Monday, January 24, 2011

[Blogger] Award Season.

One of my favorite things about blogging has been all the amazing people I've met through this - there is nothing better than a network of people with similar interests, especially when you get to know certain people over the years.

I feel like a broken record because I say this over and over, but I really consider my blogging friends, real friends. As in, if any of you are ever in NYC, let me know and I will totally buy you a Magnolia Bakery cupcake and people watch with you - I really adore you all.

One of my dear blogging friends Jenna (who is possibly the sweetest girl I've ever spoken to), passed on the "Stylish Blogger" award to me - something that is just so sweet and unexpected!


For this, I am supposed to share seven facts about myself, and honestly, I kind of like talking about myself (in case you haven't noticed), but I'm trying to think of new things to share with you all so that I'm not being a broken record times two.

1. My parents named me after Elvis Costello's song "Alison."

They were having a really hard time naming moi - my mom was pushing for Kate (just Kate - not Kathryn), while my dad was pushing for a French name, to celebrate my mother's heritage. Anyway, both of them were huge Elvis Costello fans, and one day after they were listening to his music, and when "Alison" came on, and they both said, "I love this song." And then, a legend was made (just kidding!). But really, I actually love, love, love that song and Elvis Costello, so I think it's pretty sweet (even if it is such a sad song, and they changed the spelling of my name).

2. I have an addiction to denim.

Seriously - once I find a pair of jeans that actually fits me and looks good (which is a process in and of itself), I feel like I need to buy them. It's really kind of sad, especially because I have found that Seven and Joe's work best for me, which is very sad for my bank account.

(This might not seem so excessive, butttt it doesn't include the pairs that are currently in the laundry - which hasn't been done in a week and a half).

3. I have more books than I know what to do with.

Seriously - it's almost a sickness. (I feel like my seven facts are almost making me seem like a hoarder, but I promise I'm not). I literally have boxes of books in my basement for my future classroom someday, and book books in my bedroom. I'm such a nerd, and such a reader, and I cannot get enough of books - even if there is literally no more room on my bookshelf for them anymore. (Again, this does not include the ones in my other wardrobe, or the ones in the basement...orrr scattered all over my floor - sorry, mom).


4. I just started eating seafood a year ago - but have been eating sushi since age 5.

Apparently I am an enormous contradiction. I refused to eat seafood starting at about age 4, when I saw The Little Mermaid, and didn't want to eat flounder (no, seriously). HOWEVER - sushi has been my favorite food since about age 5, because my parents are very big on Pat and I not limiting ourselves to any type of food (and figured if they started young, they had a better shot - this backfired, since Patrick now eats only pizza and processed shit).


5. I graduated with a class of 32.

You read that right - 30 freaking 2. I went to a private school that was ridiculously small, and totally drama filled. It's funny, because freshman year, we started out with a class of 41, and the school was in an uproar that the freshman class got so big. It turned out that by the end of the year, 12 people from our class either got kicked out, or were pulled out - crazyy!
However, high school really was some of the best times of my life - we did so many fun things together, and every single weekend was jam packed with things to do. I still keep in touch with a ton of them, and I think I'm lucky that I can look back at high school with only the best memories. (And my best friend from high school is still my best friend - crazy!).

Please remember that I graduated in 2006, and I'm from North Jersey - we knew about/were guidos and fist pumping since wayy before Jersey Shore.


6. I am a Starbucks fiend.

I feel like this is probably not so new news about moi, but I really am on a first name basis with the Starbucks barristas in not just one, but three towns. I feel like this is a slightly impressive fact about moi - or it goes to show that I am a complete and total addict, and not something I should be bragging about. (And then there is the fact that while in Beijing, I befriended the barristas there, to the point that I walked in and they had my coffee ready).


7. My mom has created these huge gardens in our yard, which are a constant source of inspiration for me to photograph in the summer.

Now, I've always sworn that I will never garden - it is probably one of the most time consuming things that someone can do (my mom is literally up at the crack of dawn in the summer working in her garden, and comes in at like, 4 p.m. absolutely exhausted). However, I am constantly inspired by the efforts of my mom's hard work. When I first got my dSLR, her garden was the first place I headed. (And who knows, maybe I'll have one of my own someday...).

Nikon pictures 155Nikon pictures 035

Nikon pictures 058Nikon pictures 200

Okay, so I have to pass this award onto other blogs that I just adore - I could list a million, but these are just a few of my daily reads.

Kicking Couture

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Okay and next, even though I wasn't invited to do the bag crawl, I'm doing it anyway, because I saw it on my dear friend Leann's blog (Join the Gossip, link is above!), and I am including myself in on it!

I am kind of a packrat - I put a LOT of crap into my bag, which is why I totally require a huge, huge bag (I cannot function with a clutch - I wouldn't even know what to do!).

Right now, I'm carrying a red Kooba bag - I actually forgot I had this bag, and recently dug it out and LOVE it.
(Sorry for the bad quality photos - Patrick borrowed my Nikon for a snowboard trip to Vermont).


I seriously keep so much crap in my bag I'm almost embarrassed - though I did clean out all the receipts and gum wrappers that usually litter my bag, so there's usually a lot more crap in it to sift through.


I don't carry anything out of the ordinary - car keys, pens (even though the glittery one with flowers on it leaves a trail of glitter all over the inside of my bag), wallet, sunglasses, my ID and keys/whistle (!) for work, a good book (I'm a whore for Steinbeck - NERD), gum, nail polish (that might be a little weird), BlackBerry, and makeup, but I swear, I can never find anything in my bag when I need to.

Show me what's in YOUR bags - I think this is such a fun thing to do!

Hope you're all doing well -enjoy your week! xox

Currently listening to: Iron & Wine - Freedom Hangs Like Heaven (and happily anticipating the return of Gossip Girl tonight!).


Kimberlee said...

Congrats on the award! I just received one too and it's my first :) We definitely should get a Magnolia's cupcake.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Girl, I totally love ya! You have been so supportive with all of my drama this past week AND you gave me a shoutout? You're amazing!

I love reading this kind of stuff, especially about rad people ;)

1. That is a cool story! I love meaning behind names!
2. And designer denim :)
3. I never read any of my books in college :S I would return almost all of them as soon as they'd offer buybacks each semester.
4. I only recently started eating any seafood at all. I was missing out!
5. WOW! I don't know which is more shocking...that there were only 32 people in your graduating class or that fact that I graduated college the same year you graduated h.s. Sounds like a total Gossip Girl situation - fun!
6. I need that first drink? Mocha frap? YUM!
7. The garden pictures are incredibly beautiful :)

And that purse, it and the contents are pretty luxurious lady!

Have a great week!

Sorry for the longest comment in blogging history hehe :)

Jocelyn said...

I can't live without sushi. Oh what a joy it is to my mouth.

I love the story about your name My dad is a huge fan of Elvis Costello he's such a quirky dude and his music is weird too! But I love it.

I love our tweeting sessions about music they make me smile!

No one can resist a pair of jeans. Its amazing how much more confident a good pair of jeans can make you feel!

Thanks for your post today I am glad you're feeling the same way I am!


Morgane said...

Congrats for your award !!!! It's nice to learn a little more about you !
I totally share your love for books as i can't enter a library without staying there 2 hours and buy 2 or 3 books each times ...
It's fun to look inside the "lady bag" ( i posted a similar one a year ago or so ) and i'm gonna do this today for you!

Lee Oliveira said...

Congrats on the award.. Well deserved..
Love your blog and your fashion sense.
I don't have a hand bag.. all I carry is my camera..
Lee x

Tamy & Yasmin said...

Awww you're blog is so cool! I love the pics you post, always!

xxx Tamy

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love all your books and the story of your name!
Congrats on your award and thank you sooo much for honoring me!
You are a doll!


A New England Girl said...

Lovely post, my dear!
I loved learning these little facts about you, and I love the photos! It's no wonder we're such good friends; we have so much in common! I'm glad someone shares a love of denim that is similar to mine. I have so many pairs of jeans, it's getting a bit ridiculous! And of course, starbucks, sushi and books all fall at the top of my list as well. :)

Thank you SO much for passing on this lovely award to me! I'll get it done this week and post soon. I haven't done one in forever; it'll be fun to get back to it. :)

Love youuuu! xoxo.

Kristin said...

I love where your name came from! SO cool. And you know I'm a fellow 'bucks luvah...although I've only had one in the last two weeks!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Thank you dear friend! You made my morning! :)

Ok I am beyond jealous of your jeans collection!

And those flower pictures are amazing. I can't wait until its better weather here in Seattle so I can get outside and snap some pretty pictures like this!

Have a lovely day!

yiqin; said...

Congrats :)

Jenni said...

This was such a fun post Allison! And don't ask me why, but I especially enjoyed the "what's in your bag" portion. I may have to do this on my own bloggy! Woohooo!! Spying into what is usually otherwise private is ALWAYS fun!! ;)

▲my• said...

Learning new things about bloggers is always so much fun :D

Oooh. I might do the bag thing! Looks like fun.

Style, She Wrote said...

Congrats on your award! Great post. It was so nice to learn more about you. xo style, she wrote

Thechocolat said...

So beautiful photos of flowers!

Sara Louise said...

I'm all about my jeans, books, and Starbucks (unfortunately the closest Starbucks to me is in Marseille like an hour away, this makes me very very sad). And I love the version of 'If You Leave' that plays on your blog! Love it! :-)

MizzJ said...

Congrats on the award! It's so true, it's really the blog community that keeps me writing :)

haha that's funny re: the sushi thing! I'm glad to hear you've branched out. What's your fav kind of sushi?

HiFashion said...

You definitely deserve the award. Oooo, thank you so much for passing it on! Yaay.

It was great finding out a bit more about you.

Hehe, I'm completely obsessed with denim as well. Love wearing it!

And I have tons of books as well. My bookshelf is slowly falling apart! I'm a huge reader! Ooo, maybe we should start a book swap, lol.

Em [the writer] said...

I actually think I might do that! Your bag is fine, you have all the essentials in there. I mean who shouldn't carry a book around?

Congrats on the award!

la petite fashionista said...

i totally agree, i've made so many awesome blogging friends over the years! i loved reading your fact & learning more about you! I'm an absolute starbucks fiend as well haha. i will def do the what's inside your purse one!

thank you for tagging me! <3

Olive said...

I'm warning you now, this is going to be a looooonnnggggg comment ;).
Allison, I feel LUCKY to have your insight, it's so good to get advice from someone who's recently gone through the same situation I'm in, who knows what college is like today. I totally agree that it's all about balance--which is exactly what I'm trying to find. This semester I'm actually being more attentive and on top of things with my academics, but you're right, you've got to have a social life too :). It's all a matter of when to say "yes," and when to say "not this time." You really seem to have made the most of your education, taking what you learned in college and now doing student teaching for a group of kids who are sweet enough and obviously like and appreciate you so much that they give you Christmas gifts--yeah, I'll definitely take your advice for college :P.

Congratulations on the award! Your blog is always stylish, and always a wonderful read. I consider you a real friend too, and hopefully I will make it to the city again and join you for a cupcake someday :).
Aw, that's such a nice way for your parents to choose your name. Instead of your dad getting his way, or your mom getting hers, that one song made it unaminous between them, so sweet. Love the bookcase, I see that we have a few books in common in our collections. I think it's great how you have books already lined up for your classroom too--you're going to make such a fantastic teacher :D. Ahh, our similarities! My graduating class was thirty-five! It wasn't a private school though, just an abnormally small rural school. I love the pictures, representing Jersey before the hype ;). Your fame in Starbucks is impressive! First name basis, and even in China they had your coffee ready regularly? That's awesome! Girl, there are definitely worse addictions :P. I totally admire people who have beautiful gardens like that.. it must take so much work--I don't know a thing about horticulture or gardening, but I know it takes a LOT of work..and some beautiful creations can come of it--again, love the photos. Nice bag! Maybe I'll get myself in gear and do that too.. :) I need to get back into Steinbeck, and oh, Burt's bees! Well I think this was long enough, sorry for that, have a great rest of the week!

Lindsay said...

1. You are so lucky you have a fun name story!
2. I am super jeal of your denim collection. I need to get my hands on a pair of joe's!
3.I feel you on the books sister. I had to cram all of my children's books in our guest bedroom dresser. I've cut myself off until I know what grade I'll be teaching.
4. I hate seafood.
5. 32!!! I can't even imagine. I graduated with over 600.
6. Your starbucks addiction cracks me up.
7. I love photographing flowers too.
8. Aaaand finally, thank you for the award doll! I would love to come to NYC and wander around the city with you!

ps. VAMPIRE DIARIES TONIGHT!!!! I'm babysitting til 9:30 so I'll have to dvr :(

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You really are the sweetest, thank you for the shout out!!

I LOVE that you were named after that song, how cool! You have your own famous song ;)

Also, love your collection of denim. I love it, too!

And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I can't believe you remember all the way back to when Tim bought me those... that is so cool and makes me feel so special! I got you counted for the tweet, too!! xo

Hope Adela said...

great post! i love all the floral nature pictures. i totally agree with your titanic syndrome in the previous post-my mom wouldnt let me see that either when it came out!