Monday, August 29, 2011

Editorial Hoarding.

I have a tendency to watch really bad reality television, and Hoarders is no exception. After I watch Hoarders, I always, always have the tendency to go up to my room and throw away or sort out at least 10 things, to avoid the fate of turning into someone who keeps food from 6 years ago and sleeps on top of garbage bags filled with dead cats and stuffed animals because I can't find my bed (if you have ever seen the show you will realize that I am not even being funny - some things that you see on there will haunt you until the day you die).

Lately, I sadly decided that what I needed to start weeding out is my collection of glossies, that literally I have been storing (see: hoarding), since about my sophomore year of high school.

As I looked at the stacks upon stacks of magazines that have taken over my nightstand, shelves on my bookcase, and that were stored neatly in containers underneath my bed, I felt a sense of sadness as I went through to discard them - but really, enough is enough.

As I flipped through the various glossies, deciding which ones I needed to recycle, I gazed upon the editorials and was just captivated by the photography, the clothes, and the evolution of styles in the ten years worth of magazines that I have.

So rather than hoard all these magazines, and run the risk of one day hoarding animals and having nowhere to sleep, I'm posting some of my favorite editorials from throughout the years - because space on my blog is much more available and uncluttered than space in my bedroom!




pink supermodels editorials



Say what you will about her, but Victoria Beckham takes some beautiful pictures.
Victoria Beckham by Alexi Lubomirsk (Queen Of Posh - Vogue Germany May 2010)Victoria Beckham1

Mario Testino.





Annie Leibovitz.


This is one of my all-time favorite editorials (and I don't even like Drew Barrymore, so take that for what it's worth!). Vogue, 2005.


Tim Walker (one of my favorite fashion photographers in existence).


The juxtaposition of the hard, gothic makeup and the cute whimsy of the floral gown and yellow house is stunning.
TimWalker Karlie9a.W.October2010

I still am in love with the Chanel dress worn by Gemma Ward on the left (and loved it ever since Marissa wore it to prom on The OC).
GemmaWard Tim Walker Chanel gownTim Walker GemmaWard LilyCole

Karl Lagerfeld for Bazaar 2008.
Lagerfeld for Bazaar 2008

Who are your favorite fashion photographers?

*Hope all those on the East Coast are doing okay after Irene - it was definitely a scary time!
We had a ton of branches/trees fall, lost power for a day, and had a flooded basement, but we're all safe, which is all that matters! Hope you all made out as well as we did. xox

Currently listening to: Sex Up My Brain - Designer Drugs (and feeling really sad that I won't be making it to EZoo this year. I'm actually way devastated about not being able to see Fake Blood and Skrillex).


Ashley said...

Glad you're safe after the storm! We had about the same kinda deal over here in MD, but all safe, too :) I'm really loving Mario Testino after seeing these photos... especially the adorable Parker-Broderick clan and of course the gorgeous Ryan G. LOVE. Happy Monday, lady! Xoxo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Glad you're safe!! What a crazy week you guys had back out there!

I watch some pretty bad TV but have never seen Hoarders. I think you're much too sane to ever get into their state though :)

MizzJ said...

Good to hear that you`re ok from Irene! The photos of the damage are crazy.

Great collection of photos! So many of these images are so interesting and totally bizarre (in a good way). Whatever happened to Gemma Ward?

Madison's Mommy said...

My name is Jenny and I am guilty of editorial hoarding too!! My closet book shelves are packed with vintage, old but not too old, and current Vogue issues...oh, and Instyle, Lucky...yikes! I just can't let them go! Love your choices by the way!

HiFashion said...

I'm an editoral hoarder as well. I need to throw away some magazines. Love some of these pictures. Victoria Beckham really is stunning!

Ash said...

Glad to hear you guys made it through the storm alright.
Is there much damage to the basement?

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous selections, darling!
I am an editorial hoarder too!


Elle Sees said...

I clean the house when I watch Hoarders! Did you see Mario T's photos of Salma in the latest Allure? Stunning.

amy b.s. said...

hoarders always freaks me out and makes me sad all at the same time.

Sabrina said...

all nice pics but I love the firs one!

Lindsay said...

I'm the same way with magazines. I think all the prettiness is just too painful to throw away! I adore Mario Testino. I am beyond obsessed with Gemma Ward..glad she made the cut!!

Kristin said...

Drew's spread was insanely awesome!

The PvdH Journal said...

Oh wow this post is to be bookmarked (actually I already saved so many of the images into my desktop!).. Re-fashion photographers?

So many I dont know where to begin! But I think I would have to be unoriginal and go with Testino, von Unwerth, Peter Lindbergh... yikes! I could go on


tarynzhang said...

I also hoard fashion editorials for years and years, let the pages I've cut or torn out pile up for years and years and then one day, like five years later, when I'm on a cleaning rampage, throw them all out in one sweep. Sigh. Pitiful.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Mario Testino's photos are SO beautiful! He did Kate and William's pictures too!

And I am SO glad you guys are okay from all that scary weather!

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday weekend sweet girl!

la petite fashionista said...

Oh my gosh, we're so alike haha. when i had to move up north, I knew I couldnt move all my heavy magazines (i had hundreds too), and i spent days and days ripping out my fave editorials to save for future inspiration:)