Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If You Like Pina Coladas..

Lately, the boy and I have gotten to the point where we've started discussing going on a trip together - a real trip, not just a weekend trip to Philly (which was amazing, don't get me wrong, but when something is less than two hours away, it doesn't seem like a "vacation," just a getaway -- plus, we were both highly hungover and were back in bed by 11 p.m. on our first night in Philly, ah!).

Since I'm a teacher, which is clearly known for its high salary, trips to Europe, Fiji, and all the places that my parents love to go are out at the moment. We've currently been looking at Puerto Rico, where his family is originally from, or the Dominican Republic (and seriously - with Groupon and Living Social, some of their deals on all-inclusive vacations are out of control amazing).

Tropical vacations are some of my favorite - there is nothing more perfect to me than being in warm weather, at the beach, with a drink (okay, it's me, who are we kidding - drinks) in hand, doing absolutely nothing. In Costa Rica this past summer, my friends and I spent the majority of our time along the water, in bikinis or sundresses, just lounging around (I read four books over my week-long trip and it felt amazing).

When I start thinking tropical vacation, I immediately begin thinking about a wardrobe for the trip (aka bikinis, which then makes me think about how I need to get myself to a Bikram class ASAP!), which is where Beach Fashion Shop comes in.

Their collection of all things for tropical destinations far surpasses other retailers, especially online retailers that don't ship outside of their country. Beach Fashion Shop is based in Europe, but offers incredibly reasonable shipping prices worldwide (and a currency converter, which is brilliant since I still can't figure out the different between dollars and €).

With bikinis from brands like Diane von Furstenberg, tunics from Taj, and maxi dresses from Alexis, Beach Fashion shop is definitely inspiring my wanderlust. I'm thinking this trip absolutely needs to happen.

Some of my inspiration - and fingers crossed, you will see pictures from my vacation soon! ;)

Mystique sandals are heaven. Plus, I'm kind of a hoe for anything turquoise.
turquoise 2turquoisepink stonesSandals w Swarovski seahorse by Mystique

Beach bags (because come on - how else will I tote my US and UK Cosmo/Vogue to lounge poolside?).
Terry 2

'Merica! (represent ya hood).
Terry Beach Bag by American Vintage

Please, replace your Little Mermaid towel from circa 1994, and pick up a fabulous textured one like these from Fresco.
Fresco towelFresco towel brocade

Mixing and matching various pieces.

T-shirt by e.vil (I love graphic prints), Tunic by Taj in perfect colors
T-shirt by e.vil Tunic by Taj

Alexis maxi skirt and Melissa Odabash maxi dress (sensing a theme?)
Trendy maxi skirt by AlexisMelissa Odabash dress

Confession - I am obsessed with Matthew Williamson and have been since I saw him at NYFW back in 2007. This caftan = perfection, but I may just be a bit biased.
Matthew Williamson caftan

Diane von Furstenberg maxi dresses (shocker).
DvF patterned maxi dressDvF backdVF maxi

Alexis bandeau dress.
Alexis bandeau dress

And of course - what beach trip is a beach trip without fabulous bikinis?

Fantasy print bustier bikini.
Fantasy print bustier bikini

Bikini by Charlie by Matthew Zink; Alexis bandeau bikinis (no lines, yay!), and tribal print bikini.
Charlie by Matthew ZinkAlexis bandeau bikini729_0

You can also become a Facebook fan of the shop for updates right on your newsfeed!

Any favorites?

Where are your top vacation spots? Have any of your been to the Domincan Republic?

Enjoy your holidays, lovelies! Love you all very much.

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Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
LOVE the bikinis!

Happy holidays :)


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Do it girl! DR or PR would be amazing! I've never been but I would love to go someday! We were actually looking to go to the DR this winter, but it's such a long flight from SEA and with Nick being in school once a week we couldn't really go as long as we wanted without him missing class. Love all those beach clothes though, I am really craving somewhere warm right now!

Claire Kiefer said...

A trip like that sounds absolutely dreamy right about now. Matt and I are not exactly in the market for a tropical getaway, but I do get to go on an incredible European trip with my babysitting family early this summer! We're going to the south of France and then to Florence . . . pretty damn lucky. Love those dresses & suits (and towels--so pretty!). Keep us posted :)

Sara Louise said...

I want it all! And I want to see the boy too! xx

HiFashion said...

I definitely need a holiday, especially after reading this. All those holiday pieces look amazing.

Elle Sees said...

i've never been there, but have been to many tropical locales. i hope your holidays are wonderful and full of love!

Nicole Linette said...

Hello, Miss Ally!

I hope you go on this tropical trip! Did you know that my family has a second house in Florida? It's quaint and in a senior community (HA!), but I'll be there from the end of January until I go to Boston on Feb. 20 then fly to China on the 22nd. All of these items seem so relevant... I bet I could convince my parents that they're necessary.. especially that embellished tunic! I go wild for India-esque clothing!

I hope you're having a fantastic winter vacation! All my best wishes and love for the new year if I don't talk to you beforehand!!!


Tali N said...

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