Saturday, June 16, 2012

On My Own.

I really, truly did have every intention to stay on top of blogging during the schoolyear, but clearly intentions and reality sometimes clash (whoops!). With so many of my students taking the GED, that became my life, and I really didn't think that there were enough hours in the day to get everything done - and four of my students (out of 6 who registered to take the GED) passed it, so yay for them! 

Surprise breakfast celebration essentials for my students:

This entire year has been a year of firsts - some good, some bad. One of the biggest bittersweet moments was me moving out of my parents house and into one of Poppy's little houses (he owned a few properties). This was the first house that he and my Nana lived in after they were married and had no money, and so to move in there and be on my own was such a growing experience. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to thrive being on my own or if I would get lonely, so before I moved and started paying rent or paying a mortgage, this was a nice trial to determine if I'd want to look for roommates/live on my own.

You guys - living on my own was maybe the most liberating experience of my life. I THRIVED on it and love every second of having the choice of alone time/inviting people over. Everything became more fun - I didn't even mind cleaning my house because I took pride in having it look a certain way.

See, I made responsible food/drink choices! (P.S. Are we Instagram friends yet?! Add me! LittleAllygator ).

Unfortunately, the house was sold within a month and a half - unheard of in our area, and especially at the very high asking price (and after the first open house FOUR offers came in, two above listing price). It was another bittersweet thing - the time and energy that went into making this my home was gone in a matter of weeks. But as with all things in life, you can choose the positive or the negative outlook - and I'm tired of being negative about things. I could cry about having to move back home, but instead, I thought that it showed that I'm stronger than I realized - I can live and THRIVE on my own, which is not something that everyone can do. I learned a lot and will take that (and all my kick ass furniture and decorations) with me when I get my own place for real.

And of course, decorating was my favorite part about it. I Tweeted pictures here and there, but now it's time for me to bore you silly with pictures of how much fun I had decorating/living solo.

I tried to be an adult and make my own coffee - which made me very grateful that there were at least 4 Starbucks within a 10 minute radius. 

My bedroom (This bed was seriously the most comfortable bed ever - all I need is a Pottery Barn headboard and I'm SET):

See what I did here - religion/religion (whomp whomp):

Living Room (with vintage wingchairs that were Poppy's, a Mad Men themed bar I made myself, and some of the most awesome art I've ever found covering the walls). 

Excuse my yoga mat, si vous plait. 

I tried to have fresh flowers whenever possible:


In the kitch (Anthropologie bowls and kitchy mugs):

Closet space(s) - I think I need maybe 10 closets:

Cooking in mi casa - vegetarian taco night with my parents, and copious amounts of wine/drinks with every meal. 

Beefless beef for tacos!

I had a little friend on my car one morning:

Easter basket 2012 
(yes, I am 24 years old and still get kick ass Easter baskets).

Now that the school year is wrapping up on Friday, it will HOPEFULLY be back to more regular posting, commenting, and seeing what all you amazing people are up to. I miss you all and I'm so thankful for all your support this past year when I've really, really needed it. Love you guys to pieces! 

What is your decorating style - even if it's just for your bedroom? What are things that you decorate with to make your room/apartment/house yours? 

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▲my• said...

what an exciting experience!!!

HiFashion said...

It must have been great living on your own! You decorated the house so well. I can't wait to move out and have my house the way I want it.

Sara Louise said...

Living alone is the best! I would love to live alone but I don't think my husband would be too happy about it :)

Nicole Linette said...

Ally, how marvelous that you could call your Poppy's space your own, even if it was for a short time. I can only imagine how liberating the solo life is!! The house looked lovely-- haha I can't wait to stock a bar of my own! I would have such a good time blasting music all day or just reveling in the silence and calm.

As for my house, I have a knack for permeating every space available. I truly miss my room when I'm away at school because it is layers and collections of my life from the last decade that I have lived here, and I love that it's evolved as I have grown. My decorating style definitely reflects who I am; it's organized chaos, an overwhelming sensory overload yet they are beautiful things and each with a significance and place! I have photos of my friends posted everywhere, fashion editorials on my closets, paintings that I have done and ones from France, travel memorabilia and maps, found objects at thrift stores and things inherited from my grandma. In a sense, my room is my sanctuary. Haha and funny that you mentioned Instagram, because this past weekend I seriously was going to take a photo of my room and then tag others (like you!) to see what their personal sanctuary looked like!

I loved this post! Good luck with all your students and can't wait to hear from you!

la petite fashionista said...

Aw, I so love seeing all the pictures of your own place. it really is the best feeling and most liberating to make it your own (& love that it was your poppy's place as well which I"m sure made it that much more comforting). I love the fresh flowers, coffee table books (I have so many of the same!!) & the mad men bar cart-- amazing!!

I'm so sad for you that you have to move, but excited for your next experiences and how it affected your life.


Ash said...

I've just moved out myself, and it is damn awesome being able to call your own shots and do what you want when you want. I'm loving the independence and the freedom. On the first night at my new place, I ate ice cream at 6pm. In my room. What of it.

Cooking is a bit of a learning curve, but I like making stuff to eat - I just don't know what to buy and what ingredient to add that gets a certain taste. Experiment I guess. I also bought $150 worth of groceries on my first grocery hunting trip, only to realise I had forgotten that I was going overseas for two weeks and would be leaving the country in a few days... needless to say, I had to smash down whatever food I could and freeze the rest so it wouldn't go off. Not well played.

I don't really have a 'style' for decorating (that I'm aware of anyway), but I did buy this mad little Ikea shelf to put all my camera gear into and display it nicely, and I think it looks freaking awesome. I'll have to take a pic of it and chuck it on my blog. Otherwise, stuff is just placed in my room where ever it fits. Organised chaos. Could do with a female touch maybe, but I like the way it looks for the moment. Also, it gets much better natural light than my old room, so reading comfortably from my bed during the day is very doable, so that's a plus. I really do need to get back into reading.

It sucks that you had to move back home after so soon, but like you said - you know for a fact that you can go it on your own. That is awesome.

Anyways, take care, I have to leave for the airport in about an hour so I better triple check I've packed everything. Take care.

PS: I love the pics, you're rocking that camera.

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Omg I need that mug!!

Being on your own is a lot of fun (and a lot of hard lessons)... you'll grow into it ;)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I never lived by myself but I know lots of friends who do and they wouldn't change it for the world! congrats on being done with the school year! And beautiful photos of the flowers! And I still totally get Easter baskets too - I don't think you are ever too old! Great to hear from you! :)