Monday, November 29, 2010 Giveaway!

I really like to think of myself as a very low-maintenance kind of girl. I try to go with the flow, be laid back about things, and not be too picky. However, all this being said, there are certain things that I am ridiculously picky about, completely blowing my whole theory about moi being laid back.

I am picky to the point of being somewhat snobby when it comes to sushi (which I blame on my parents and them taking me to Nobu when I was growing up - they spoiled me for life), denim (which again, is my parents fault for buying me my first pair of Seven for All Mankind denim when I was in eighth grade), coffee (which I again, I blame on my father, who tried to motivate me to be on time for private school starting in 7th grade by buying me Starbucks every day that I was on time), and of course, makeup.

Maybe it's because I'm prone to breakouts, but to me, what I put on my face is extremely important. Makeup is one thing that I will absolutely not scrimp on, especially since with my awful skin, I notice a huge difference in the cheaper products and the higher quality products (in fact, I would highly recommend at least switching to a higher-end concealer, it really does make a huge difference).

The day-to-day essentials for moi (sorry for the clutter - I took a picture as-is so you get a feel for what a mess I am ;) :



With my adoration for good, high quality makeup, but my tres limited budget maitenant since I am without a full-time job, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when an online retailer specializing in high-end makeup said they want to sponsor me. is an absolutely amazing company - it's a database of high-end products including Too Faced, Stila, YSL (which my mom swears by), Shiseido, and my personal favorite, Bobbi Brown. Not only is there makeup, there's also fragrance, hair products - seriously, anything beauty related that you can possibly imagine is at Apothica, and it's all on a very user-friendly site that is ridiculously easy to navigate (because there is nothing I hate more than having to hunt around a website to find what I want!).

To me, there is nothing better than a Bobbi Brown makeup brush. I own a ton of them, and I have noticed a difference immediately upon switching from a cheaper brand of brushes.


The Bobbi Brown short handle foundation brush is my personal favorite.


Before using a foundation brush, I would always use my hands, which I have since learned is a major no-no when it comes to makeup application. Since our hands have a ton of oils and bacteria on them (always, even after washing hands), when you touch your hands to your bare face, no good can come. Makeup experts always encourage using sponges (which conveniently, Bobbi Brown also makes, and a set of 8 is sold on for only $5.50!) or investing in makeup brushes.

I'm telling you - I could sing the praises of this Bobbi Brown foundation brush all day and night. You simply dip or dab it into or with foundation/concealer, and then spread it wherever it needs to go.

I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics to begin with, but this brush applies such an even coverage that I never have to worry about the dreaded zebra effect of my normal skin vs. my skin with concealer - it's all blended together perfectly. I had tried makeup brushes from other companies before, but I was never able to achieve full coverage, while still looking natural (it is very important for me not to look like I work at Lucky Cheng's - though those women are fab in their own way!).

See the tapered edges? They're part of the blending magic ;)


There are definitely some benefits for using a foundation brush, like the Bobbi Brown one I use:

1. Foundation brushes can be used with any type of concealer - creams, liquids, and even solids!

2. The brushes can create a more flawless finish - everything is spread evenly across the face.

3. Foundation brushes have a flat, tapered edge, so both simple spot application as well as complete face coverage is easy peasy.

4. These are easy to maintain, and will last for years. Plus, you will not be spreading oils all over your face as if you're simply using your hands.
(While you can clean your brushes with expensive products, washing them with baby shampoo and laying them on a paper towel to dry for 24 hours works well!).

Using a foundation brush makes all the difference in the world, but can be a little intimidating if you don't know exactly how to apply concealer/foundation with it. These are some simple steps to follow so that you can perfect your use of a foundation brush.

1. For light coverage, dip a small amount of foundation onto one side of your brush (from either the lip of the bottle or the inside cap, if you're using a liquid, which I do). For fuller coverage, use both sides of the brush when you dip.

2. Use broad, downward strokes as you blend the makeup, sweeping on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin.

3. Use the tapered edges of the brush so that you can reach those tricky spots that are hard to get even coverage - like your hairline, the corners of your nose (I really struggle with this!), and around your eyes and mouth.

Cleaning your makeup brushes (whatever type they are) is essential. If you don't properly clean your brushes, you're basically spreading bacteria all over your face (seriously, for a while, I wasn't properly cleaning my brushes and I was breaking out like crazy and couldn't figure out why!). I try to do it once a week, and I usually do it in the morning so that it has enough time to dry!

Hello, see below the reasoning behind cleaning your brushes! (This was just from cleaning my foundation brush and my face blender! Ahhh, imagine all that on your face?!). I was cleaning them off in that glass - yummmo!



I think the best thing about using my Bobbi Brown foundation brush, is that it completely cuts down the time it takes for me to apply my makeup (because really, who isn't going to say no to extra time on our hands?).

In the need to stock up on makeup brushes, or fabulous, high quality makeup products? I have amazing news - is sponsoring a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to their site! They have absolutely everything, so you can load up on everything from brushes, to different makeup (eyeshadows, concealers, glosses, blushes), skin care products - seriously, anything beauty related is on Apothica.

This contest is open ONLY to followers of my blog.

International readers are welcomed to participate, but Apothica wants me to let you know that you are personally responsible for all customs/fees associated with the order (if applicable).

To qualify, simply leave a relevant comment on this post, mentioning Apothica!

This contest will run until December 13, 2010 at midnight (Eastern time).

For Extra Entries:

1. Become a fan of Apothica on Facebook (1 entry)

2. Follow Apothica on Twitter (1 entry)

3. Retweet Apothica's Tweet about the giveaway (2 entries)

4. Leave a comment about Apothica, or Bobbi Brown in the comment section of this post (2 entries)

5. Opt-in for the Apothica newsletter found at the bottom of their website (2 entries).

6. Create a blog post with a link directed to the specific brand (7 entries - *Must have a minimum of 100 words and it has to mention and directly link to anything Bobbi Brown related on the Apothica website).

* Please leave all the ways that you have completed extra entries in ONE comment - you don't need to have a separate comment for each way that you gain entries! *

If you follow by Twitter, make sure that you leave your Twitter name in the comment section, so I know it's you! :)

I'll be using to pick a winner - so excited for you guys to check out Apothica! It really is an amazing makeup database. Good luck, crossing my fingers for a lucky reader :)

I hope everyone here in America had a beautiful Thanksgiving, and spend some quality time with friends, family, and loved ones (actually, I wish the second part for everyone, regardless of where you live!).

xo, Will be catching up on all your blogs soon!


Couture Carrie said...

Fab giveaway, darling!
I follow Apothica on Twitter!


Em [the writer] said...

That's awesome! I enjoyed reading about that :)

Nicole Linette said...

Allison that's so exciting that you're the new Apothica blog spokeswoman :D I agree that makeup is worth spending the extra penny (or hundreds) for-- and I would love to be considered for this giveaway!
My Thanksgivig was wonderful, as I hope yours was!!!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Just got your sweet comment - thank you :) I am not too picky about make up, because (let's just be honest here) I don't really wear a ton of it. I have such sensitive, dry skin - my face actually hurts when I wear certain things. So, I have a little tinted moisturizer and mascara - and it gets me through the day ;)

I love your make up - I don't think it's messy at all! And, I am picky about a few of those things too - especially jeans! A girl feels her best in a good pair of jeans :)

Jenna said...

Hi lovely one!!

Okay, SO cool that you are doing a giveaway! And Apothica sounds like a pretty awesome site. I too have skin problems so I can totally relate to the high maintenance make-up dealio. That is 100% me. I have to have non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, oil-free, fragrance-free CRAP. Practically fairy dust. HA! Just kidding. But really. I hope you have time to respond to my FB message soon and let me know how you are, dear friend. I will talk to you in the extremely near future I am sure. ;)


Lady Lipstick said...

HEy girly!! I hope you had a fab holiday!! I am in complete tune with you when you say you will not scrimp on make up! I too struggle with my skin and I cannot be careful enough about what I put on it! I also have to watch what skin products I use and I am constantly washing my make up brushes! I use Chanel foundation which is quite pricey but it literally lasts me six months!! I have not tried those Bobbi Brown brushed though I will have to try those next time I need some new ones!!
Happy Tuesday lady!


▲my• said...

Count me in twice! I became a fan of Apothica on facebook :)

I so agree with you about the importance of quality in make-up, and not cheaping out.
I grew up with my mom always telling me that make-up was the one thing you definitely want to get the best of. You're putting it on your face, and quality does make a difference.
She always gets her make-up at Saks in the Estee Lauder department, always has, always will.

Oh and I notice the pot of Lush's Dream Cream <3

Kickingcouture said...

Hey sweetie, love the giveaway!

I love that apothica sell stila!!! We cant get it here in UK!

p.s what shade is that VS lipgloss, i need it haha

miss you, email me sometime :)


yiqin; said...

I want your nars makeup!!!

la petite fashionista said...

I've seen so much buzz about Apothica in the fashion blogging world lately, i love it! they have such an incredible lineup-- i loved hearing about your beauty routine; I think I need to step my game up!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Fun makeup!! And what type of camera do you use? You always take such great pictures!

fhen said...

Your makeup essentials are interesting, allison!
and i do love bobbi brown for face foundation, concealer
they are amazing!

apothica is great and im following them through facebook now!

and do join my
Giveaway too :)

Bella Harris said...

Well first honey, I soooo love reading your entires and, of course, this one's no exception! I just adore your unapologetically messiness, and the second bit about your parents is too funny.

I'd actually hadn't heard of, so this was fun to oooohh and ahhh over. Plus I'm kina terrible about the whole makeup application process, which means I have lots of new tricks to try now.

p.s. Following them on Twitter, too!

Much love to you! xx

Lindsay said...

I just cleaned my brushes today! So satisfying. I'll take any excuse to buy more makeup, especially Bobbi Brown :)

I'm following Apothica on twitter too! FIngers crossed!

Jenni said...

Saa-weet!! And can you believe I've never even heard of Apothica?? Have now!! Consider me entered!! ;)

Elena said...

I have never tried any products from Bobbi Brown yet.. I hope I win and have a chance!

Elena said...

1. Become a fan of Apothica on Facebook - Elena Rudaya
2. Follow Apothica on Twitter - @elenarudaya
3. Retweeted
4. Left a comment
5. Opt-in for the Apothica newsletter - queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

I hope I win!!

queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

MizzJ said...

I so agree with your review of the Bobbi Brown foundation brush. I recently purchased it to and all your points are correct! It really is a great tool.

Pammy said...

Hi there! Please enter me to win! I am a new follower of your blog and love it!!! :) I just started following Aphothica on twitter! Thanks so much for entering me!


socorosis said...

I love your blog, I follow it. I love that Apothica is doing all these great giveaways! I would to try some too faced products.

+1 Become a fan of Apothica on Facebook (1 entry)

+1 Follow Apothica on Twitter (1 entry)

+2 Retweet Apothica's Tweet about the giveaway (2 entries)

+ 2 Leave a comment about Apothica, or Bobbi Brown in the comment section of this post (2 entries)

+2 Opt-in for the Apothica newsletter found at the bottom of their website (2 entries).

P Karthika facebook
karthika15 for everything else
THank you!

Thifa said...

+1 I follow Apothica on FB (user Thifa)

+1 I follow Apothica on Twitter (user thifasblog)

+2 for tweet!/apothica/status/9297135442853888

+2 I love the brands offered at Apothica! I havent had the chance to try Bobbi Brown but I have many favorites among their other brands.

+2 for already being a newsletter subscriber of Apothica

= Total 8 entries

thifas blog(at ) gmail(dot ) com

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Jealous! I've never even been to Nobu and I'm way close to it!!

Very cool giveaway! I just ordered from and received an Apothica order. I love how they include samples, too!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

1. I follow Apothica on twitter.
2. I did this one in the last comment oops! Anyways, here's another: Apothica has great customer service. Makes me want to order from them again!
3. I tweeted my own tweet since I couldn't find the one on Apothica :)

Thanks for the opportunity!!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...


I HATE going to buy makeupy type stuff in the stores, so Apothica seems like a great alternative!