Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Fashion Musts.

Fall is absolutely my favorite season. It has everything I need - pumpkin spice lattes (obviously), perfect running weather, changing leaves, and amazing options for fashion.

As most of you know, I'm a big fan of street style - more so than when I see someone on a red carpet (since if we all had unlimited resources, we could hire stylists and wear Marchesa, which is impossible to get wrong).

As much as I love a good minidress or short sundress on hot summer days, gladiator sandals, and head wraps for days at the beach, part of me is always longing to break out my boots again.

These are my favorite fall fashion trends - the things that I look forward to rocking (with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, obviously!).

A lot of these looks/pieces are work or play appropriate - just mix up your accessories and you have an entirely different look! Always a win when your work clothes and everyday clothes can mesh together.

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1. Blazers
I am in love with blazers - colored, boyfriend, cropped - put a blazer on me and I am a happy girl. I love the versatility of a good blazer, because having something that's multifunctional is such a fashion plus.


Oh, Kanye - how are you so perfect? Take style notes, boys.


2. Tights with Shorts
I LOVE THIS LOOK. Wool shorts and tights are an unbeatable combination, and perfect for fall (especially in darker colors, or colors that mimic the changing leaves on trees!).


3. Layers
The fall weather is so unpredictable, so layering is a definite must. I'm a big fan of chambray or oversized denim shirts paired with a good tank or v-neck.


Perfect layering.

4. Scarves
Scarves are a really fun way to bring a pop of color into a mostly monochromatic look, to add something unexpected into your look, or to play around with patterns. Summer scarves or warm scarves, lehgoooo.


5. Long sleeved dresses
Double points if it has some type of open back detail (which could easily be covered up by a nice blazer to make it work appropriate!) - I love that there's finally an option so that we can not freeze our asses off on the walk from a cab into a lounge/club! The long sleeved style, particularly with an open back/some type of detail is so chic!


6. Play with proportions
Mix it up - cropped blazers/jackets with long shirts underneath are gorgeous; oversized plaid shirts or cardigans with short boots. Play with it and find what works for you and your body type!


7. Take advantage of the weather!
It's the perfect temperature for skipping tights on occasion, rocking an open back on an otherwise conservative outfit, and rolling your sleeves up before winter comes and requires us all to look 50 pounds heavier due to our North Face down jackets.


8. Colored jackets.
Oh my god, I die for colored leather (faux if you're vegan, regular if not - doesn't matter). Such a gorgeous way to dress up anything - and again, versatile enough that you can wear it to a casual dinner, but it still looks cute on top of a dress for a night out.


9. Be adventurous - and feel free to break the normal fashion rules!
Remember - it used to be consider unfashionable to rock socks with heels, wear white after Labor Day, or mix patterns. Don't be afraid to be a little unconventional - because I know I am absolutely going to be wearing white pants and mismatched patterns all fall long. Really though, have fun with colors (especially ones that supposedly clash, because those seem to somehow work beautifully together! I think dark, eggplant purple and turquoise is maybe my favorite color combination ever).


INVEST IN A KICK ASS PAIR OF BOOTS. Riding boots, motorcycle boots, thigh high boots - I don't care, just rock them whenever possible (I'm sorry, but Uggs do not count).



What are your fall fashion must haves?

Hope all is well, xox.

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Diane said...

i love this post! i'm so happy fall is here. it's definitely the best season for fashion. :)

Little Ms. Fun said...

Fall most deff has the best fashion!! (It's also amazing b/c less humidity means better hair days too!)

I love boots, scarves, and blazers. You have me sold!!

amy b.s. said...

i definitely need to add a few more blazers into the mix. i so love!

HiFashion said...

Blazers are my must have this winter. I just got one, which I love. And I adore boots with all my heart, hehe.

I'm also lusting after coloured coats this season.

MizzJ said...

Great post. I think I agree with every single thing you've said here haha.

My must-haves this winter are something burgundy, thick wool scarves, shearling, ankle boots and chunky knits!

Em [The Writer] said...

Oh my gosh why do you have to have such a great sense of style?! Adding these all to my must have list! :)

L.A. in the bay said...

just found your blog. In love!
You have amazing taste.


Sara Louise said...

I'm a blazer girl. And opaque tights with tweed minis make my heart sing.
Drink a pumpkin spice latte for me please! xo

Syed said...

I am in desperate need of a blazer right now. And ha, even if this list was meant for the ladies, I've been rocking black shorts and black leggings for a while now.

Ashley said...

Okay, not gonna lie, this post is totally speaking to me, girlfriend. As you know, I'm also fall-obsessed, and therefore I want/need all of the items in these photos. Scarves, layers, boots, jackets, tights... fall fashion is the BEST. Now that I'm always in the classroom (and the temperature is never regular) I'm loving layers and scarves. I could add a scarf to any outfit and think that it looks instantly cuter :) Have a fabulous weekend! Hope all is well, lady! xoxo

Legally Brunette Kate said...

I love the blazers (I also love that you included Kanye...I have an inexplicable crush on him). I've been searching for a good navy blue one but so far I haven't had any luck.

And I couldn't agree more about boots. I pretty much live in my Fryes in the fall.

Morgane said...

I adore wool cool cardigans, plaid shirts , beanie hats and beret ( the french touch lol) , doc martens and basically layers ans scarves (a lot)...
I really love your choices too, even if i don't wear blazers i think they look very chic and cute ( all the young girls in town here wear some, with denim jackets , skinny jeans and big scarves)

la petite fashionista said...

LOVE your fall fashion post. some of the ones i want to experiment with especially are the colored pants (just bought a copper pair!), blazers & tights with shorts. it's already super chilly in wisconsin!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Great pics! I love that first pic of the blazer!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay! Blazers, scarves, and boots!! Now if only it weren't in the mid 70s in LA and mid to high 80s in the suburbs :(

We totally get ripped off on fall. It's my fav season and fav style of clothing, yet we don't get the weather.

Alisha said...

You hit all my favorite fashion trends for fall perfectly!!! Fall color blocking, blazers, scarves, boots, ahh! I love them all!! :) Great post!

**I'm a new follower!

Happy Sunday!

J said...

love love love all your pics! i love the wool shorts with tights. when done right, looks so great! i also of course agree with blazers and layering... must have fall!