Friday, August 30, 2013

Pumpkin Season Fashion.

I love summer, I truly do. I love being by the pool with a cold beer in hand, wearing sundresses, and being able to self-justify pedicures because I mean, my toes will almost always be exposed. 

However, fall has my heart to the fullest extent. I wish we could have October weather for at least nine months out of the year, and summer for the other three. 

My fall fashion staples include...

Oversized scarfs. 
Please - in all colors, textures, etc. These can pull a simple outfit together and escalate it instantly in such an easy way.


I love that tights allow you extra warmth on chilly fall days, while still being absolutely fabulous. This is a time to put the neons away and go for more earth tones with your choice of tights (though some people can still break all the rules beautifully).
Just please, please don't wear tights as pants - make sure your sweater/tunic/whatever at least mostly covers your ass.

Nothing needs to be said - anything chambray is perfect for fall (or really any time of the year!).

Moto Jackets.
These are perfect, come in a variety of colors, and provide warmth while still being stylish to the fullest extent. If you're vegan, they do make vegan leather now, so no one has to miss out on the trend!


Listen, I don't care what kind of boots you wear - invest in an awesome pair of boots that you can live in during the fall. They are probably the number one reason why I get so excited for fall - I can't wait to break out the boots again.

Fall tones. 
Switch out your brights for more autumn colors - dark greens, garnet red, heather grey, burnt orange, mustard yellows. These tones are flattering on every skin tone and you can find so many gorgeous options that fit your style.

Chunky, boyfriend, grandpa, oversized.. Fall is all about rocking your favorite type of sweater, especially since jackets aren't completely necessary yet.

I never thought I was a hat person, but I've learned that everyone is a hat person, you just need to find the one that looks best on you!
Beanies and berets are my favorite, but there are so many styles out there that are perfect for fall.

This 90's grunge staple is still a fall fashion must in my eyes.

Of course, some of the best outfits bring a few of these together (as evidenced in the majority of these pictures!).

What are your fall fashion staples?

Enjoy the weekend, loves!

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All images via Pinterest. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pre-Weekend Optimism.

Sometimes I feel that I need a little push to get me through the week, and this is definitely one of those weeks. I had a fantastic time in Maine, but came back feeling tired, unhealthy/out of shape, and just overall blah. This is where Pinterest comes to the rescue - so anyone else who has the summertime blues or just is in need of added motivation, hopefully this post will inspire you as I'm hoping it will inspire me to DO something with my week. 

What quotes or sayings inspire you the most when you're having a blah week? 

All images via Pinterest

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthy Living with Lifeway Kefir.

I've found that everything is good for you, and then becomes bad for you - within months. Drink coffee because it increases your metabolism - no scratch that, don't drink it because it causes acne and makes you eat more. Drink whole milk, because there are more benefits - but don't, because it's loaded with fat. Kale is the superfood that is sweeping the nation - but it tastes like dirt, and spinach is just as good for you, so maybe go with that. Yogurt is phenomenal for you - except if it has high fructose corn syrup, or whole milk, or aspartame, because then you'll probably die.

If you try to be healthy, as I attempt,  you're probably bombarded with the new "food of the moment," "superfood," or "diet secret." It's so overwhelming hearing that I should be eating only kale, or only raw vegetables, not to have fruit because it's high in carbs, to avoid avocado because I'll get fat. It never seems to end.

When Influenster sent me a survey that related to Kefir, I was definitely skeptical. Really, Kefir is a new superfood? It's better than Greek yogurt (that I eat by the barrel)? It won't taste like glue and/or rubbing alcohol, and/or chalky grass (like the wheatgrass shots that I sometimes suck down in the hopes of being healthier and improving my running)?  Doubtful.

However, I was about to eat my words. Once I was chosen to test out Lifeway Kefir, I was first on a mission to find the product. My heart was set on the Lifeway frozen Kefir, which even Women's Health endorsed as a delicious, mainly guilt-free frozen treat. Unfortunately, New Jersey doesn't seem to have the frozen variety, so with an attitude already, I headed to my local supermarket to try the smoothie version of Kefir by Lifeway. Going into it with a bad attitude, I was setting the product up to fail, or at least to be a total disappointment. I settled on Lifeway's Blueberry Probiotic smoothie, which is 99% lactose free, gluten free (naturally, which is really cool), filled with calcium, and has live and active probiotic cultures in it.

This stuff is phenomenal. I actually tried it on my drive home from the store (still in a sulk over the lack of the frozen kind), and was blown away. First of all, the blueberry type wasn't blue - so you don't have to fear about getting the seeds in your teeth or having a blue-tinted smile.

I've since used my Lifeway Kefir smoothies as a base for more smoothies and to just drink, straight out of the glass and/or bottle it comes from. So far I've tried to the plain, blueberry, and peach - and Influenster only sent me a coupon for one free one, so I honestly love this product.

Permanent home in my fridge:

Smoothies are a fantastic post-workout fuel, since it's extremely beneficial to put all the good stuff into your body that it so needs. A lot of times, I make them before I go on my run and refrigerate them, so as soon as I walk through the door, I can head to the fridge to refuel.

Peach-Blueberry Smoothie
1 cup (8 oz) Lifeway Peach Kefir, 1 cup organic blueberries, 1 peach, ice for desired thickness of smoothie.

More smoothies made with Lifeway Kefir - a blueberry, blackberry, Blueberry Kefir smoothie;
ingredients for a blueberry, peach, oatmeal, and Blueberry Kefir smoothie (that was absolutely phenomenal).

In short, I was pleased to be so surprised about how delicious Lifeway products are - now they just need to get the frozen kind more widely available in New Jersey stores! Big thanks to Influenster for the try of this fantastic product!

What is your favorite kind of smoothie? Have you tried Kefir yet?

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