Monday, December 3, 2012

The Return of the Scavengers.

Some of my older readers might remember last year when my best friend Tonya and I participated in a Scavenger Hunt with a huge group of our friends. Last year we didn't realize the competitive nature that we both have, and out of the entire group, we ended up coming in third place overall, which given the fact that I played varsity soccer for 4 years was just not cutting it.

The way the hunt works is a two-part process. The first part is that all the teams of two receive a four-page (seriously) list of various tasks/things to find around the area. Everyone has to complete whichever tasks they want, and each task has a different amount of points depending on difficulty. The only rule is that everything has to be captured on camera, but you can be as creative as you want. Each team has to be back to the designated location (our friend Brad's house) in exactly 90 minutes, or they're automatically disqualified. 

This year, we were prepared - even more so once we got the startling news that Tonya's boyfriend and the person I've been dating the past 7 months were also on a team. The game was on, and Tonya and I were determined to at the very least kick the boys' asses (plus the promise of the $200 prize at the end of everything was pretty sweet ) - but mostly we wanted bragging rights over the boys. 

Tonya and I were ready to roll : 

Game face - on (don't be fooled by the smile):

What continued to amaze me was how many people wanted to help us and got as into the scavenger hunt as we did. Tonya and I played the card of "we're joining a sorority and have to complete tasks," and people went out of their way to help us achieve the outlandish things on the list. 

It also amazed me how ballsy Ton and I were - once you threw in the element of competition, I did not even care - there was zero fear of rejection, we just wanted to win. 


And some of our friends got super into it with team shirts - I hated on it to their faces, but was actually kind of jealous that Ton and I didn't think of it. 

I was also highly impressed (to pat myself on the back) with how creative Tonya and I got with some of these. These were some of the few items on the list. 

The list said - take a picture with a horse. Well played, Allison. 
with a horse

Take a picture in a pool; balance a spoon on your nose in public. 

Picture with a Subway employee; picture at an ATM (these were the easy ones). 
subway employeeatm

Hold a baby - Tonya held a real one last year and refused to this year.
holding a baby 

Sit on top of a lawn mower - Allison vs. Rob edition. (And I call bullshit because he just went to his house to do this).

Plank on bar stools - Allison vs. Ed edition (we got their pictures later). 
Please note that I did not get an STD from my planking, jury is still out on him, since he was in the diviest dive bar ever. 
plank on bar stools ed planking

Kiss a stranger.
kiss s tranger 

Cross the street like a duckling.
cross like a duckling

Take a picture with a pizza delivery person. 
 pizza deliv

Pump gas for a stranger (this man was not at all pleased). 
pumping stranger's gas

Then the tasks started increasing in difficulty (and point value)...

Walk a stranger's dog (I saw a woman and her daughter at a park with a dog, and seriously jumped out of Tonya's car to go get a picture with them). Please take note of my perfect form in holding the leash. 
walking strangers dog

Pump exactly 50 cents worth of gas. This was very difficult to achieve, but success was finally ours! (Please note that in New Jersey, we do not pump our own gas, which was why this was so difficult to convince the attendant to let us do this). 
pumpingget exactly 50 of gas

Walk a stranger across the street (this guy seriously jumped up and wanted to help). 
walking stranger across street

Picture with a waitress. 

Join a random family for dinner. 
eating with rando fam

Play flip cup with a bartender (this one was awesome). 
playing flip cup at bar

Do a handstand - Allison vs. Ed edition yet again (and clearly, I am the winner on this one). 
handstand in a fieldi'm better

Fold a stranger's laundry. 
folding stranger's laundry

This was my personal favorite -- you had to Tebow on a roof. Tonya and I went to one of her parents' office buildings where I decided to take one for the team and climb the roof -- it was the getting off the roof that was the tricky part. 

...Getting down from roof = fail/slightly broken kneecaps. 
tebow fail

At the end of the hour and a half, we all met back at Brad's house where we tallied up our points - in round 1 of hunt, Tonya and I beat the boys by... 6 points!! (Hey, a win is still a win, right?). We came in 5th place though, which was disappointing. 

Still dating/happy, even though we beat them!

After the first round of the hunt, there was a second, which was basically a race around town to find clues that had been hidden. Unfortunately Rob and Ed came in first place for that (Ed's trophy is prominently displayed in his bedroom so any time I sleep there I have to see a glimpse of our failure) - but it turned out to be not so awful since they got to buy our drinks all night at the after party! 

We ended the night at the bar by having a bonfire, playing Kan-Jam and drinking away our sorrows of losing (apologies for the dark/blurry pictures). 

Second Annual Scavenger Hunt group.

This is definitely one of my favorite summer activities -  can't wait for next year!

What were some fun summer things you did this year? (I'm slowly working my way up to the present with these catch-up posts!). 


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Sara Louise said...

I remember this from last year! It still looks like just as much fun as ever. I'm going to have to convince my village's party committee to start an annual scavenger hunt here :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

This seriously looks like a ridiculously fun time! Love the flipcup with a bartender! haha!

vvvv said...


look happy!

▲my• said...

That sounds like lots of fun :)

Zhanna Frid said...

You guys must have had a blast!! It looks like so much fun!! Stop by and visit my blog and enter to win a gift card to Nordstrom!

la petite fashionista said...

You should publish your list of tasks!! I totally want to do this with my friends! I love all your creativity. Ps you & the boy are oh so cute together /)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
You are my hero!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hahaha I remember this from last year!

These are cracking me up! The picture of her with the family eating dinner! And you with the old man pumping his gas? Priceless!

Ash said...

Maaan, these scavenger hunt posts are awesome. It must be fun as hell to actually be a part of. Wish they'd do something like that where I live, even though I'm pretty sure I'd be terrible at it.

Is it a locally planned thing, or it's pretty big and populated?

Sorry I've been absent for ages. I've missed blogging and reading peoples' blogs. It's good to get back into them again.

Also, you Tebow-ing on the roof - epic. Really.

Claire Kiefer said...

This looks like so much fun. I definitely need to corral a big enough group to make this happen!