Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mother/Daughter Tea Time.

I think that we all have people in our lives that we look and think, "Wow, I have absolutely nothing in common with this person." Usually we luck out and that comes in the form of a bad date, friendship that we can cut because you move from it - unfortunately for moi, that person is my mother.

My mother is a lovely, sweet, compassionate person and I obviously adore her. However, we literally share absolutely nothing in common.


I love fashion, literature, sarcasm, modern art, being in the city, and coffee --
She prefers Hunter boots (only because I threw away her Crocs) merely for gardening, Danielle Steel novels, does not understand sarcasm at ALL, loudly makes comments at MoMA about how she could have done the same thing (to which I hiss, "But you didn't"), could care less if she never stepped foot into the city again, and is a tea drinker.

Down to the smallest of things, we have so much trouble finding similar interests.

(Funny sidenote: in high school, I took AP English Lit and LOVED symbolism. I thought it was fascinating that there were things that the author hinted towards instead of being overt -- especially in Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants. My mother - who is a doctor, so she's no dummy - hates symbolism and can't understand it. She told me that in high school, she read Fire and Ice by Robert Frost and literally thought he was writing about fire and ice. She cannot grasp the higher concept. Le sigh).

Needless to say, having almost zero in common makes doing things together difficult. And since my parents have almost everything they could ever want, I usually try to plan activities for birthday gifts. This year, I literally racked my brain trying to think of somewhere that my mom and I could go to enjoy the company of each other.

Finally I found it - a cute little teahouse a few towns over that seemed like the absolute perfect place to go for lunch.

We ended up going last Saturday and having a lovely time together, over tea (though let's not pretend - I obvi made a Starbucks run immediately after) and lunch, and really enjoyed the company of each other (and I even gave her fashion advice when we went to a little boutique after lunch around the corner from the teahouse -- and Starbucks).


The place itself was adorable - it doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it's small and intimate, with only six tables in the entire restaurant. Every person has a different teacup and saucer, which adds to the charm of the place.





Mom's Georgia Peach Rooibos iced tea.

Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos tea.

We ordered the "Tranquili-tea" which was a pot of tea, finger sandwiches, mini desserts, a scone, and either a soup or salad. SO good (but luckily the sandwiches and everything were so teeny-tiny that it didn't seem so unhealthy).

Cold summer fruit soup.

Cranberry crusted goat cheese salad.


Little baby sandwiches, and mango tart.


She told me she would hit me in the mouth if I put this on my "little blog thing," but oh well. I think she's adorbs.

Very fun mother/daughter lunch out.

Are we surprised that tea just wasn't cutting it for me?

All in all, it was a super relaxing, fun time spent with my mom - obviously it didn't open up the floodgates from heaven and make her interested in fashion or me interested in digging around in dirt in a garden, but it was a step.

And it shows that there are things we can connect on, and places we can go to escape from all the things we argue about so often, or just cannot seem to connect on.

How does your family celebrate birthdays?

(P.S. I promise I do actually have friends - there's just been a lot of family events happening this past month!). ;)

Currently listening to: Anti-Matter - N*E*R*D (I've been on such a N*E*R*D/Pharrell kick these past few weeks).


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aww you two are adorable!! Sounds like a pretty good day for the two of you :)

My mom and I have stuff in common but we butt heads - badly. We can't go anywhere without a fight. Half of the time we don't even get to our destination because we are fighting so badly that we call it quits. It's sad really.

I'm glad have been better for you!! ♥

amy b.s. said...

this is so fun! we started doing little outings like this for my parents as well. anymore, it's just to hard to buy them something when they have everything they need.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

How fun!! I love tea time!

We are pretty low key with birthdays, no big party, just a nice dinner with family!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

How fun!! I love tea time!

We are pretty low key with birthdays, no big party, just a nice dinner with family!

Sara Louise said...

This is so sweet. You two obviously have a fantastic relationship, opposite tastes and all!
Let's see... birthdays are a pretty big deal in mine... you get to pick anything you want to do for the day/ night and everyone has to go along with it. Queen for the day!

HiFashion said...

Hehe, I have the same relationship with my mum. We have NOTHING in common. I really laughed at the high school story!
Taking your mum to tea is such a brilliant idea. My mum loves tea, although she's very snobby about other people's teas!!
The tearoom looks adorable!!! And you both look really pretty.

Legally Brunette Kate said...

That looks like fun! My mom always wants to go to a fancy tea around Christmastime...I've been away at school the past few years, but we really need to get back into the habit since I'm only going to be 20 minutes away this fall.

This is sort of off-topic but...I keep hearing about Rooibos tea and I'm dying to try it.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Adorable, I love all the pictures and I am loving your top and the earrings. I wish we had a teahouse around my area. I would love to do something like that with my mom. Oh and happy happy birthday to your gorgeous mom.

fhenny said...

ohh looks like a perfect day with your mom. all the food looks nyummy!
you two look gorgeous

i love trying new food with my mom as well. not a thing we can do everyday but i believe it's a great time to spend some time with you mom and exchange thoughts


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Adorable. I think you two look alike, even though you don't have much in common. But sometimes, that makes things fun!! :) Your family seems so sweet & loving!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

this tea is adorable and all the sandwiches and treats you picked look yummy. what a great time to be with your mother. thanks for sharing

Gracey said...

Oh my gosh that place looks so cute! My mom and I are pretty much the same person, we are sooo similar it's scary. But it looks like you two had fun :) And by the way your mom looks eerily similar to my aunt haha.

Audrey Allure said...

Haha, I'm not a big fan on tea myself - definitely a coffee, city person. The place does look like a cute place to go though & it looked like a great time!

la petite fashionista said...

so good that you're able to connect with your mom! :) the tea time looks so perfect! that georgia peach tea looks amazing. my mom and i have definitely gotten much closer in recent years:)

Nicole Linette said...

For me, birthday gifts for adults.. parents- what a challenge! So I feel like those opportunity and experience gifts are much more meaningful than the tangible. That tea house look divine, and I love all your food shots! Tea is my favorite but I'm practically the only one in my family that appreciates it.
My mom's birthday is the day before I leave for France, so I'm thinking maybe a day out together will be a great way to spend it.

I wish I had your mom's iced tea :D

I hope you're doing well, chica!
nicole ♥

Kimberlee said...

This is adorable and so honest. I don't have a good relationship with my mom. But my family does have tea time so something like this might be fun!

Love, Lolli said...

You and your mom are darling!! I love that you are able to connect in different ways, I think making an effort is very important and rewarding. The Tea House looks so cute and sweet. I love that you got your Starbucks fix-I totally understand!! XO

Elle Sees said...

Hello! This is my mom and me. We have zilch in common and I think that affects our relationship some. But I love how you found something at the both of you could do together. Love it!

Kristin said...

I love going to tea with my mama and lil' sis! Love your top lady!

MizzJ said...

haha aww well at least you two are trying to find common ground! I can imagine it does get frustrating at times!

I've never seen a fruit soup before - was it good?

Diane said...

Alllll lookksss scrumptious ladies!!! Im following back now! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I just love that episode of skins!!!!!

Aw I completely understand about having something in common. I still try to search for somethingg with my dad :(

I reallly likeee the contenttt in your posts!! =D


Claire Kiefer said...

Oh man, my mom and I are the same way. Pretty much nothing in common. It's tough because when I go home to visit (she lives in Georgia, where I grew up, and I live in California), we don't have a lot to work with . . . we can talk and stuff, but it's not like we want to do the same things. So sweet that you took your mama somewhere you knew she'd love . . . and I would have stopped at Starbucks afterwards, too! haha. :)

Margaret said...

these pics are absolutely amazing!