Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm a Winner! Sweetheart VoxBox 2013.

I never win anything. Seriously - I'm not trying to be cute or dramatic, but I was just born without the lucky gene.

Not once did I win one of those "guess how many Skittles are in the jar, and the closest to the actual amount wins them all!" kind of contest in elementary school - which was definitely the greatest prize ever (though looking back - do you really think anyone actually counted out 287 Skittles?). Every Hanukkah and Christmas my brother, cousins, and I get scratch off lottery tickets. One year Patrick won $60, my cousins both won $10, and I won $0.

The teachers in my building constantly pool their money and go in on the Powerball lottery when it goes up to $200+ million, with their dreams and hopes of being able to quit their jobs and retire in Maui with endless drinks being served to them in coconut shells while they're fanned by palm leaves (because seriously - teachers can knock those drinks back more than any other). I don't even bother, because I've never had that "it could happen to me" mentality.

I feel you Bad Luck Brian, I do.

My luck has changed though - since signing up with Influenster, I was picked to receive my very first VoxBox, which made my little Grinch heart grow three sizes. If you're not on Influenster, the gist is this - you get an invite (if you want one, leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you a link to join!), and through your prescense on social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc)., you become an "expert" in certain areas. It's very painless - you write reviews on various brands, answer questions, take little surveys, and you gain an opportunity to potentially get exclusive looks at products and possibly even win these boxes, filled with products.

When I found out I was selected to receive a 2013 February Sweetheart VoxBox, I was beyond excited. You don't know what will be in it, but Claire and Courtney both have written about how awesome they are, so I was very excited to receive mine.

My box included the following: a SkinnyGirl Daily Greek Yogurt blueberry bar, an Olay Shine Minimizing Cleanser and contour cleansing brush, Not Your Mother's texturizing sea salt spray, and Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response deodorant.

Olay Cleanser and Brush:
Honestly, I have really bad skin. I still get frequent breakouts, which I'm very self conscious about, and I get really particular about products that I'm putting onto my face because I'm constantly nervous something will trigger a breakout. I've only been using it for a few days now, but I'm thrilled with the brush and cleansing system. I use it after the gym and when I wake up in the morning, and even after a few days, I'm really pleased with how soft and smooth it's making my skin. The color of the cleanser is also a really pretty silver and it smells amazing - with skincare products, I'm really difficult to please, so this is definitely coming from a really honest perspective.

Skinnygirl Daily On-the-Go bars:
I'm very skeptical about meal replacement or protein bars. Usually they're LOADED with processed ingredients and added sugars and a little bar ends up accounting for up to 35% of your total fat consumption for the day. No thank you, I'll take my cupcake. So when I saw the Greek Yogurt Blueberry bars in my box, I was kind of "meh" about it. However, I am now a convert. These are low carb, low sugar, and the total saturated fat is 11% DV. I ate mine before going to the gym, and it was the perfect boost. Plus, these are only 180 calories, but I promise you, it tastes like you're really treating yourself.
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All reviews are 100% my opinion and I'm not being compensated in any way for them!

Secret Clinical Stress Response:
Here's the deal - I work in a building that is from the early 1900's on the fourth floor. No exaggeration or joke - the other day, it was 98 degrees in my classroom (and was 31 outside). As a teacher, I'm faced with some stressful situations, especially working in an inner city, where students are NOT afraid to get in your face. These are not great conditions and I consider myself lucky that I do not have sweat pouring down my body on the regular from working here (I know, I know, I'm the grossest). On top of that, I'm a Bikram yoga fan (hot yoga), so I get pretty disgusting. Secret Stress Response smells amazing - this is my fourth day using it, and even my water boiling level classroom is not making me sweat. It smells amazing, and is extremely long lasting - remember, I'm not getting paid for these reviews, but I'm seriously beyond impressed by Secret on this one and will absolutely be buying it after the fact.

Not Your Mother's Texturized Salt Spray:
Another winner - first of all, it smells like a beach vacation, but not in an overpowering way. I've been using this all week since I'm in between haircuts and seriously need to protect my hair from constant blowdrying. I spray on the product on my damp hair, and can then style it accordingly. It creates these really pretty, very beachy waves and I have no greasy residue left in my hair after and it doesn't feel weighed down. Another product I'm seriously thrilled with.
The only negative is that I now want to wear a bikini and drink pina coladas.

Have you used any of these products before? What are your thoughts/favorite products?

Happy almost Friday, lovers! xox - next post I'm going to have BIG news for you all (about moi though, so don't get too excited).

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Courtney said...

you cant say BIG NEWS and then leave me hanging!!!!!!!!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I haven't tried any of those, but I'm totally intrigued by the SkinnyGirl bars!