Friday, March 29, 2013

Independence Day.

One of my goals when I wrote my 25th birthday post was that I wanted to get the ball rolling and finally set down some permanent roots by moving. I had my taste of freedom when I lived in one of my Poppy's smaller properties last year, (post here if you missed it!), but after it sold in an unprecedented amount of time (literally 3 weeks after being put on the market), I was back to living with my parents.

I cannot complain and say that my parents' house was hell, or that I didn't have space, or was in any way being mistreated, but I was still miserable. I thrive on independence and "me time." Going from having an entire house, coming and going when I pleased, and doing things on my time; back to living under my parents' roof was a really big and very difficult adjustment for me. My parents have eased up and are considerably less uptight than they were when I was younger, but it's still the fact that there was someone at home who was worrying about me if I didn't come home, or the disapproving looks my mom silently passed my way when Edwin slept over, or the lack of space for all my stuff that required me to span out into my bedroom and my brother's vacant room so that I felt like I wasn't suffocating from too many clothes, that just began to add up.

I knew that buying a condo or townhome would be the best fit for me, and to me, it just made me sense than to be pouring money into rent.

My search for a place lasted for a while - I saw some beautiful, but crazy expensive places; some cheap and disgusting/scary places; and some scattered in between, but for my budget, most places that I looked at were ridiculously outdated and studio apartment sized. It became a core rather than something enjoyable, and I began to dread the search.

Once I found a place that seemed to be the perfect fit - onsite pool and fitness center, fairly special rooms with gorgeous hardwoods, and a balcony - I brought my parents and Edwin to come see it, and put in my grown-up offer (and almost cried once I started seeing all the numbers add up for the cash I'd need to supply if my offer went through). I told Edwin in the car on the way home that I was not going to stress it - the whole process was very zen for me as I adopted this "if it's meant to be, it will be" mentality that goes against every aspect of my personality. Edwin and I went to Mt. Fuji (an amazing Japanese hibachi restaurant, where I hadn't been since my 23rd birthday with Poppy when he sat next to a transvestite and didn't realize) for a friend's birthday that night, relaxed, and didn't say a word about the offer.

The next day, I received word from my realtor that my offer was rejected, but that they countered by reducing their original asking price by $10,000, which was a victory in and of itself. I raised my original offer a tiny bit, but not giving much wiggle room in it to go up any more, and a day later, my realtor called again telling me that my offer had been accepted.

The time from my offer being accepted into closing was a blur, but a blur filled with a ridiculous amount of stress. From the lawyers being slow, to further negotiations, and packing things up, it defintiely has not been the triumphant and easy exit from my parents' house that I anticipated. My demeanor over the past few weeks has become increasingly irritable (Edwin told me on Saturday night, "Yeah, you've been beyond bitchy ever since you moved in"), but it's getting better.

As my things get moved in, and I can go home after work and do whatever I so please, I'm getting happier. I'm sleeping more comfortably, I'm eating more healthy food since I can prepare it myself without anyone over my shoulder commenting, and I'm taking time for myself. I'm trying - and as the pieces continue to come together, I hope that I can become less bitchy and more at home and at peace.

I think that I figured that moving out would solve every aspect of my unhappiness, but the added pressure is defintiely taking a toll. Sometimes I set such high expectations for events, people, or plans that I end up disappointing myself which definitely plays a huge role in my mentality.

So, this is my new home - it's a work in progress, but clearly based on the fog I haven't been able to shake myself out of over the past two weeks, I'm a work in progress as well.

I'm finding the little things and places that are bringing me increasing happiness, and just like decorating my house and organizing, it's coming to me step by step and with considerable effort.

My living room/dining room area (with balcony off the back that faces the sun in the afternoon).

Living room decorations/odds and ends:

I read on Pinterest that if you save all your $5 instead of spending them, it's a great way to add to your savings account without a huge sacrifice, so I've been trying it out. Once I fill the jar, I'll split it 50/50 and do something fun/put half in savings.

Kitchen (with un-shown peek-through window into the living room!).

Based off of the contents of my cabinets, I don't know if you could tell I'm actually a 25 year old and not a frat boy/child (with a little Puerto Rican influence for when boyfriend cooks for me, woo!).

Kitchen details/odds and ends (so far) - a mix of my style and things from Poppy's I fell in love with:

Trader Joe's wine that Edwin and I are beyond excited to try (NJ Trader Joe's don't sell wine, wahh). Any recommendations of good ones?

Bedroom, complete with mattress on the floor and slightly blurry closet photos (but seriously, two big closets? I'm thrilled!).

Not even 1/4 filled yet.

Well, this was clearly very important to the move:

Obligatory bathroom picture, mainly because I love the color of the walls.

What are your favorite decorating tips? Any websites or places that I absolutely need to check out to get some fun (and not super expensive) decor?

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Kathy said...

what a cute space! i love the red accent wall.

there's this one site called "i heart organizing" that has tons of great organizing tips.

HiFashion said...

Congratulations on the new place. It looks amazing.
I was thinking of moving out and getting my own place, so reading this is the motivation I need.

Tom Cupples said...

Hi Alison - congratulations on getting your new abode. I hope you're very happy there - I love the cookie jar with all the cash in it !!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on the new spot, darling ~ so exciting!
Love the red walls and the bar :)


Sara Louise said...

HUGE CONGRATS on buying your own place! It must feel so wonderful to have a space that is truly your own. I can't wait to see how it evolves and becomes more and more you :) xxoo

Ashley said...

Look at you in your beautiful new place! I love it! Can't wait to see more of it-- and the adventures you'll have here! Really loving all the color in your place. Those bright greens and reds? Gorg. xoxo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh I just LOVE it! Such an exciting step!! Big congrats to you my friend!!!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Congrats on your new place! Wooohooo! I could only dream of someday getting my own place and decorating it however way I want to. As for the decorating tips, Pinterest has a ton of ideas, I'm sure you'll find a lot of stuff on there. =) Looking forward to seeing more photos of your place. =)

Ash said...

Kudos on the new abode. Buying your own place is a massive step, congrats on being able to do it so young.

The new place looks really nice, I like that red feature wall in the living area, very cool. I also like the seeming abundance of bookshelves. I currently only have the one, so I've had to double stack some of my books. Not cool.

When/if I get my own place, I'll have bookshelves everywhere, damnit, and no one will be able to stop me. I'll also have a kick-arse TV/media room with madskillz speakers and a huge TV. I dream big.

Anyway, congrats again on getting your own place, well earned.