Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthdays Was the Worst Days...

Now we sip champagne (or craft beer) when we thirst-ay. 

So, I turned 26 on February 3, which is an extremely anticlimactic birthday. 

I kept my birthday this year very low-key. I was surrounded by my favorite people in a relatively small group at the brewery that Edwin and I go to every week. It was just a great group, lots of laughs, an insane amount of beers, and delicious food. 

Just like with New Year's Eve, a bunch of the bartenders who were on and off duty ended up coming out towards the end to celebrate with us too, which was so much fun.

Silly boys.

The bartenders tried to give me an EVEN BIGGER glass for free birthday beers.. I said no because I was terrified of experiencing liver failure at 26.

The actual day turned into a snow day, since the Northeast winter of 2014 was a brutal one. This was an extra happy birthday gift to me though! (Until they took our spring break away from the district calendar, but that's another story). 

The man raised by wolves in complete isolation checking the accumulation of snow. 

Gifts from my wonderful and thoughtful friends who came out to celebrate with me. Craft beers, red wine (from my best friend who does not even drink red wine), and a bag filled with things I'd need for Paris - summer scarves, a cheese slicer, wine opener that I can bring on the plane, note cards, and lots more. So cute.

The theme of gifts this year was either alcohol or Paris, and I am not angry about either - my adorable mom definitely knows how to spread the word and plan a theme. 

I have always been an absolute sucker for cards - they mean more to me than any tangible gift, so this made me extra excited! Also, my mom's best friend always sends cards with confetti inside the envelope, so when you forget and open the envelope up, your table/floor/wherever is littered with theme confetti. 

My dad has never been a card person, or a sentimental person, but apparently when he was on a business trip on the West Coast, he picked up this card just for me - and filled it with quarters (enough for 10.7 ounces at the brewery!). 

My birthday gift to myself - brightly colored roses. 

Do you still have large celebrations for every birthday? 
What little birthday things make you happy?


The Dainty Dolls House said... lovely!! Am glad your birthday was such fun!! I enjoyed all your gifts and thoughtful cards too!! I love birthdays, but I think I've enjoyed birthdays much more no that I'm older and am married and have my two girls, getting gifts and hand-made cards are the best & mean a lot more as they grow so fast. I hope your Paris trip will be wonderful. Have a gorgeous week doll xx

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

A perfect celebration for such a perfect person! I look the theme of beer and Paris - how fun! And how sweet are the cards and gifts?! So glad you have a fun party. Here's to many more wonderful birthdays :)

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

happy (belated) birthday! sounds like you and i celebrate the same way - low key with dear ones only. i am too old for birthday ragers; i went out for dinner the other night and stayed out till 1am and i'm still suffering! #oldhag.

Vodka and Soda

Elle Sees said...

i hope this is your best year yet!!! many hugs my love!

HiFashion said...

Sounds like a brilliant birthday. Low key ones with your friends are always the best.
I turn 26 this year too!

Sara Louise said...

Since your birthday is on the 3rd, and mine is the 4th, I think we should have a birthday drink together next year :)

Sara Louise said...

Since your birthday is on the 3rd, and mine is the 4th, I think we should have a birthday drink together next year :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Aw this is so great! I'm hoping this year is even better than last year my dear friend!!