Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks in All Things.

To say that the past year has been a challenge would be a bold understatement. However at this time last year, I was dreading Thanksgiving, dreading the holidays, dreading going on with my day to day life with the absence of my Poppy leaving a tremendous void in my life.

Since that time I've learned that it's okay to have bad days, it's okay to lean on people - but the past cannot swallow your entire life. These days, I'm thankful for so many things, and my life feels fuller and much more positive. 


I'm thankful for so many people, events, and memories that I have to keep pushing me through. So many events keep shaking me and leaving me to wake up and realize that while yeah, I have things that suck and things I can complain about, it makes so much more sense to shut the hell up and count the things in my life that are amazing and beautiful. 

There will always be things in our lives that are hard, or that we have trouble coping or dealing with - but at the end of the day, if you focus on only those things, you'll become a bitter, miserable person who no longer can see the good in anything. 


On this Thanksgiving, I'm realizing more than ever just how much I have to be thankful for (I know it sounds so contrite). There are the cliche things, like my family and friends, the fact that I have a steady job that I am in love with, or that I have the luxury of going out and trying new places with the people I care about most. There are the little things, like weekly dinners with my best friend, being able to vote in the most recent election, Google+ hangouts with my college roommates, pub crawls with friends, pumpkin flavored anything, things on Pinterest that inspire me and make me happy, and finding bars that serve Hoegaarden and craft beers - these are all the little things that make me happy and that I've been choosing to focus on versus dwelling on the bad things. 


These are some of the things/people/places I'm thankful for this past year - things that I'm trying to focus on despite all the negativity that life/karma/whatever throws my way. 

Best friends, and some of my favorite people. 
600014_663776611140_1859808988_n538704_655804831650_1724216046_n600084_636516538893_1753756177_n 644592_647423975303_1522485814_n396842_636516718533_113101063_n293322_639905297793_1520595473_n304459_932750942830_1813504202_n483913_672079242600_785357284_n


Work, which I love more with each day. 



My nephew, who reminds me what unconditional love is. 

Little things.
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My advice would be - tell the people who you care about that you love them whenever possible, try to find at least one or two good things in the midst of every struggle or terrible day, and don't let the bastards get you down.

What are you most thankful for? (The big and little things). 
Happy Thanksgiving, to all my US friends! xox

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Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Very beautiful post...what being thankful is really about! Not big meals or decorating, about giving thanks for what you have and not worrying about what you don't have!! I hope you have a very blessed time with family and friends. And may the rest of the year & the new year to come bring you lots of happiness and new adventures!! Have a wonderful time! xx

La Femme Nouvelle

Legally Brunette Kate said...

Your nephew might be the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen. Those tiny converse!!!

Nicole Linette said...

This was perfect, as usual. Thank you so much for sharing what you're thankful for! I love all these pictures of your friends and family and quirky things at school. The quotes were wonderful too. And yeah, I can be pretty self-absorbed and stuck in my own pit of misery, but then I realize, my life is awesome. I have done, am doing and will do things that I've always dreamed of, I have a stable home and friends that make everyday worth living. So cheers to that, and I hope you've indulged on some wonderful wine and pie!!!


p.s. It seems that I'm pouncing you from all directions of technology haha, but I think I'm going to return those J Brand jeans. I'm not quite there financially yet to have them with a solid conscious, unfortunately. There are a few other things higher on the purchase priority list. But someday, I know, I will be a proud owner of those jeans! Thank you so much for your input!! <3

Leslee said...

Lovely post my friend! I know you miss your Poppy dearly, but trust you will find strength in his memory and all he taught you...

Claire Kiefer said...

I love all these pics . . . especially the inside of that textbook. HA! Good reminder to evaluate all the things for which I am thankful. :)

fhenny said...

this is a beautiful post and it reflects what thanks giving is all about.
yes the closest people are the one who push me through difficult times too.
hope you enjoy your weekend

style frontier

Audrey Allure said...

Lovely post & photos! Such a great quote from Roald Dahl!

Couture Carrie said...

What a lovely and uplifting post, darling!
Adoring the quotes and pics!


Elle Sees said...

I was kind of dreading the holidays too, since it's the first without my great granny. But it was just fine. PS Nita don't play!!!

Sara Louise said...

Absolutely fantastic advice!
Hope you had a wonderful holiday xx

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a wonderful post! And so many great quotes! Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving dear friend! :)