Sunday, January 6, 2013

InstaFashion (Kind of).

I love Instagram, I really do. I know that since I've taken photography classes and have a dSLR I'm supposed to get all hipster and hate on Instagram for dumbing down photography, but that would a bold faced lie (as those of you who are Instagram friends with me know very well). I think it's so much fun to snap a picture, put a filter on it, collage it, and then share it with your friends.

There's instant feedback that somehow is more satisfying than a Facebook album, and it's just another way to get these tiny glimpses into people's lives.

Since I got an iPhone a while back, and got on the Instagram bandwagon, I've really loved seeing things that my friends post, posting silly little pictures that mean something to me - and I've even opened up my Instagram to my real-life friends (something that I still choose NOT to do with my blog).

I do the typical Instagram thing - the outfit posts, the too many pictures of food (one of my favorite memes is the one that says, "INSTAGRAM IS DOWN, JUST DESCRIBE YOUR LUNCH TO ME!"), the challenges every now and then. It becomes a way of sharing amongst people, and I think that's the big draw of Instagram - not the grainy quality photos or filters that no one ever uses (seriously, does anyone use that 1970's  or Kelvin one - ever? Please let me know).

I have a kagillion pictures on Instagram, but today I'm focusing on what it's all really about - the clothes. So excuse my vanity, I apologize ahead of time. I suck at doing the whole outfit post thing that you all pull off so effortlessly and stylishly, so this is my attempt at a mass outfit post -- via Instagram.

The mandated outfit posts - from work to casual, I really have enjoyed documenting some of the more creative things I've put together (at least in my head). 

purple skinnies
J Brand skinnies, Lux leather jacket; Alexander Wang v-neck; gifted scarf; Anthropologie earrings

Marled sweaters, Ray Ban glasses, riding boots, and Starbucks. You had me at hello (and yes it was 70 degrees outside, and no I refuse to give up boots and sweaters once fall rolls around).
j crew sweater
J Crew sweater; Cole Haan boots; Ray Ban glasses; Essie polish 

Summer 2012 hippie status (thank you Anthropologie, x2).
summer dresshippie

Miscellaneous work outfits - most not district appropriate. (Sorry I'm not sorry).

juicy blazer
Juicy Couture hoodie; Gap career pants; Cole Haan heels

Sometimes when I can't wait for casual Friday, I invent casual Tuesday.
Joie cargo pants; H&M blazer; J Crew v-neck; Cole Haan booties; vintage necklace

J Brand skinnies; Free People cardigan; J Crew v-neck; Dolce Vita booties; Botkier bag; Anthropologie earrings

Legit casual Friday - denim on denim.
denim on denim
Hudson jeans; Nation LTD chambray button down; Tiffany & Co. necklace; Michael Kors watch; Steve Madden boots

My boy's brother commented on this one and said, "I didn't know teachers can dress like this!". Awk-warddd.
J Crew socks and blouse; American Eagle cardigan; Kate Spade flats; Essie polish; Skinny upside-down caramel macchiato by Starbucks ;) 

Sometimes polish and accessories are a girl's best friend. 

Perched in my favorite spot (seriously - it's cozy!) with a fresh pedicure.

I'm ill, not sick. And I'm okay, but my watch sick.
nailsarm candy costa rica

YSL cocktail ring; Essie polish

Have you gotten into the Instagram trend? What are your favorite things to photograph (either via iPhone or with a "real" camera)?

Also, does anyone else invent excuses to wear whatever  they want to work on a given day? Fingers crossed I'm not alone in this.

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Nicole Linette said...

This post was AWESOME, even down to the A$AP Rocky listening blurp haha!!! Well you know me, I'm constantly blowing up IG.. I've diverted all my stagnant social media energy that way, it's so ridiculous but I really think the connections you have on this (with real-life friends/family anyway) are more intimate than that on Facebook. You look gorgeous as always. Those boots that you have in the first photo are incredible. I love that you pretty much wear whatever you want to work-- who says teachers can't have fun with fashion! :D I'm not sure if I could make it through an entire day in heels, though yours look quite sturdy. And I've been lusting after watches for so long-- like seriously, my parents have purchased me no less than 5 over the last year and a half, and they all break or I lose them. My running joke has been "Cartier or BUST!" Haha! One day, a girl can hope. Maybe I'll beg them for a Fossil (or MK likes yours!) as a 21/Christmas/or graduation gift next year.

Stay beautiful, my dear, can't wait to see your next sartorial selections!
xo, nicole.

HiFashion said...

I didn't like Instagram till I got it and now I'm obsessed!!
Loving all your instagrams. It's such a great way to get an glimpse into someone else's life.

dani said...

I'm loooving those skinnies & that marled sweater - and everything else, really! So adorable!

Ash said...

Nice outfits, you look incredibly stylish, as always *wink*.

I've hated on Instagram. Big time. Buuut, I have kind of eased off the hate lately. It has opened up photography a whole hell of a lot of people and made it more accessible to the masses, which I think is a good thing. Its audience is different to the (d)SLR crowd, but it is still an avenue of photography, and therefore an avenue of art, which I am a proponent of.

It is exactly like you've described; a way for people to share their lives, and to capture the little moments and things like that. I'm also a huge fan of the hipster crying about Instagram being down - that pic is golden.

Also, with Instagram, I know what all of my friends are eating. Every damn time they're going to eat, so, yeah... that's fun.


Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Gorgeous pics doll! I like instagram, but nothing beats getting my real camera out and taking shots with that!! But, its good to be able to use the phone when I can't take my camera in somewhere :) Loved the photos...I hope you have a super week doll xx

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome pics and looks, darling!
Love that YSL ring so!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Love your fashion pics! I'm so glad I decided to join and that we are friends! I agree, it's a fun way to get a glimpse into other people's lives and of course get fashion ideas! (I'd love to borrow/steal your whole closet someday!)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You always look absolutely gorgeous! Like for real. You dress perfectly and are so damn cute! I feel like I miss your stuff since I'm 3 hours behind. I need to just stalk you so I don't miss anything lol :)

la petite fashionista said...

i looove following you on instagram. i try to post mini outfit snapshots, way too many food shots hahah, & the occasional sunset / scenery pictures.

My work is super flexible with wardrobe.. people come in wearing sweatpants (not okay!). i like to wear excessive amounts of color/pattern/accessories :)

and agreed-- no one uses 1970s or Kelvin hahaha

Sara Louise said...

If you had been my teacher (way back in the day) you definitely would have been my favorite and I would have tried to dress like you everyday :)

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Happy Friday doll...yes the cheese all over your fingers is the best part :D Am enjoying them so much. And the fig & brown sugar is marvellous, just love it! I hope you are doing grand doll & wish you a super weekend xo lots of love.

The Fashion Student said...

Ugh, I SO wish I had a stylish teacher like you when I was growing up! Your style is so fabulous and these pictures are perf xx

A$VP MOB forever, tbh said...

great style! I too am familiar with the plight of not having a daily photographer, but you still look great!

loving your blog, maybe you can check out mine as well!?

XO Sahra
Sera, Sahra