Monday, July 29, 2013

I've Got a Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan.

Seventeen people. On an island. Only accessible by boat.
No running water, showers, beds, electricity.

This sounds like an episode out of Survivor, when in fact, it is how I spent my last weekend in June celebrating the birthday of one of my close friends. Every year, he rents campsites on an island in Lake George, NY (about four hours away from where we all live in Jersey). Last year, I was en route to Costa Rica, which slightly prevented my joining in on the fun of camping (which I heard about for the entire year and how much I missed out on), so I was extremely happy to be going. Even more so, Ed got his boating license exactly a week before we headed out, which meant that we could now use the jetski that was a new addition to the year.

The morning of the trip started as most Jersey mornings do - with bagels and coffee. I didn't even complain about the carbs since I knew that it was going to be a pretty heavy drinking weekend, so I figured that carbs were probably necessary (plus, who can resist a bagel and homemade strawberry cream cheese?).

We arrived at Lake George at around 11 in the morning, hopped in the pontoon boat that had been rented for the occasion, since Rob's boat only fits 6 people, and quickly after, we headed over to our island and home for the next three nights.

As I predicted, the weekend was filled with a ton of beer, games, boating, jetskiing, bonding, laughing, cooking, and just enjoying time with one another.

I walk the very fine line between being an introvert and extrovert, so this trip was a big deal for me because it was non stop togetherness. There wasn't a place for "me time" because I was living in a tent with my boyfriend, a stone's throw away from our other friends, and we were completely dependent on other people to get us in and out of town every day. I made it though, with all my friendships in tact and without completely imploding (though there were a few times when I absolutely wanted to scream).

It was also a big deal because of the ridiculous amounts of insecurities that come from a weekend of eating garbage and then wearing bikinis, but we all came through it and survived it (though that probably will not be repeated any time soon). 

Overall though, pictures can sum it all up better than any words that I could try to string together ever could.

The Mallard family.

We are nothing if not a classy group. 

This was how the boys maintained caveman/manly man status - this is a throwing knife, and the purpose is to throw it hard enough that it sticks in the tree. 

Pontoon boat games are the greatest games.

Boys will be boys.

The gang's all here. 

When we finally got back home, a hot shower and an actual bed was probably the greatest feeling in the world. 

A vacation - no matter how fabulous - always reaffirms to me the positive relationship between my bed and I.

Are you fans of camping? What are your favorite camping tricks/memories?
Have a gorgeous week, mon amis!

Currently listening to: Two Points for Honesty - Guster
(we went to a Guster/Ben Folds concert last Saturday and were SIXTH row, so I've been fangirling a little bit since then -- especially since we met the band and then two of the band members from Guster sat directly in front of us for the rest of the show).


The Dainty Dolls House said...

This looks super doll :) Lots of fun. I love going off without tvs and stuff like that and just having fun with friends outside. The boat looks super fun. Am glad you had such a fun time. Wish you a marvellous week :) xx

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What an amazing and fun time! Love your suit too!

HiFashion said...

This weekend looks like so much fun. I love a beer filled weekend!

Sara Louise said...

Croissants are great and all but right now I'm really missing starting my day off with a bagel and cream cheese from a deli or a ham & egg on a hard roll. Get me to NY STAT!!!
Looks like a fun trip! Why must boys play with dangerous objects (knives, guns, darts) while they are drinking? It freaks me right out. x.

Lauren Felix said...

This is TOO much fun. would love to do something like this before the summer is over!

Melinda Jewell said...

love ur suit and hot-pant. looks so much fun at the weekend.

Nicole Linette said...

Now this is what summer means! I did something similar with my recently-graduated friends and house mates two springs ago in the Daks as well, and it was amazing. We were so secluded and just a part of the woods, ponds, lean-tos, and cast iron skillet-cooked food.
Your friends look like a wild group, but you know I totally would have beasted those vegetarian wraps with you! And your swim suit is so pretty!