Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Dinner.

Food has always been a central part of bonding with my family. For as long as I can remember, we've gone out to eat and some of our best memories took place at dinners out. Even as a young child, my parents took Pat and I out to pretty nice restaurants, but instilled in us proper restaurant etiquette (actually, one time my mom picked up Pat and sat with him in the car because he was throwing a tantrum - this is why I have no tolerance for misbehaving children in nice restaurants).


Most of my favorite memories, especially with Poppy and my dad's side of the family, revolve around us sitting at a dinner table, laughing and trading memories back and forth, enjoying the time spent together.

We still go out to eat as a family (now minus Pat, though he always joins us when he comes home to visit) at least twice a week, experimenting with different cuisines and options, sharing the things we ordered, and catching up with one another.

Now that I've settled back into a routine where I'm not home much, I actually look forward to these times out to spend time with my parents without any pressure or stress, and argument free.

I used to be pretty snobby about the food on the Cape - for one, there is no decent Chinese food, which to me is quite the horror, because you can throw a rock in Jersey and you'll hit an amazing Chinese restaurant - and I guess being used to going into the city as much as we do for dinners has given me an elitist attitude about dining out.

The past few years though, my family has discovered some of the hidden gems of Cape Cod - places that offer food and service that rivals some of my favorite NYC restaurants.

The Captain Linnell House is one of those places - the perfect combination of amazing food, a gorgeous location, and service that really does parallel that of Delmonico's in NYC.

The restaurant itself is in a historic estate, that has now been converted into the restaurant, as well as a reception hall for weddings.

Since I've become a pescetarian, I have begun to seek out (and commend) restaurants that offer a variety of options on their menus that can encompass meat-eaters, pescetarians, and vegetarians, which the Captain Linnell House does impeccably.

Above all though, I'm grateful for the fun evening I was able to spend with my parents at the restaurant - the food, drinks, and gorgeous setting were only second to the flowing conversation and laughs that we shared (though after my second tequila-based drink, I stupidly told my parents that in college me + tequila were not a winning combination, to which my mom replied, "That sounds like my college experience!" Crisis averted, and I learned that I am clearly not the only lush in my family).

I'm pretty sure that we have a thousand pictures in front of the fireplace at the Cape house.




There had been a wedding on the premises the day before, so these were the remnants of that.


The grounds were so gorgeous.


And obviously, the best part was the amazing food/drinks.

Lobstah bisque.

My seared yellowfin (hidden under wasabi marinated microgreen).

Crab stuffed longfin/pork medallions.

And then there was dessert - because really, who can ever turn down cake?

Dad's key lime pie (to go).

(I'm writing this post on an empty stomach, which is a mistake because I am now craving this carrot cake - it was incredible, and took me three days to eat the whole thing).

We left the restaurant five pounds heavier (read: they had to forklift me into the car), but having enjoyed the company of each other, which is really all you can ask for.

What is your favorite restaurant (local or chain - doesn't matter!)?

Currently listening to: White Blank Page - Mumford & Sons (a slight switch from the usual dubstep/electro).

P.S. Guys - I got an actual teaching job! I'll be teaching adults in an inner city who are on a 2nd-5th grade level and aspire to improve their basic reading and math skills so they can get jobs in the community. While it isn't an el. ed job, I really like what the program stands for, so I'm excited! :)


amy b.s. said...

the food looks amazing. and congratulations on your new job! it sounds like it's going to be really cool and inspiring.

Audrey Allure said...

The food looks delicious; love going out to eat!

Ashley said...

You are too pretty! I love love that red maxi dress. And the belt?! SO cute. Also, this amazing food is making my mouth water. I wish I was there right now... complete with that lovely drink in hand. I'm recently craving sushi, so ANY delicious sushi place would be my favorite at the moment :)

Congrats, again, on your new job!!! So awesome. Definitely keep me updated! Happy weekend, girl! Xoxo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

First off - CONGRATS!!!! That's so awesome! You should be so proud of yourself. You're going to make a huge difference in the lives of those students :)

My dad hates going out to dinner. He's a cheap ass lol. I wish we went out more because i love to. My fav restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. Best.Salsa.Ever.

MizzJ said...

You look gorgeous in that maxi Allison! Red suits you :)

Mmm that restaurant looks delish! Food is definitely a bonding thing for my family as well, along with trashy TV shows haha

I'm curious, what made you become a pescetarian?

HiFashion said...

I love the memories our family has when we go out for dinner or lunches. Even now, with all our busy schedules, my parents, brother and I make the effort to go out to dinner together.

The restaurant and food both look amazing: I need that cake.

And I love your red dress. You look gorgeous in it!

Ash said...

WHO can turn down cake? NO ONE, Allison...NO -- ONE. At least no one who is sane anyway, as there is always, always room for cake.

Very nice song choice as well. I was looping their album the other day in bed while recuperating, and 'White Blank Page' went off (as only Irish folk music can). That whole album is truly amazing. They've got a second one in the works as well, so that should be pretty mad.

And also - you look absolutely stunning in that red dress :O - Well played.

Heh, but seriously, you really do look amazing. And kudos again on the new job, I hope you enjoy it!

Elisa said...

congratulations on the job Allison! that's great news.

You look stunning in red! But then again, you always looks very fashionable.

I have been a pescetarian for over 10 years but was not familiar with that terminology. I always tell family and friends that I'm vegetarian but I don't eat red meat or chicken but sometimes I eat fish so I'm not really a vegetarian, but this term, 'pescetarian' is so much simpler to explain.LOL

I wish I could say Beli is on her best behavior when we go to eat but you know what she did when I took her to a restaurant yesterday? " she said Mommy this place smells bad and she refused to walk to our table, so we had to leave. I don't like her throwing tantrums when we are out and abouts.

Legally Brunette Kate said...

My family does weekly dinner out, too. We go out every Friday (well, now we meet up because I'm living downtown)...we're not terribly adventurous when it comes to trying new places, but it's a good way to catch up and fill each other in on what's going on.

And congrats on the teaching sounds like an amazing program!

(Also: love the song choice. It's my favorite Mumford&Sons's kind of under-appreciated.)

Couture Carrie said...

Delicious post, darling!
You look amazing in that red dress!


Kimberlee said...

haha love that you got the family in the pics ;) Love the belt on your dress - nice touch!

TALI said...

i love this post! thank you vry much for sharing this ! the food looks yammy and i love the menu! by the way i love the dress on you!


Amin said...


Amin said...

Wonderful house!

Amin said...

yummy foods...

la petite fashionista said...

this post made me SO hungry! going out to dinners w/ my parents has always been one of my favorite bonding activities too :) now that i've got a new boyfriend, one of my favorite things to do is try out new types of foods and restaurants together, so much fun!:)

CONGRATS on your teaching job!! so happy for you :)

tarynzhang said...

Wow, you look stunning in that dress! My family also revolves around food and gathering around a dinner table. =) It's a tradition I will insist on passing on to the next generation. I will never tolerate each family member retreating to their respective rooms with their meals and eating in front of a computer or TV. Love that family time. And, like you, have trouble tolerating misbehaving children in public. =) Etiquette is such an important value to instill in our children!

Thanks for sharing!

Elle Sees said...

Congrats to you!

yiqin; said...

looks delicious!

Love, Lolli said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a rewarding and amazing opportunity, and I can't think of a kinder, more encouraging teacher. So proud of you!!
Absolutely love the baby photos, SO cute!! The dinner looks fantastic, and your red dress looks gorgeous on you!!!!
Hope you are drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes to celebrate!!!! XOXOXOX

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

you look fabulous! nice maxi dress. the foods look very delicious

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Diego R. Wyatt said...

You look stunning in the red dress. It is perfection. I love that you still make time to go to dinner with your family. It makes me miss mine so much! :)

The food looks incredible as always. Great photos.


Nantucket Daffodil said...

I ADORE that red dress...and I wish I could get my hair as smooth as yours! What is your hair product secret?