me incredibly homesick!

Laura (bright and beautiful) said...

Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I can't get over the cuteness of the apartment table and view! And I can't imagine being in a city with so much history. I've never been to Europe (boo to parents who only do tropical vacays lol) and the closest I've come to "old" history is DC and Boston. LA is a joke lol. So excited for NYC.