Thursday, January 31, 2013

25 Wishes.

Well, I am officially going to be a quarter. That's right - as of February 3rd (Super Bowl Sunday - which has its irony considering the oh-so avid American football fan that I am), I am a quarter of a century years old.


This year, I just want to make wishes (aka goals) for myself. From the trivial to the ones that are more shaping and important, I really want to focus from this point forward on improving myself - seeking things that I can work on so that I can grow as a person in all aspects of my life.

1. Move.
I've been looking at places to buy, and I really want my goal to be to find a place and get the ball rolling on that before summer (so before June). I want to at least put offers in and weigh things out so that I don't find a billion reasons to stall.

You best believe I'll have champagne jello shots covered in pop rocks at my housewarming party.
champagne jello shots w pop rocks

2. Travel more often.
I am having such a ridiculous case of wanderlust. I am craving new places, foods, and people so much (and Pinterest + all of you posting vacation pictures does NOT help at all!). I want to go places and experience other cultures - really experience things, not just do the expected things.


3. Stock up on more wardrobe staples.
Because as a real adult, I should be able to have a closet just for cardigans, right? I mean, it totally worked for Mr. Rogers. Really though, I need more classic pieces that I can really invest in, vs. buying a bunch of trendy things from H&M or Anthropologie that I won't wear a few seasons from now. I'm beginning to figure out my personal style, and I want my entire wardrobe to reflect that.

197736239860032269_7u1esoOB_cRag & Bone

4. Figure out a tattoo to get.
I've got to grow up and figure out what I want. I'm stuck right now - I know I definitely, definitely want one and want it to somehow tie in to be in memory of Poppy, but I'm just debating what exactly I want to start out with. I also have to be careful of placement with my career, since it's still pretty old school with things like that. Le sigh.


5. Grow thicker skin.
I seriously need some help in learning how to let things go or how to not let them get to me as much. Sometimes I can take things very personally, and I need more help with picking my battles.


6. Volunteer more at animal shelters and continue my vegetarianism.
I have seriously always wanted a teacup pig for a pet - this becomes my mantra every time I miss bacon (because seriously, I have yet to discover good soy bacon). I also love volunteering at shelters, even to just walk the dogs - it's a win win; exercise + spending time with animals.


7. Learn that my emotions/feelings ARE important.
I don't know where my mentality on this came from, but sometimes I feel like I don't have a right to be angry, sad, upset, whatever. I put other people and their feelings above my own and try to patch things up so that they're comfortable, even if I'm not. I need to realize that being upset does not turn me into crazy, over emotional girl - someone who I never want to become.


8. Read more.
Seriously. I just put in requests for Gone Girl, Gods Behaving Badly, and The Night Circus. I don't want this reading binge to go away.


9. Learn how to make really, really good coffee at home, not out of a Keurig.
Because Keurig ain't helping me in the morning when I'm in a rush and need multiple cups, and going to Starbucks every day before work is burning a hole in my pocket. There's got to be some trick to it, and I'm going to figure it out!

10. Stay on top of yoga and work my way up to Scorpion pose.
This has been a goal for for-ev-er. I really want to master this.

11. Do more DIY.
Especially with the potential moving, I want to become more crafty so that I'm not totally relying on Pottery Barn and Anthropologie for home decor - especially since I'm a teacher and need to save my pennies whenever possible!

133348838937434255_WYJuJVr3_cDIYDIY mason jars

12. Compartmentalize more.
I often have a very hard time separating work from my personal life and vice versa. I want to be able to leave work at work, as much as I can so that I'm not moody or short with people when it really isn't their fault.

13. Think about the food I'm putting into my body.
I am never going to say no to a cupcake. However, there are things I can say no to. I might be extremely thin, but if my body is shot to shit on the inside, it doesn't really matter. I want to do a lot better with vegetables, not just picking, eating enough (I have working lunches way too often - aka I eat water for lunch).. I want to really start taking care of my body and kicking my own ass about my poor eating habits.


14. Laugh more often.
Sometimes I am a crab, and I don't want to be an old crab.


15. Cut down on shopping.
I have a slight problem - I currently have two rooms in my parents' house that have no other purpose but to store my overflow clothes. I started an Ebay store to sell some of it,  but I really need to cut back, because it's definitely wasteful and unnecessary to own 4 pairs of the same J Brand skinnies (in the same wash, just in case something happens to them).

16. Stop being as nice..
Just to make someone else happy. If a creepy guy at a bar asks for my number, I need to understand that saying no isn't going to destroy his self esteem totally and completely. What ends up happening, is I avoid text messages, phone calls, etc., which is probably even worse in the long run. Sometimes, it's okay to hurt someone's feelings a bit if it means that in the long run, you're putting YOURSELF first, and saving whatever the person you're trying to appease, that realization that you pitied them.


17. Give more genuine compliments.
Sometimes I bullshit with compliments because I feel like I SHOULD say them. There is no law about this, and it is way better to say something you actually mean. This is better than hundreds of empty compliments.

18. Make time for positive reinforcement.
I often take to social networks to complain about bad service, a bad experience, etc. with a company - but I think I also need to take the time to shout out all of the amazing employees I encounter, and pass that along, whether via social networking or by emailing the HR of a company to pass along these good deeds.
I started calling parole officers of my students to share their hard work, good attendance, etc. and I've seen such a difference in the attitudes of my students to me and towards themselves.

19. Not care as much...
about trivial things. I want to wear what I want and not care what anyone thinks. I don't want to get bothered if someone makes a silly comment or remark about something that doesn't matter. These things are not important and most likely, people don't realize what they're doing or saying. And if they do, when they can't get a rise out of you, they often stop and move on.


20. Protect my skin.
By botoxing that shit up! (Just kidding). I am terrible at moisturizing, and putting sunscreen on my face. I feel like 25 is the age to break out the products and just start really taking care of myself, inside and out.


21. Have days when I eat whatever I want without feeling guilty.
Everyone needs a day when you can indulge - it shouldn't be every day, but sometimes I end up missing out because I am trying to be healthy (or because I've skipped meals and don't realize how freaking hungry I SHOULD be).

cookie dough dipcheese plate460070918153360674_FCpLIKtk_c

22. Embrace my inner nerd.
It is okay that I love Harry Potter, have the Cultiwords app on my phone to learn new vocabulary, do the New York Times crossword puzzle. There is no shame in that. I am nerdy, and I do not care and need to stop caring or making apologies for this. (Now excuse me, while I push my glasses up further on my nose).


23. Take more real pictures.
Sorry, Nikon dSLR. I've been neglecting you. iPhone pictures just aren't the same.

24. Cook more often, and experiment with new recipes.
I get into ruts where I make the same foods over and over because they're easy and I'm good at making certain things. I really want to learn how to cook more inventive things that are still healthy (so many of you inspire me to cook more - I'm looking at you, Lauren, Carol, Nicole, and Tracy!). If you guys have any delish vegan or vegetarian recipes, please feel free to send them my way!

25. Blog more often.
I really do miss you all when I'm absent from blogging. I will probably never be able to blog more than once a week, but I do want to make every effort to stay in touch with you all through blogging and commenting! This is definitely a big wish of mine for this upcoming year :)

What have been some of your milestone birthdays? Any wishes that you make when you blow your candles out? xox

Currently listening to: Juicy - Notorious B.I.G. (The lyrics about "birthdays was the worst days" is one of my favorites in any hip hop song. Ever).


Courtney said...

I feel like this was exactly my list going into 27. Particularly the.... well, who am i kidding, all of them. I need to embrace my inner nerd, stop being overly nice to people all the time (especially when it hurts me in the end), take better care of my body now so i don't have to fix problems in the future, travel more (because i miss it), spend less, laugh more, etc etc

Sigh. You'll love The Night Circus, btw. I reviewed it on my blog (under the "she reads -2012" section) but it was seriously tied for first for me in 2012 and is in my top 10 ever favorites.

Another great post, as usual!

Nicole Linette said...

This is amazing Ally! These are such wonderfully detailed thoughts, goals and frames of living. I'm sure you will only move upward from here. I've been wanting to read The Night Circus since last spring, and I've been pondering a tatoo forever with similar dilemmas on where. Oh, and I should probably wait until I'm out of my parent's house haha. Those DIY photos are fantastic, I never would have thought of spray painting the mason jars.. so luxe! Gah, I've been back and forth on the wardrobe overhaul for a while. I think that if I land a business internship this summer, that'll be the kick for renewing the closet. And thanks sooo much for the shoutout! You know I'd always love to share recipes. I'm not a vegetarian but I have veg-centric tendencies. I'll have to post or send some soon.

In between all the beer, competitive jeering, and ridiculous commercials, I wish you the happiest celebration of you! Take care of yourself and have a blast. It's silly and I've said this to friends before, but I truly mean it-- thank you for being born :).

Can't wait to hear about how your weekend goes. Raising the glass to you!

Claire Kiefer said...

These are great goals and so similar to many of mine. I am super sensitive, too, and I admire people who don't take things nearly as personally as I do.

Gone Girl is riveting. I'm reading another one of her books now and I can't wait to finish.

You know what I like that's vegetarian and bacon-y? Bacon bits. They're SO GOOD on potatoes or salads and they don't have an ounce of teacup pig in them. :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

A very happy early birthday to you my dear friend! These are fantastic goals, we have a lot of similar goals! I am excited to hear what this next year has in store for you, I think it will be a great one!

amy b.s. said...

you pretty much put all of my goals down on paper. have a wonderful birthday weekend!

Susannah said...

Goodness, there is so much I want to say about this list! All the goals are so amazing and the majority of them could have come right out of my mouth. Thanks so much for sharing, and good luck!

la petite fashionista said...

Happy birthday love!! This is such a great list and I can see so many things that I want to do too! I'm glad there are som fellow fashion blogger nerds out there:)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! How marvellous :)) I hope you achieve all of these things, to be honest many of them I need to do too. Like not be so nice, it only opens up for people to take advantage of my kindness and I end up hurt. So, I need to just drop that and still be nice, but learn it's ok to tell people off when they try and treat me like dirt. If they have a problem with it, then it's theirs and not mine and I need to just keep moving on. I love Robert Downing Jr. He's marvellous and too right in that quote!! You can do it doll, I believe in you :)) *hugs* I hope your wishes come true!! xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, darling!
Amazing goals!
Especially loving #6!
And I am so in love Fallingwater, that Frank Lloyd Wright house that you pictured :)


Maria at said...

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If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

Have a great week dera

LOVE Maria at

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I think this is an EXCELLENT list! And you can totally do it all :)

25 was hard for me. I thought I was so old...sure wasn't though haha. But this year I turn 30 so it's going to be harder haha.

Sara Louise said...

I loved this, all of it!
Happy belated birthday wishes to you my Aquarian sister! I hope you have a fabulously fun night xo