Friday, February 21, 2014

Joie de vivre.

Huge news! Finally, finally, a BIG trip (the first big one since Costa Rica) - which was decided upon through my very Type A personality, as I made a pro/con list - is Paris for ELEVEN days from mid-late April.

Springtime in Paris sounds exceptionally perfect, and I'm already swooning over everything - where and what I'll eat, where to stay, and of course, what I'm going to be packing. 

To me, French fashion is so intimidating - every photograph, street style or not, that I have ever seen of French women and men is intimidatingly cool. It's especially intimidating because it seems like it's something that's just ingrained within French people - like they were born in all black and knowing how to dress for their bodies.

So based on my obsession with the French, I've figured out what I'll need to pack for our trip (while keeping my luggage under 50 pounds, ugh).

All black.
Black is the basis for my closet, so I'm thrilled that this seems to be the staple color of French fashion. This one is not so difficult, but the statement it makes is absolutely stunning.

Classic neutrals. 
Black and white, navy throughout, camel - neutrals make a splash in Parisian fashion.

A fantastic neutral coat.
Ohhh my god, I die for all of these.

A white button down.
The staple of Emmanuelle Alt (and of course, Carolina Herrera, who may not be French, but certainly knows her classics).

Romy Schneider, in a photo from the 70's, showing that style is timeless.

It seems like tights are the basis for wearing shorter dresses.

Oh my god, this gives me anxiety since I will probably be living off baguettes, vin rouge, and macarons, but stripes are so Parisian chic and so lovely. 

Knee-length skirts. 

Moto jackets.
Yes, bring on the leather.

And as with all great style, sometimes you can just do whatever the hell you want.

Have any of you ever been to Paris? I'd LOVE to hear recommendations (mostly of non-touristy things).

Hope you all have an incredible weekend! xox


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Yay!! That will be a wonderful trip!! I do love Paris, I always swarm around the art galleries and along the river at sunset too :) All of these ideas are fantastic and I think will make it very easy for you to fit in and have a great relaxing time without worrying about what you're wearing too much!! Spring time in Paris is just wonderful. Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

Bella Harris said...

OMG! Hurrah for Paris! It's my dream destination and I'm so happy you're going. Please document/photograph everything so I can live vicariously through your trip!!

It'll be amazing no matter what you decide to wear... but I can't wait to see your choices. xoxo

Lindsay said...

Ohhh I'm so excited for you! I would definitely recommend a nice comfy pair of riding boots. I wore mine all around Europe and they saved my feet. Bring more cardigans and blazers than you think you need. One or two neutral scarves were plenty for me. A cross body bag was helpful and felt most secure for me.

Some tips:
-My favorite views are from the top of the Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe.
-Touristy, but the Seine river boat tour is a lot of fun. I'd recommend an evening one, closer to sunset. Walking along the Seine at night is also great. You get to see the Tower sparkle and everyone just hangs out on the bridges. Awesome people watching (you can bring your own wine too!)
-Best crepes are at Galette Cafe (salted caramel) and Breizh cafe.
-If you find yourself in le Marais you MUST stop at La Briciola for the best pizza. I know, pizza in Paris? But it's authentic italian and it was a great stop for lunch among all the fun shopping there.
-Ice cream at Berthillon and Pozetto
-Brunch at Laduree should be on your list. French toast was to die for.
-I did Versailles my first trip to Paris, but not our honeymoon. If you can squeeze it in, its definitely worth the trip.
-I found David Lebovitz's blog and Paris in Four Months both really helpful in planning. Also, this guide.
-The best part of Paris is just wandering around the neighborhoods. Don't stress yourself about finding the best baguette etc. You will have such an amazing time no matter what you do!

Sorry for the novel :) If you have any other questions let me know!

HiFashion said...

You are going to LOVE Paris. It's gorgeous. You have no idea how tempted I am to hop on the train to Paris for the weekend when you're there so we can meet!

Ashley said...

This is sooooo exciting! (I couldn't resist the extra Os... that obviously makes it REALLY exciting.) I can't wait to hear all about your trip! And it all seems perfect for you! The fashion, the culture-- Amazing. :)

Elle Sees said...

be sure to greet the store owner/whoever is working there in french.
be realistic that it might not be your idea of paris, but it will be amazing.
you pay more to eat outside--something you have to do at least once.
you will pay for the water and bread--not complimentary in most places i've been to there.
for budget reasons, i liked eating my big meal at lunch at a restaurant.
def go to the patisseries. get the bread and the macarons!

Margarita Bloom said...

PARIS!! (silent scream!) I'm so excited for you. I would love to go there...I can not wait to see all the pics you post.

Okay, like literally almost every single photo I wish there was a button and I'd just pop all these fashions into my closet. They're fabulous. le sigh...

Happy Paris Travels!! ✈

♡ Regina ♡
Margarita Bloom: Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare

Joëlle said...

I absolutely LOVE Paris! I actually wrote a blog post about what to pack and wear in Paris:

There are so many incredible things to do and see in Paris! I would recommend making the metro ride to Montmartre and climbing to the top of Sacré Coeur - what an incredible view!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ahhhhh I am SO excited for you guys! Paris is YOUR city!!! Remember a few years ago when I went and took that picture for you of the store called La Dolce Vita? I hope you can find it! Eeeek so excited for you!!!

Sara Louise said...

Eleven days in Paris!!! That is amazing! You'll definitely be able to hit up every little nook and cranny... don't forget Shakespeare & Co and book your museum tickets online... the lines are insane!
And don't worry about your wardrobe, the women aren't nearly as chic as everyone thinks. Of course there are some that walk by that I'm jealous of but on a whole, not really. It's kind of like NYC. x.