Friday, January 11, 2013

June - July 2012.

Apologies for my highly creative title on this post - they can't all be winners, right?

I was terrible at blogging this past year - once work and life picked up full swing, it definitely was a huge challenge for me to balance everything.  Starting a new full-time teaching job was no joke (especially since my district did not provide a curriculum, so I had to create my own, ah!). 

My 2012 summer was extremely eventful -  it was nice to have started dating the new guy who has similar interests as me with trying out new places in the city, which comprised a good amount of my summer. There was a good mix of time with friends and time one-on-one, sharing different places with each other. 

Once I got back from Costa Rica (check it if you missed my photo filled post!) summer picked up full swing and was a complete and total whirlwind. Almost three times a week (not including weekends) I was out somewhere - barely making appearances at home, which was the best possible way to spend a summer.

Some of these pictures are difficult to look at, since Tonya and I are no longer friends, but the memories were still wonderful and I wouldn't change them for a second despite what's going on now. You can only grow and become stronger through ups and downs, which is what I choose to do.

Boy and I came here one night for wine flights and charcuterie platters. It was amazing and definitely a must-visit if you're a wine fan! (We ended up buying 2 bottles from the wine store that is a part of the restaurant). The sommelier was brilliant and so knowlegable, and didn't push us to buy anything, which is huge. The exposed brick didn't hurt either. 


Defiant Brewery - Pearl River, NY
Defiant is one of our stand by places. It's a microbrewery, so they make all of their own beer right there. It's so unassuming - no TV's, no loud music, no credit cards accepted, in a place that looks like a warehouse and that you'd never find unless you were really looking hard for it. Ed and I are here so often now that I think we're part of the furniture - and we bring all our out of town/state friends here, so it's become a right of passage. 


The after effects of drinks that are 9% alcohol by volume. Call me, maybe?

Alpha Fusion is a really fun and versatile Asian fusion restaurant where we discovered for dinner one night. We decided to "suit up" for dinner, and while we were overdressed (and it poured that night), the food was really good with very fresh tasting sushi. Check the food pictures from the gallery - they make mine look entirely unappetizing (which is saying something!).


Sunset Bar & Grill - Northern New Jersey
I was recently introduced to Sunset, which offers outdoor bar seating, live music, and beer towers. Uhm, you had me at hello! This became our spot to buy towers, sit outside on the patio (next to a private airport), and play Kings (winning Kings rules for us include: having to call everyone "Lord" or "Lady" before saying their name; no pointing - otherwise the person who pointed has to sit under the table until someone else points; and my personal favorite - drinking like a T-Rex). 

Any bar where I don't have to wear makeup and can still be somewhat acceptable (even by the gay bff) is fine by me! 

Drink like a T-rex: exhibit A:


This is easily on my top 10 list of places to go in the city. You have to make reservations ahead of time - and then you have to actually find the place. It is pretty small - and you have to walk down a flight of stairs and ring the doorbell to gain admittance - if you're on the list. Once inside, be prepared to meet a Jay Gatsby's living room type of vibe - plush couches, wallpaper that when carefully examined reveals people in various positions of the Kama Sutra, and specialty cocktails like a Cherry Lime Rickey. To summon your server, you pull a chain doorbell on the side of the wall - check out the website to Raines above; you won't be disappointed. 

Come on - how awesome is this? 

Porching it. 
Hanging out and drinking wine on my front porch became a summer event/staple - especially when walks to The Porter House (another favorite local cigar bar where they now know us by name and drink order) followed. 


At one point, my dad came home and saw 8 corks sitting near us. He said (in horror), "You guys drank EIGHT bottles of wine and it's only 6:00?" to which we responded, "No, only three." 
My father approved of this.


There were also the various townie bars, summer parties, and floor picnics that Ed and I became so fond of (and continue to have very often). 


Jack Honey shots = my downfall this entire summer. They're just so good!

Matt's surprise party (which was a huge success - and also featured Jack Honey shots). 

What were your favorite summer activities? Any of my fellow NYC-ers heard of or been to any of these places? xox

Currently listening to: Calling (Lose My Mind) - Sebastian Ingrosso + Alesso (since this was one of my summer anthems)


Ms. Dainty Doll said...

These sound like fun times, gorgeous food! I've not been to NY since my Senior year of highschool, but I loved it there. So glad you had such fun, it's needed in life!! I hope you are well & have a gorgeous weekend petal xxx

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome post, darling!
Love all these pics!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Makes me want to visit NYC AND YOU even more!! Looks like you had a blast! Sorry about the friend situation, but sometimes no matter how hard it is it ends up being for the best. You're a great person and anyone is lucky who has you in their life!!

Ash said...

Looks like you had a pretty balla' summer last year, kudos. It's good to know that you were able to spend time doing things you wanted to instead of being consumed by work. Seems like you achieved a good balance.

I'm sorry to hear about you and your friend. I know (as far as blog posts can take you anyway) how close you two were. I've got no idea what happened and how it ended for you two, so I hope I'm not out of place when I say I hope you two are able to make up. Again, I don't know what happened, but I do know you guys were besties for years - it seems sudden to me that you guys are no longer friends after your recent scavenger hunt post. I hope you're able to find suitable solution/closure for the situation, whatever that may be. All the best in that regard.

ANYWAY. You appear to have had a really great 2012, with the new bf and all, well played. I hope 2013 continues your high streak.

Also, it took a while, but I've started listening to N.E.R.D.. You recommended them aaages ago, but I've only now listened to a song other than 'Anti-Matter'. I'm a slow learner. They're different... but a good different. I'll continue to keep you posted re: my journey.

Cya Jam-Apple.

lauren @ la petite fashionista said...

can i come to NYC and have you take me out to all these delicious / pretty places :)


Sara Louise said...

June-July seems like it was a ridiculously good time!
And are Jack Honey shots the 'Jack Daniels Honey'? Because it it is, that stuff is DELICIOUS! My cousin gave my husband a bottle for Christmas (he brought it over from London, we don't have it here) and I've been bogarting it x

Kristine Rutledge said...

Great post, looks like fun times and great food!! Thanks for the comment! I do have a degree in teaching PE, but I work with special needs and am working on becoming an OT :) I have to say, teaching is not for me, too many kids...overwhelming!!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What fun pictures and yummy foods! And the Raines Law Room looks awesome! How fun! I'm ready for summer again!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You had a crazy busy summer, and I loved it! So many good pictures - and you always have the best looking food and drinks... I am hungry now :)

Have I mentioned you're gorgeous... that too ;)

dani said...

Eek! That wine and cheese and tastiness looks so yummy - and all these pictures are so fun!

Thank you for your super sweet blog comments - they make the work I put into blogging so worth it! <333

Elle Sees said...

I love seeing the pics of your summer in review!:)

fhenny said...

there are so many amazing places i would love to try when i travel
thank you for putting all these together
i hope 2013 will be much more amazing for you
and yet may you find your strength in the midst of all things happened before

style frontier