Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winner, Winner!

This is a very short post, I just wanted to let everyone know that the winner of the $25 Apothica.com giveaway is the lovely Lindsay over at La Belle Vie! Yay for Lindsay. Someone from Apothica will be contacting you SOON to set up everything for your giftcard - congrats!

I recently got my package of goodies I ordered from Apothica, and I am going crazy trying out all my new nail polish and make up, and I know Lindsay will love picking out some new things (and just in time for the holidays - fun!).

Expect a real post from me soon - until then, I will be eating lots of toast since I am ridiculously sick. Hope you're all having a better start to your week than moi!


P.S. I'm going to have another giveaway soon, so if you didn't win this one, hang tight! :)


Lindsay said...

OH MY GOSH!! Sooooo excited!! Thank you so much! I will have so much fun trying to decide what to buy!

Kristin said...

I want to do every single thing on your list. Watching all my fave holiday flicks makes me SO happy!