Monday, May 16, 2011

Male Street Style.

Lately, I've been meeting up with a very good friend of mine on a weekly basis (at least!), where we meet up and do dinner, shopping, Starbucks (I mean, obviously), and just talk about absolutely everything going on in our lives.

By this, I mean we talk about our issues with guys (positive and negative) and different stories about things from over the years.

One thing that I constantly complain about to my dear friend Kristin, is what slob kabobs so many of the guys in our area are. You would think that with us being two seconds from the city, the guys would be dressing perfectly, or at least in something other than head to toe Ed Hardy (no, seriously Jersey, play into the stereotype a little more).

It's different when you look at celebrities because you know they have any and every resource available at their disposal, and most likely have stylists picking out things for them to wear on the regular. I'm such a greater fan of street style - and anonymous street style. People who dress that way without the expectation of having their picture taken.

While I in no way consider myself remotely an expert on male fashion, (which is why I appreciate the darling Diego of How to Zip Your Fly and Syed of Dapper Kid for their constant education in a fun way), I do think that I possess the limited knowledge to know that a unique personal style is something that everyone - male or female - can easily possess. It's when people (girls included in this as well!), dress in head to toe Ed Hardy because they think that's what everyone else is doing, that there are problems.

Even my brother and cousins are part of the problem - our family functions are the place where Abercrombie/Hollister graphic tees come to die.


And so, just when I am about to write off most males as being majorly sloppy, and not caring in the slightest what they wear, I go onto and see page upon page of gorgeous and impeccably dressed males.

So, to all the males out there, I apologize for my preconceived notions, and for judging you based on a few slob kabobs (or for assuming that you are gay if you are dressed well). And for my fellow females out there who put a lot of guys into the same category that I did - here is your proof that there is more to male fashion than crude graphic tees with subliminal messaging.

(And Kris - let's set our standards higher!).



Oh, hello.



J'adore pops of color.




The Hermes belt is understated while still showing a knowledge of fashion.




Have I mentioned how much of a penchant I have for boat shoes? I love them.


Now I will be going through my brother's suitcase and burning all his Hollister/Abercrombie clothes, thank you very much.

(He flew home for his 21st birthday on Sunday - yay! Though my dad put it best when he said, "At least we're now celebrating the fact that he can't get in trouble for underage drinking anymore - it's not like this is his first drink". Bergen County parenting is interesting).

How would you describe your personal style in a nutshell?
What draws you to the style of someone else?

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Hope you're all doing well! xox

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Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic street style selections, darling!
I love a guy who can rock a scarf!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You're so funny... image is such a hard thing, and I feel like mine is constantly changing. I love a well dressed guy, too! :) Happy Birthday to your bro! You guys are a beautiful family!

Jocelyn said...

I LOVE boat shoes. I just bought 2 new pairs of sperrys. It is love. But I love this post. Fashion really is such a strange thing... I am not sure what defines my style that is a very good question. I think it just changes. I like to be cute and chique but a lot of the time I just grab a v-neck and my favorite skinny jeans. Now that its summer, I am breaking out all my bright colored dresses. I can't wait :)

love you!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha I love that your dad knows exactly what's going on. Parents always know ;)

OK, call me crazy...and maybe it's just the laid back SoCal gal in me, but I can't get into male "fashion". See the second guy looks like he's wearing an outfit I'd want to wear (but could never pull off), and the third guy...pretty sure I can see his balls through those shorts lol! I need to be educated, I know. I'm just so used to guys wearing "surfer" type clothes that I don't know any better. Although I will say, a man in a sweater, particularly argyle, is hot!!

Hope you are well, adorable! ♥

HiFashion said...

Omg yes: guys are definitely slob kabobs! It's so hard to find a decently dressed guy!

I really laughed at you hollister/Abercrombie comment!!

Oh, these guys are amazing. I need to find them...then marry them! I'm swooning at the guy with the tattoos and denim jacket. And I love the 4th guy's outfit.

Happy birthday to your brother! Hope you're well.

P.S. I love Diego's blog!!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

I'm usually kind of eh about men's fashion, but this is inspiring!

Fun fact--2 guys I knew from school created lookbook (and they were BEYOND not into fashion in high school, haha). It's always exciting to see how well it's doing!

Lindsay said...

Hahaha! You crack me up. Cleveland is far from the fashion capital of the world. I like a guy who dresses simply, but well fitted. I love a guy who can pull off a scarf and a great watch. I hate when guys are too fussy.

My style is pretty simple too. Classic and very Parisian inspired.

Diego R. Wyatt said...

Hahahaha I am cracking up over your Hollister and Ed Hardy commentary. Jersey is a peculiar place for fashion.

I love these looks, they are all interesting and technically spot on (proportions, fit, etc.). There is nothing better than seeing a guy with his own sense of style owning the sidewalks.

I think so many guys like to pretend that they don't care about fashion or that if they show too much interest in how they look they will percieved a certain way (which may be true), but the do care. They care ALOT, but instead of developing and discovering their own personal style, they go for looking like mannequins in the mall.

My style is inspired by so many things. Literature, film and music are all large components. My main reference point is James Dean. When I am getting dress I always think about trying to dress cool enough to impress him lol


Em [The Writer] said...

Ugh I so agree with you! I know only a handful of guys that actually care about style! Though the ones you have found on the web are so drool worthy!

Hey, the new Death Cab album is coming out soon! Are you super excited? :)

Have a great week dear!

fhenny said...

amazing street style selection dear!
i love seeing guys dressing up
not too much but just neat
im not a girl who can stand messy guys hahaha

now you can access my blog via

Lee Oliveira said...

Great men's street style shots..
Guys with scarves gets my attention
lee x

A New England Girl said...

While this isn't quite my style when looking for men (I'm from the boonies--what do you expect??), I can still appreciate it and see how fashionable most of these men are. Or rather how they're styled as. I'm more of a carhartt, workboot, tshirt kinda girl... but I'm also the girl who completely lacks style (I can't remember the last time I wore anything but jeans and a tshirt), so who am I to say? :)

Love you, sis. You are the BEST.

Gracey said...

amazing pictures :) yay for men's style!

I don't really know how to describe my personal style. I'm kind of all over the place haha.

Kimberlee said...

haha "where they go to die" love it and so true :p Jersey boys!

Elisa said...

yay for fashionable men!
My father-in-law who is in his mid 50's is a very stylish man. He really knows about fashion (he was a salesperson until the war forced him to quit) but he has instilled a sense of fashion to my brother-in-law. my hubby on the other hand fell through the cracks when he moved to the States!LOL

A happy birthday to your brother, 21 is a a big deal!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Great pics! I haven't seen any male in Seattle this stylish!

Olive said...

I've missed you. Sorry I've kind of gone off the radar, but I'm going to try to post more now that year one of college is complete and I'm off for summer :). I hope that everything has been going well for you!

This post really made me laugh because I actually have a friend who isn't gay, who dresses nice. He wants to be a fashion designer, which is definitely unique in our town of beer-drinking, deerhunting, fourwheeling, cat-fishing rednecks ;) hahaha. Not that I don't love alot of these boys too, but my friend who's into fashion is a breath of fresh air, and good cologne, at times. I love your term "slob kabobs" I can put a few faces to that name around here. But I really love that you're right in the center of sterotypical Ed Hardy fashion, hahah.
As for my style, I'm pretty simplistic, sometimes on the hippie border. I wear more slim cut jeans and shorts with rolled cuffs than I do skirts or dresses. But sometimes I'll find a cute dress to throw on. I have a drawer full of basic ts(no graphics or logos) that fit me well, and I'll dress them up with belts, bracelets and scarves. Then I do have some prettier tops, I like shirts with crochet straps/backing for summer. For shoes I have my good ol' reliable nikes and these little cowgirl boots I made out as a steal when Baker's had a sale--$15. I look for people who I can tell they're comfortable in what they're wearing, and that they took time and effort in picking out what to wear. I don't really have much appreciation for the style of people out in their sweatpants, or any clothing that screams out a name-brand like you were saying about abercrombie and holister. Logos are a fashion turn-off for me :P.
Enjoyed the post, and hope to be hearing more from you soon.

Nicole Linette said...

Men like this are.. dare I say it, beautiful.
AHA, well-dressed people make me so happy. Especially the Lookbook contingent.

For my own style, I sort of jump around from look to look, because I'm constantly inspired and drawn to different appearances. My closet is overblown with clothes and lately I've been trying to use these to mix and match, rather than add to the disaster. My school has undoubtedly influenced my taste for clothing. I used to yearn for the preppy look, but I've decided it's a bit up tight and have gravitated towards hippy-outdoorsy-grunge. Florals, flannels and minimal regard to coordination. At the same time, this can be a bit too shaggy and sloppy for me!

Thus, I have no style category; just something of my own in which I try to look nice :).

Cheers! ♥

la petite fashionista said...

it's so funny, living in small town wisconsin, 99% of guys wear nothing but abercombie & hollister, but then i go to work and am surrounded by super fashionable guys and restores my faith that men (straight ones too) can be stylish!

ellie said...

Cool..wish I knew guys who dressed like this.