Monday, November 1, 2010

Something Old, Something New.

On Columbus Day weekend, I headed up to our house at Cape Cod with my parents for what I thought was going to be a weekend of relaxing and slight monotony.

Instead, I found that my parents wanted to get out and explore new places and do new things, so our entire weekend was jam packed with new places, activities, restaurants, etc., as we crawled home absolutely exhausted each evening (I'll explain more about the significance of this change of pace in another post).

On Saturday, we piled into the car to head to two "fairs." The first was held at a Methodist Church in the area, and the newspaper advertised that it had booths of vintage goods, as well as a vast array of homemade and organic produces. Being vintage and food lovers (particularly of anything organic), we headed over with very high expectations, which was mistake number one.

Upon arriving at the church, and stepping foot inside, we saw that the "vast amounts of organic produce" advertised consisted of cranberries (though I guess they didn't lie because there were a ton of cranberries). The "vintage goods" included things that my dad had some very not-so-nice descriptions of, but honestly it was all super kitschy, not remotely cute tchotchkes, that I can't believe anyone would spend their time looking through. It was awful, and such a letdown (though my mom did buy 3 lbs. of cranberries).

As we headed back to the car, after whirling through the set up in the church in two minutes or less, we headed back to our second destination, vowing not to get overly excited about the "Antiques Show" going on at the Windmill Green, sponsored by the Historical Society of the town where our house is.

It kind of figures that when we had no expectations, it ended up being better than we could have hoped. There was booth after booth of vendors selling antiques of all varieties. Some were really old (like 17th and 18th century old), some were not so old (as in 1975, which concerned my mom since that officially makes her an antique), some were expensive and some were cheap, but it was amazing just to look through everything offered and get a glimpse into the past. We met some really interesting people as we walked from tent to tent, and asked a lot of background questions on different items, and I took a LOT of pictures of the things that I found interesting or just beautiful.



My family absolutely adores croquet, so naturally this vintage croquet set caught all of our eyes.

I loved that a bunch of vendors were decorating some of their items for sale with fall berries and flowers. (I also loved the "We Gather Together" sign - I thought it would be perfect in a dining room or living room, but for $675, we said we would pass).






My dad was accepted at both Yale and Harvard (and went to Harvard), so it was kind of funny that this one booth just so happened to have old school pennants of both!




Of course, my favorites were all the vintage clothing and jewelry! Again, some was definitely really old, while some was mod (and things that my mom recognizes as wearing, which definitely made me think she's a little bit cooler than I ever thought).


Check out the huge rings towards the back right - they were seriously almost the size of my hand!


While I don't personally wear/like fur, these coats reminded me of things that my Nana wore in the 30's, and the woman who owned this vintage shop was SO nice, and definitely was still totally a hippie, which I loved.




There will be more stories & pictures of the fun (and kind of weird) things we did on that trip later (it would have been a crazyyy picture overload to do it all now).

I hope you all had a really fun and safe Halloween! After J forgot to tell me he had to work, so the Halloween party we had planned to attend (thrown by his friends) was off - aka the hours I poured into perfecting my Gaga costume were in vain - I stayed home to help my parents with the billions of trick or treaters that seem to make their way to our house every year. By late afternoon/early evening we had ZERO trick or treaters, and my parents were incredulous. Upon going outside to inspect they realized that they had not opened up the gates in front of our house, so unless some brave little soul hopped over the pointy gate, there was no way they could get in! Needless to say, we have too much extra candy here! (Le sigh, hoping to exhibit self control and not gain 10 lbs).

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Nicole Linette said...

Hiiiii Allison! I've missed you dearly, and I'm thrilled to read about the fabulous happenings in you life once again. I LOVE antiquing, but it can be so hit and miss! I love all the pictures you posted. I spent Halloween doing homework, but the night before campus was pretty bumpin' :). College is awesome, and I'd appreciate any advice or wisdom! Haha I wish you could have strut about as Gaga!!

Cheers, Nicole

la petite fashionista said...

i LOVE all these pictures! it reminds me of when i go visit my grandparents in wisconsin and go to all the flea markets and fairs. it's fun rediscovering a place you're very familiar with already.

Kristin said...

I bet it was such a blast exploring all those treasures! The baubles...OH MY!

Jenna said...

Allison!!! These pics are totally stunning, my lovely girl. I wish I could have been there to peruse all the items with you. How fun was that?! I know, like, A LOT. And I would have to say that those vintage sunglasses totally made me lust after them. I love, love, love (and adore), and love sunglasses. And vintage ones?! I would have to do my happy dance. I also think my favorite things to see were the clothes and jewels...typical girls, us two OF COURSE!! Can't wait to see more of this super-awesome trip. Talk soon!!


I am really glad we are blogger-buddies as well. Sending you smiles for a Happy Tuesday :)

Le Garçon Particulièr said...


I haven't read your blog in soo long
I hope you had a good halloween despite the cancellation.

And omfg, those little trick or treaters UGHHH.. i've got finals coming up and they were just screaming and ringing the doorbell like 184982723 times. sooo frustrating. haha...

as always, enjoyed your blog post!

oooh, i watched the newest episode of gossip girl and chuck and blair had the-s-word <3 i'm glad they're back together again.. well at least i think they are.

HiFashion said...

The antiques fair definitely looks like a lot of fun! I love all that jewellery!! I probably would have bought tons of it, hehe.

Kickingcouture said...

love it! especially those vintage sunglasses, im such a sucker for them! and the glass jars.

Gorgeous post darling, and i hope you berated J!


hiven said...

beautiful colours
x enter my giveaway?

Jenni said...

Allison, these pictures are sooo fun!!! I'm glad you found such amazing treasures! $675 for that "we gather together" sign?! What were those people smoking?!
And too darn bad about all the extra candy! You'll just have to eat it!

Have a great day, sweet friend!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos, darling!
I love croquet too.
And that fur is amazing!


Olive said...

I can't believe you have never experienced the delightment of a cider apple doughnut :P, I definitely reccomend you add it to your list of things to try!
That's a bummer about the first fair you went to--I hate when things are a let down. I'm glad the second one proved to be worthwhile :). It's so strange to look at objects knowing how long they have been around and to think of the people that must have used them.
Everything there looks really neat! My grandmother has a silverware box that looks a lot like that! Prices always disappoint though, like the We Gather Together sign, cute, but not enough for the hefty pricetag of $675. That's amazing how your dad was accepted into both Yale AND Harvard, and attended Harvard, that's something to be proud of for sure :). Old jewelery is beautiful.
I'm sorry about your Halloween, it would have been great to see pictures of your Lady Gaga costume! Really sucks about the gate too, hahah. Oh well, there's always next year, and enjoy the candy :).
I'll be looking forward to seeing more from your trip, have a great rest of your week!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am your newest follower! I love surprise trips to different places and different cultural events! This fair looks amazing! I hope you scored some really great stuff!!

Have a great day!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ohhhh I love the croquet set! How fun!

Holly said...

i love the pennant flags and vintage crayola!