Sunday, July 31, 2011

Make It Work.

When I watch shows like Project Runway, even though no single part of me can sew, stitch, construct a garment - I find myself feeling incredibly inspired.

There's something about the fact that there are all these supremely talented designers, who would continue to be unknown without the help of this show putting them on the map (I feel like that is such an overused phrase in every single reality show - along with, "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win [insert show name here]").

Without shows like Project Runway, we never would have met the ridiculously talented (and so adorable in an "I want you to be my new gay best friend forever and ever" kind of way) Christian Siriano, who is still wowing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with his unique style.

To me, it's inspiring to think that a television show is shaping the fashion world, and introducing us to designers with so much passion and talent who probably would never have a shot in hell of introducing their own collections without the help of shows like Project Runway.

You need some tough skin and some serious skills to get before these judges.

When I was student teaching, one of my students was always, always sketching - she was putting together outfits and colors, bringing in swatches (seriously), and could tell you any Crayola color in the box. One day, she seriously (a ten year old), said to me, "Miss B, I love your shoes. Michael Kors, right?" My jaw dropped to the ground.

When asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she rolled her eyes and would say, "I want to go to Parsons and study fashion design with Tim Gunn." She and I would talk Project Runway (she hated Gretchen, as did I, and we bonded over our love of Andy South - no, seriously), and seeing her eyes light up as she discussed fashion design was really adorable, yet inspiring to me.

Whatever dramatics happen on the seasons only increases my interest slightly (because I can't lie - I enjoy a good catfight every now and then), I tune in to Project Runway for the clothes/challenges. It's crazy to me that the designers can get an instruction to craft something out of things they find at a party supply store, and come out with these gorgeous haute couture garments.

Plus, I just really love Tim Gunn. I don't know who I'd want to be my gay bff more - him, or Christian Siriano.


In honor of the return of Project Runway, these are some of my favorite looks from the previous seasons (and you best believe that I have seen each and every season - my dad even watches with me sometimes, and critiques all the looks he hates. This coming from the man who has to come in and ask my mom if what he's wearing matches before he goes out -apparently reality television turns anyone into a CFDA member!).

If you haven't seen the show, these were some of the looks that came from my favorite challenges throughout the seasons (each episode is focused on a challenge that ends with a runway show). The contestants have to get as innovative and creative as possible, and their inspiration and dedication always amazes me.

This was the challenge that won me over - Austin Scarlett in season 1 constructed a dress made entirely of cornhusks.
293.austin.projectrunway.100808Austin Scarlett-corn-husk-dress_l

Daniel Vosovic's "Garden Party" dress (season 2).

And of course, this season 2 gem during the "Garden Party" challenge, which is basically my boy Tim Gunn at his absolute best.

Mychael Knight's dress made of coffee filters (season 3).

I LOVED this challenge, and Jillian Lewis's dress made out of Twizzlers (!) was ridic (season 4).

Korto Momolu's garment made of seatbelts (season 5).

Irina Shabayeva and Shirin Askari's garments created from newspapers (season 6).

Anthony Williams's dress from season 7 that was literally made from a potato sack (I love that he dyed it - this color is divine).

Gretchen Jones and Andy South's dresses all made from materials found at a party supply store - no seriously, both were constructed from party supply materials (season 8).

Christopher Collins' look for the Jackie O. challenge (season 8).
christopher collins-jackie

And then the final three contestants (sometimes final 4), create finale collections that debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in the city. These are always so beautiful and well constructed - it's amazing to see the designers visions and how they bring them to life over the course of only a few months with a very limited budget.

Of course the judges have some well practiced poker faces while watching the collections come down the runway, so you never quite know what will happen or how they're feeling.

My my my poker face..
Fashion Project Runway Show Celebrities

Some of my favorite finale collections/looks.

Daniel Vosovic, Season 2.

Jeffrey Sebelia, Season 3.

Laura Bennett (originally an architect, so her clothes were always structured and beautifully designed), Season 3.


Uli Herzner, Season 3.
Uli Herzner1Uli2

Christian Siriano's finale work, season 4.

Leanne Marshall, Season 5.
Leanne Marshall s5 PR

Kenley Collins, Season 5 (who was criticized for her looks being too McQueen-esque).
Kenley Collins

Irina Shabayeva's finale looks (season 6).
Irina Shabeyeva

Anthony Williams, Season 7.

Andy South (who remains one of my favorite Project Runway designers EVER in the history of the show). His entire finale collection featured gorgeously constructed headpieces, Season 8.
andy-finale-fave2andy south-favorite-finale

Also, I am currently accepting gay bff applications, so if you are in any way reminiscent of Christian Siriano or Tim Gunn, I will gladly seek out fashion advice from you/give you boy advice. ♥

Who were some of your favorite Project Runway?
And what have some of your favorite challenges been?

xox, hope you're all doing well! Your comments on my previous post were so overwhelmingly amazing - I love each and every one of you so incredibly much.. Honestly, I can't even articulate how much I love you all. Thank you for letting me share something so personal, and do it without judgment!

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Angela Leberte said...

Your student sounds like what has to be the coolest 10 year old ever. I'm so glad Project Runway is back on, as a fashion design student (at FIDM, where season 6 was filmed!) It's great to get a weekly dose of inspiration. I want to be on that show one day so badly!


tarynzhang said...

Project Runway is bar none one of my favorite shows! I heart Andy South's designs! What a great recap of the show too! Love it!

Lauren said...

This is awesome post, so much fun to reminisce on past seasons. I forgot how much I loved the licorice look!


Lindsay said...

Ohhh I adore project runway too. Christian is beyond words amazing. I haven't watched the newest episode yet, but I'm hoping for a good season!

HiFashion said...

I can't sew either, but I'm always inspired by these kinds of shows.
Your student sounds amazing!!
All these designs look gorgeous. I wish I was talented!!

dani said...

I am OBSESSED with Project Runway, and have been since the first season when I saw that corn husk dress! Do you remember Nora's neon blue dress made of plastic lawn chair covers? TO DIE FOR!

Love this post. :)

<3 The Daily Dani

Claire Kiefer said...

I think Tim Gunn would win the "be my gay bff" award, hands down. He's adorable! I haven't watched the past couple seasons, but I really do love this show. I think my favorite designer was that guy Rami who was all about the draping . . . totally up my alley.

How CUTE was that little 10 year old girl?!?! She's clearly gonna do big things. :)

Leonie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Great post and I agree with you, even though I can't make my own clothes either (I wish!), I always found this show very inspiring. Though I haven't watched the show in ages - plenty of seasons to catch up on!
NEW POST: Maison Michel Paris

Ash said...

I think we ALL love a good catfight... heh heh


la petite fashionista said...

i used to be such a Project Runway addict & after i moved in w/ roomies and shared a TV i got out of it. i miss it though, it truly brought high fashion to the masses! i love the story about the 10 yr old; she will go on to do great things!

In regards to your last post; it takes such courage to share your story! it's hard to see how relationships affect you sometimes for good & bad. Read, "It's Called a Breakup Because its Broken"- it helped me a lot when i was dealing w/ getting over my first love! much love & support!



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fhenny said...

oh Project Runway is one of the showa in my must-watch list. i love Leanne Marshall so much and Siriano of course!

i read all you wrote in previous post. i think i totally agree that each and everyone of us deserve the best. people may think why we end a relationship that already been going for a long time, but why we must continue to endure when there's nothing more to fight for?

just like you i'm finding a way back to myself

style frontier

Margaret said...

i love runaway!
i saw this tv program some days ago! it's wonderful!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Love this post on project runway. These were such good moments that you picked out.

xo Mary Jo

amy b.s. said...

okay. here's what i've learned. that it's likely that i would love project runway, and really, really need to just start watching it!

Elle Sees said...

Danil v, leanne, and christian them and the show.

blondehaus said...

I love when the designers have to create an outfit with readymade materials (i.e. the twizzlers) it's my favorite part because it requires so much outside the box thinking and it's always a surprise what they come up with!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love tim Gunn!! And that silver dress by Andy South is seriously amazing!

Lilly Lopmen said...

aww i love Leanne Marshall!! she is awesome!! :D

mwan said...

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thanks for the lovely comment :), follow if u like it,ill def do the same if u like or like my fb page
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Em [The Writer] said...

I love these outfits! I've never watched this show but I think I will now!

Katie said...

I found this post in great time, I just got done watching Project Runway on my DVR. Great post :)

Belly B said...

I have never ever seen Project Runway O_o
But these clothes are BREATHTAKING. I love every single piece!!! Gosh!

Belly B :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

CRAP! I forgot to watch! I'm sure there will be lots of reruns though. My mom got me into this show and then I was lucky enough to blog professionally a few years back and my job was to recap episodes. Hello, wonderful job?! Yes lol!

I loved Christian and Danial...and Leeann (yes, I'm spelling it MY way lol ;) since we have the same name and I loved that they called her Leeanimal! Also LOVED the episode where Santino mocked Tim. That was my fav show moment ever. Thanks for posting the video lol!

Sabrina said...

I really love this reality! :) amazing dresses!

If you want follow me on blogger I will do the same!

Melissa Blake said...

i'll keep an eye out for that little 10 year old on project runway one day!

Melissa Blake said...
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J'Adore Fashion said...

I love project Runway! I can't believe I missed the new season! Love seeing the creativities!

Nice post!


Gracey said...

Oh my gosh that little girl sounds adorable and awesome! And of course I love Project Runway!

Sabrina said...

thanx for your comment I'm following you too! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love PW and the designs you've showcased!
Always had a soft spot for Austin Scarlett!


Anna said...

i really love your blog!
i'm follower!
do you want to follow me too?

MizzJ said...

Wow seeing all these crazy designs really makes you appreciate the talent of these people. I would wear that potato sack dress in a heartbeat!

Nicole Linette said...

Sorry it's taken me ages to find this post-- I wish I had friends that watched Project Runway in high school, because it was literally one of the only shows I NEEDED to keep up with. I consider Tim Gunn one of my inspirations, and I wouldn't mind hanging around with Heidi Klum!! I loved this post because I can recall almost every single one of these looks and episodes (gotta love the marathons!). Although, it bugged me when Bravo lost the show to Lifetime. Oh well!

Working my way through your post here, I had the HUGEST crush on Daniel Vosovic-- hahaha. No joke! I thought he was so attractive and talented, which he IS, just not available for me. All of the challenges that involved unconventional materials just BLEW my mind. And I would always, always feel so inspired during and after!!! I should post some of my own silly designs after watching the show. Jeffrey Sebelia always seemed grumpy but he was cool. Laura Bennett and Uli had the most beautiful models. Of course, who doesn't love Christian :) And Leanne can design clothes for me anyday!!!

Okay, I'll pipe down now.
Can't wait to see this season!!!

p.s. At school this past fall, my friend Annie and I would walk across campus to our Artist Guild (it's a group theme house) and watch Project Runway in their living room :D loved our Thursdays!

Kristin said...

J'adore this PR tribute lady! Did you hear about our big Project Runway news?
: )