Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pura Vida - Costa Rica Trip 2012.

I suck and I apologize - sometimes life just gets hold of me, and I immerse myself completely in my social life, work life, responsibilities. Sometimes I forget that I have a whole network of friends and people who I truly love through blogging -- I've missed you guys, I've missed blogging, and feel like I've missed out on engagements, babies, weddings, crazy life events, and just the day to day things of people who I genuinely care about. I can't promise that I'll go back to blogging on a weekly, or even bi-weekly basis, but I will do better to stay in contact! 

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to go on a trip to Playa Potrero, Costa Rica to visit my college roommate of four years, Rachael. She took on an internship with an organization working in the town, and invited myself and one of our good friends from college to also come visit her. 

Since Amanda and I are both teachers with summers off, we went for it, booked our tickets, and counted down the months until we'd be laying on sunny beaches, practicing our Espanol, and drinking lots and lots of cerveza (hey, you can bring the girl out of the states, but I didn't get a lobotomy). It was a mostly make-up free trip, which was very liberating (though now I'm a little embarrassed to show you guys the pictures of moi sans makeup, but OH WELL).

Warning - I'm posting a TON of pictures. Sorry I'm not sorry - I couldn't pick my favorites.

Amanda came to mi casa where we departed to Newark the next morning (super early). We were super excited and had a very uneventful flight, watching episodes of The Office to help the 5+ hour plane ride go by much quicker. 

Ready for takeoff!

The highlights of the trip included... 

Beach days.
We spent the majority of our time at various beaches in Playa Potrero, soaking in the sun, taking in new surroundings, swimming in the ridiculously warm water, and watching the gorgeous sunsets. 

First beach day - matching bathing suit bottoms (this was seriously not planned).

My friends are hotties.

Rach and I on one of the deserted beaches. 
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Amanda and I on various beaches.

Final Costa Rican beach day <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

For me, this consisted of many vegetarian nachos/nachositas (baby nachos), and tons of cerveza. I also had vegetarian casada - a typical tica lunch. 

The Shack - one of my favorite lunch spots.

Las brisas.

Pool days and gelato lunches.
'Nuff said. Snickers gelato for lunch while lounging by a gorgeous infinity pool. I'll take it. 

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All you can drink catamaran rides + snorkeling + lunch. 
This was absolutely the highlight of the trip - we went out on a gorgeous catamaran for 5+ hours, where our drinks were never empty, we got to swim in the turquoise waters, and went snorkeling where we saw a puffer fish, electric eels, and tons of gorgeous fish. The night ended with a crazy thunder/lightening storm, but was still a major success (though I was still the palest on the boat). 

250754_932744525690_1060775097_n377293_932744231280_1117433066_n267277_932744395950_1407908039_n395247_932744785170_446935762_n 601418_932745758220_837894438_n

Honeymoon beach where we snorkeled - absolutely beautiful! 

Rainbow before the huge storm.

Clubbing in Playa Potrero. 
Amanda was not a fan, and made Natalie Holloway references. Slight mood killer. 


Ziplining through the jungle.
This was amazing - one of the highlights of the trip, which included hikes and at least 15 different zipline courses with guides.

This picture cracks me up. Rach is Spiderman ziplining. 

We traveled to Brasilito and Tamarindo to check out various spots, buy gifts for people, and see more beaches! 
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This would be an acceptable birthday gift, if you were wondering.. 

Sunsets galore. 
The most versatile and gorgeous sunsets ever. 

Overall it was an absolutely amazing trip with some of my best friends from college - I can't complain about a single aspect of it. 

I've missed you all and will be using my time off from work (thanks, Sandy) to try to play catch up! More posts to come, just know I've missed you all terribly and hopefully you' haven't given up on me! xox

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