Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sabrina Tach/Boticca - A Long Overdue Post.

When I was a senior in high school, applying away to colleges, I had so many ideas running through my head of what I could potentially major in. I think that deep down I always knew I'd go into education, but part of me wrestled with pursuing fashion and journalism (with a French minor, bien sur!) because I really do have such a deep love of fashion and writing (and NYC will always have my heart so I totally saw myself at FIT or NYU). I don't regret going into education at all because I feel that it's something I'm really good at, and I can have this blog on my side where I can write about how much I love various designers and the creative process of fashion. 

When I was contacted by the lovely Fiona of , a gorgeous online boutique of up and coming designers trying to break through and become more well known, I was immediately impressed by their dedication to lesser known, but immensely talented designers. I mean, isn't that why we're all glued to our TV to watch Project Runway - because we're fascinated by how much talent is out there in the fashion world waiting to break through? 

I was able to interview one of Boticca's handbag designers, a woman from Uruguay of immense talent. Sabrina Tach has taken an extremely hands-on approach to fashion, visiting local tanneries and shops and then letting herself become inspired by what she sees there. She careful selects each piece of leather and designs unique and beautiful handbags crafted by local merchants.


I selected five questions to gain insight into her gorgeous designs, and was thrilled by her genuine responses. Be sure to check out her beautiful bags on Boticca, and everything else that the site offers!

Q: If you could pick only five things that give you inspiration for your designs, what would they be?


A: The beach, traveling, nature, fashion, and being a free spirit 

Tajos Coral Suede Leather bag.

Q: Are there any unconventional things you've drawn inspiration from for your designs?

A: I have vintage bags from my grandmother that I have taken patterns from. The Adri bag in my collection, for example, is the shape of a bag called the Adriana that my aunt used when she was younger (in the 70's), that my grandmother kept in her house.

The Inca backpack.

Q: If you could handpick a celebrity or fashion to showcase your designs, who would it be and why?

A: Chloe Sevigny - I think she has a great sense of fashion that comes off as being totally effortless. I admire that a lot.

The Crocco backpack.

Q: If someone was to look into your closet, how would they describe your sense of style?

A: Day to day, I dress casually. I tend to mix vintage pieces with the latest trends.

Cacique Savage Suede Satchel.

Q: What three words would you use to describe a woman who carries your bags?

A: Chic, fashionable, cool.

Belar Backpack.
Q: Describe a typical day in the life of a handbag designer.

A: My lifestyle isn't very typical - I travel a lot and try to be on the beach as much as I can. When I am working in the city, I wake up to prepare Mate (a typical Uruguayan drink),  check emails, go to the tannery or to the studio. In the evenings I enjoy time with my friends or my boyfriend when he is visiting [from Spain].

The lovely Sabrina meeting with local merchants.

Isn't she adorable?! Be sure to check out Boticca for so many more designers from all over the world!

Missing you all - hoping summer will wind down amidst all the traveling, date nights, roof bars, work I've been doing. Will update soon (promise, promise!). Love you all.

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