Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Activities.

So, I've said it once, I'll say it again: I love fall.

I feel like being at school, I never fully took advantage of the fall and all it had to offer. To me, fall was the equivalent of midterms, aka, surviving on Red Bull and absolutely no sleep while writing out notecard after notecard of study material, or trying to stretch an idea into a paragraph for a ten-pager.

Due to the stress of just life in general as a college student, I totally took for granted how beautiful campus was as the leaves changed, barely ever made it to Starbucks for a PSL (seriously, I know - how is that possible?!), and definitely didn't venture out in nature as much as I should have (unless walking across campus to the library counts).

Now that I'm done with college, and have an awful lot of time on my hands, but not a lot of money to do things, J and I have been struggling a little with fun dates. We've been getting into this rut where it's all about hanging out around the house - even making food for TV shows is getting a little lame because for a while it was ALL that was happening. After a fight in which I expressed my frustration with the fact that his lack of a job equaled a lack of options for dates, we started making a list of free/cheap things we could do to get off our asses and have some fun! Apple picking was high on our list.

We decided to head to Lawrence Farms Orchards in New York state (nowhere near the city), and also planned on leaving early o'clock one Saturday morning, which gave the option of J sleeping over my house Friday night, as my mom instructed us on the different types of apples that were exceptional for baking, snacking, etc.

The next day we arrived at the farm, which was seriously enormous. Everyone is provided a wagon, which was extremely useful for us carting everything around (especially up and down the hills - thanks, J!) - and by us, I mean, J, because I have absolutely 0% upper body strength.


Sometimes we had to climb trees to get the very best apples.




The orchard was gorgeous - everything was labeled by the different varieties of apples, and thanks to the help of my mom and her extensive knowledge of apples (which is kind of a weird thing to have an extensive knowledge of), we were able to get right down to business, and take in all the sights.





Aside from having over 20 different types of apples, the orchard also has strawberry, raspberry, pear, and veggie fields (eggplants, hot and sweet peppers, green beans, cabbage, etc) - and a huge concord and table grape section!


Unfortunately, the grapes were either dead, or not quite ripe yet, which was a bit of a bummer (especially after we climbed a pretty steep hill to get to the grapes - thanks again for lugging that wagon along, J!).



RIP, grapes.


The view definitely made the trek up the hill worthwhile.




Before we checked out, J decided he needed to stop and try to make new friends...



At the end of a really nice (and uncharacteristically warm) day, we headed home with a huge bag of apples that were split amongst us, some peppers, and a few eggplants. Yummm.

All the apples meant lots of apples with peanut butter for snacks, and that I got to bake a yummo Tarte de Pommes a la Normande, aka an apple tarte to watch during Survivor one Wednesday! (The crust was really hard to make/form properly, so it didn't look so pretty, but it tasted great! - if I do say so myself).



What are some of your favorite outdoor activities for fall?

Enjoy your weekends! It's gorgeous here in North Jersey, and I hope it's just as lovely wherever you are!

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Couture Carrie said...

I love fall, too, darling: Oktoberfest, hay rides, pumpkin picking...

Gorgeous pics!


HiFashion said...

I absolutely love Autumn too.

Apple picking must have been so much fun!!! I love how you're climbing trees for them!!
I went strawberry picking once and it was soooo much fun.

Jocelyn said...

Nate and I have been having the same problem with finding ideas for dates! It's hard, last night we spontaneously slow danced looking out over the city, it was so much fun! Perhaps we will take up ballroom dance? haha I am jealous of the apple picking, my next blog post is about my trip to the pumpkin patch! Be sure to stop by dear!

love, joce

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ah-mazing pics! I love fall, too. Unfortunately there are like 3 tress in all of LA so we don't experience the color change. It's my fav season and I've never even seen a real autumn.

I'm visiting an apple orchard this weekend and am so excited! I hope to see some foliage!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

That looks SO fun. I have been dying to do that. Also, those apples look huge! And your pastry looks delicious. My mouth just watered.

Also, it IS really funny (and sweet) that your mom is an expert in apples, haha. I love that.

Kristin said...

I am so freaking jealous of all you apple pickers! Darn Florida! I'm hoping the dude gets home from work early enough one day this week, so we can take the dude to a pumpkin patch together!

Jenni said...

You guys are TOO cute. Great pictures!!! :)

Keith said...

Wonderful photos. It looks like a great time. I always like going to farms. I do hope that you two have find inexpensive things to do together. These times can be quite tight.

Olive said...

Thanks Allison :), things have definitely cooled down now. I got through my tests and major assignments in time to have a little recovery break before the next round of work comes at me. I think I'll be better prepared for it all this time though.
No problem, I love reading what you have to say! You definitely don't overdo the pictures, they're gorgeous :). The last post about the advice, I never got the chance to comment but I did read it, very inspiring.
Ugh, I never really feel like I reap the full benefits fall has to offer.. I try, but I never quite accomplish everything I wish I could. Like I tried to make the hot air balloon festival, that fell through.. I wanted to go apple picking and get cider doughnuts at the local orchard, hasn't happened :P. However, I did manage to find a cute pumpkin for my dorm, and I will definitely go out for Halloween. I see where you're coming from with everything concerning school though, it must be such a relief to be done :).
Alot of people I know are having the same problem with their relationships--I think it's definitely the economy, plus the season change. It's awesome that your argument ended up leading to something good, a cute date to an apple orchard =). It looks like it was just what you guys needed. I love the pictures, as always. You really lucked out having your mom with her extensive apple knowledge, haha :). That apple tarte looks delicious!
Thanks for sharing about the camera too, I'm going to look into a Nikon, I think it's about time I upgraded.

Croatian_Latina said...

How fun, I've never picked apples and it looked like you had a wonderful day. the photos are beautiful as always!

this fall I'm looking forward to the olive harvest. We will be picking ALL the olives from the trees, then cleaning then taking them to a company to have them pressed and we will have olive oil. (it's alot of work but also fun plus if gradma at 79yrs old can do it, I have not excuse LOL)

enjoy the warm weather.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh my gosh this just screams fun fall weekend! What a great time!