Thursday, April 14, 2011

Puppy Love.

If you asked me from the time I was about age three up through age fourteen, the one thing that I wanted more than anything, I one-hundred percent would have answered that I wanted a dog. I carried around a battered stuffed dog named Woofy with me absolutely everywhere, and was in love with every single dog that all of our family friends owned.

From a young age, I begged my parents for a dog. Now, years later, they confessed to me that a dog was not their top priority because they wanted to travel with Pat and I without worrying about putting the dog in a kennel, so they reacted to my request with basically the most illustrious parental brush off ever - "We'll get you a dog when you are responsible enough to take care of one."

This was all I wanted (bow included, obviously):

So, my young self would try to be responsible - I would make my bed, offer to set the table for dinner - but obviously this would last about a week and I'd be right back to being a young, irresponsible slob kabob again, and my parents breathed a sigh of relief, and went back to booking flights.

Basically, I understood that I would never own a pet that wasn't a fish (and honestly, I was a horrible owner of my fish. I forgot to feed them constantly and one at the other. Whoops).

I will never forget the day we ended up getting Cooper.

I was in ninth grade - filled with typical teen angst (I credit that to the fact that I listened to mostly Taking Back Sunday and Brand New - it had to rub off on my general attitude), and I was so over doing things with my family.

This senior guy had asked me out for the upcoming weekend, and when I went to my parents so thrilled and full of excitement over this development, they told me that I wouldn't be able to go, because we were doing something extra special as a family that I could not miss. Let me tell you - my fourteen-year-old self was absolutely livid. Clearly, my parents had set out to completely ruin my life, and any chances at my popularity level skyrocketing by going out with this guy.

I began the campaign to get Pat against whatever this family togetherness activity was, which worked beautifully, and by the time that Friday rolled around, my parents had two sullen children who wanted absolutely nothing to do with togetherness. (In retrospect, I feel so bad for the horrible way that I acted and wish I could say it was an isolated incident, but I really was quite the little bitch at that age).

I can't remember specifics, but I know that my parents had to fight Pat and I to get us into the car - to the point where my mother used the "F word," which is a very, very, very rare occurrence, and I'm pretty sure she just scared the hell out of us and threatened us to the point that we complied and sat in the car, sullen and complaining.

We drove for a while, out of Bergen County, and finally arrived at a small, almost run-down looking house (that was actually really close to the private school I went to - which just reminded me of the fact that I could have been on a date with that senior guy). Pat and I just looked at each other in horror, having absolutely no idea of what we were doing at this place (especially because we were kind of contemplating a night in the city, since dinner and Broadway shows were the typical family outing).

We may look sweet and mature now, but back then we were real terrors.

I will never forget Pat and I sitting in uniformity, arms crossed and pouting as my mother and father tried to usher us out of the car, meeting a ton of restraint from the two of us. When they finally coaxed us out of the comforts of the leather seats of our car, we all headed to the front door together. My parents rang the doorbell, and literally, five children and an elderly woman came rushing to the front door.

I turned to Patrick and said, "Holy shit, they took us to an orphanage to show us how blessed and fortunate we are," causing his eyes to grow huge in horror and dismay.

My "worst fears" were confirmed when my mother turned to the woman and said, "Which one is ours?" Pat and I exchanged glances and were absolutely biting off all our nails, when all of a sudden, the woman brought out a tiny, two pound, little apricot colored puppy.

There were immediate apologies to my parents for being a complete animal to them, and I cuddled that little dog for the entire car ride home (and much through the night).

Since that day, Cooper has become more than just a family pet - he has become a part of the family (I know how cheesy and cliched that sounds, but it really is so true).

He's not very photogenic without a dSLR, which is probably the opposite of how I am.. (Also, these are from two years ago, which is sadly the last picture I have of me and dog together!).

To me, Coop has become a strange and stable force in my life - home life for me is a tumultuous thing, but through it all, and especially when I'm sad or sick, this little guy never leaves my side. Even though he drives me crazy sometimes (when he barks incessantly, or eats a La Perla bra because he's annoyed with me), I am so thankful for him and for the unconditional love that a pet brings to the family.


As for the future, I plan on having a house filled with little puppies - and now I'm dreaming of other pets as well...


The topic of the week was "Pets" from the Those Who Blog Together group.

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(I cannot wait for their new CD to FINALLY come out - every time I hear that song on the new Adidas commercial it makes me happy).


Lindsay said...

Coop is such a cutie pie. Love the story behind getting him. I think we were all terrors during our teenage years. I have the nickname bratty for a reason :)

Glad I'm not the only angsty one who listened to TBS & Brand should have seen my aim profile back in the day!

Anait said...

What a cutie, and I love that your parents caved and surprised you!

It is selfish of me, but a large part of the reason I don't want to have any animals at home is exactly why your parents didn'! Also, that whole scooping poo deal.

And also why I only want to have two kids....getting a hotel room for 4 is so much easier than five!

I kid, I kid. Well, only partly ;)

Although my bf wants us to have both a dog and lots of children....we'll have to find a compromise ;)

And you are SO photogenic, either through an SLR lens, or not!

MizzJ said...

Awww he is super cute!! I want a dog so badly but I'm first to admit I'm too selfish at this point in my life!

HiFashion said...

Cooper is adorable: I love the story behind him. I always wanted a puppy as well, but I couldn't look after fish either, hehe.
But it's so sweet that your parent ended up getting him and not telling you guys where you were going.

I've always wanted a house full of pets as well!

Ash said...

If there's one thing I want when I eventually get my own place, it's a dog. There is no question at all about that. And I shall call him... Snoop (get it? He's a dog - called 'Snoop'... magical). I'm not even joking, he will be called Snoop.

Kickingcouture said...

coop is the cutie patootie! I love that you want a house full of puppies, a house isnt a home without animals and especially dogs!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh my gosh what a cutie!! I've never had a dog before (cats only) but I so want to get one someday! Probably when we move out of our apartment, whenever that will be! Happiest Friday to you dear friend!

amy b.s. said...

i actually felt the same way about the time my parents finally bought me a horse. the horse didn't last long with us though, sadly (he was so mean!). but, i can't imagine life before having my sweet pup now!

Morgane said...

i did love pets and i had several when i was a younger country side little girl , but then my cat bites me and attack me when i was pregnant ! From this day i only stand some goldfish ... They are inoffesive !
Cute little hairy dog by the way !

vojacque said...

i've always wanted a beagle for as long as i can remember (and still can't wait till i can have one of my own). they are my favs! Cooper is very cute himself. :) i love a good history behind the little joys in life.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I think I peed my pants a little when I read the orphanage part! Sorry but that was hilarious!! :)

And it's not cliche at all - dogs really are like members of our family. Coco is driving me CRAZY but despite the chewed holes in my walls, the countless expensive vet trips, and the throwing up after eating anything and everything she can get - I still love that little bitch!

The picture of Cooper laying on the deck(?) is precious. It needs to be in a photo contest.

Have a great weekend, girly! Love ya ♥

p.s. how is Pat doing...and the fam in general? And YOU? Over the sickness?

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Oh my goodness gracious... this was the sweetest post, and quite funny too!! I loved that story. :)

Cooper looks hilarious in those pictures... what a silly guy.

If you didn't already read it, you should check out the post and poem I wrote about Gracie and MY Cooper a few days ago. I think you would appreciate it. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Awwww what a sweet post!
Love all these pups!
Hope you are doing well, too, darling!


April said...

Hi, Allison? I'm April:) My friend Em(-the writer-) suggested I read your blog, so I did I guess! Haha what kind of a dog is Cooper? Because you know what's crazy? I have a huge fluffy Cockapoo similar to Cooper, named Cooper coincidentally!

Rachella said...

stunning post x

M & Em said...

agh! that dog is absolutly adorable!!!

Gracey said...

Awww he is so adorable! Great story too :)

yiqin; said...

such cute dogs :)

Diego R. Wyatt said...

OMG Coop is adorable. I miss my dogs from home and need to find a place in NYC to live that I love and allows dogs. I've had my eyes on adopting a Weimaraner for a while, but I fear it may be too big for an NYC apartment. : (

Hope all is well,


Em [The Writer] said...

That is such a cute story!!! <3

Aubrey S. said...

It's taken me a few days to get to your blog. I'm so glad that I did because I loved reading about how Cooper joined your family. Though I hope he doesn't destroy too much lingerie.

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