Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Memories Part III.

It seems as if fall is finally here to stay - the leaves are slowly turning as the temperature drops slightly; it's dark now (at least here!) by 7:00; and the pool is closed up for the winter. As much as I love fall (and boots!), there is something so special and surreal to me about summer, especially this summer, as I was able to go on vacation to some of our family favorite spots with J for the first time.

It seems as though all the spots where my family enjoys vacationing hold some type of memory from childhood, or from the childhood of my parents.

My mom grew up in France, until she moved to the US, where her family settled on Boston, and joined the sisters, brothers, aunts, and uncles that her mother had left behind years ago to move to France. My grandfather (mom's father) set aside enough money while they barely made ends meet so that they could move out of the busy city to a quiet little town in Massachusetts. As she grew older, with English that become so perfect she did not even have a hint of an accent, and my grandfather's business picked up a bit more, they were able to vacation to Maine, or to Cape Cod with other family members. To this day, her entire family lives in some part of New England, and I think they feel she's totally a traitor for moving to Jersey (and I swear my cousins think Pat and I are the second coming of The Situation and Snooki now that Jersey Shore has helped to give us a gorgeous reputation).

From the time I was probably a fetus, my mother and father took vacations to Massachusetts, visiting all her loved ones over the year before venturing back to our hotel room on the Cape. I have fond memories of always staying in the same hotel every time we went with a beautiful pool, and a really fun 50's theme diner that we always went to, and where Pat and I would request Elvis songs on the jukebox.

After spending years trekking up to the Cape and spending a lot of money on hotel rooms, my parents decided it would make sense to buy a house somewhere on the Cape, so we could continue visiting my mom's family whenever we wanted, and have access to a beach and a lot more space. So for like, an entire year, we bounced back from Jersey to the Cape, looking at houses of all shapes, sizes, and decorating styles. We saw tiny houses that hadn't been redecorated since 1972, houses that had basements that smelled like mold, houses with rotting wood, or houses on horribly unpaved dirt roads that made my father's Range Rover almost bite it (and those are SUV's basically made for ridiculous conditions!). It was awful, and I'm sure that 6th grade moi and 4th grade Patrick did not make it any easier.

But finally, we found a house - the perfect house for us, and we've filled that house with memories for the ten years we've owned it. The house has hosted Thanksgivings with cousins and uncles/aunts from Maine, seen a lot of blood as all four of us have had some type of accident, provided a hang out for Pat and my friends when we spent the whole summer up there... and this past summer, I once again was able to share memories and my childhood/somewhere special with J, as he joined moi and my parents up at the Cape.

We had an amazing time going to the beach daily, drinking lots of wine, watching old seasons of Survivor and Gilligan's Island on DVD on rainy days, going out to ice cream EVERY day, and enjoying dinners out at some of our family favorite places. My dad taught J how to go clamming, and then cook clams on the grill, we made pina coladas (which went perfectly with a little Gilligan's Island), and celebrated my dad's birthday (where I made the delicious fruit pizza!).

We kept making more, more, more pina coladas... and then clearly were transported back to the 70's.

My dad was thrilled we got to head to the beach (which we really have no excuse for not doing more often - it's right there) for the sunset.





Since things were more relaxed at the Cape, I had more time to play around and make a mess out of my hair with braids :)


For a fun night out, we headed to Dennis, MA (where Chris from the Bachelorette lives!), and went to our favorite, favorite restaurant, the Scargo Cafe, which is the perfect combo of seafood, and amazing wine/cocktails, and of course, dessert!





Chicken lettuce wraps and question mark bread? (Only my mom would have seen that and insisted upon a picture being taken of it!).




After a delicious seafood dinner, and copious amounts of wine for all but my mother, who graciously was our DD, we headed out for ice cream and sightseeing, since J hadn't been to the Cape since he was a kid. It was fun showing him all the sights - and taking our picture in the giant whale bones!

Raspberry truffle ice cream from Emack & Bolios (our family favorite), and purple cow ice cream from Nauset Ice Cream. Yumm, just a few reasons why I love summer at the Cape! Definitely two places to check out if you're summering at the Cape.



The rest of the long weekend brought lots of food, beach, and relaxing. We arrived back in Jersey tan and completely at ease. Between the vacations to Wildwood and the Cape, it was really nice to give J an insight into my life, and how I spent my childhood summers.

Clams & lobstah rolls - Cape Cod musts (except for moi, I don't eat either of them! Whoops!).

Even Coop had a pretty relaxing weekend - and got to go to the doggy beach!

Did any of you have fun summer memories, or places you went in your childhood that bring back memories?

I hope you're all doing well! xo

Currently listening to: Elliott Smith - Pretty (Ugly Before), and feeling very annoyed with Coop, who (for a little guy) spread out over my entire bed this morning, smushing me into a little corner.


Croatian_Latina said...

I really enjoyed reading about your childhood memories! You have inspired me to write about my summer trips to my granparents farm. I enjoyed herding the goats, cows, and riding horses and picking peaches. My favorite was sleeping under the stars every night...until the summer came to an end and my parents were back to pick us up (my two sisters and I) after leaving us in the care of grandma and grandpa. yes sweet memories.

yiqin; said...

ADD ME ON BB 223b4c20 :D

Couture Carrie said...

Awwww what a wonderful summer you had!
Gorgeous photos, darling!


Kristin said...

This is the most perfect summer ending post EVER! You look amazing in that dress lady!

Morgane said...

I love reading about your childhood memories especially because i would love to visit the cape on day ( i don't know why but this place make me dream ) ... Your pictures are so similar with mines , i guess we share some tastes and holidays habitudes... Is you mom french? OR was she raised in France?
As you know , i spent all my life iin Brittany and my "house" in Kerlouan is the best place to bring my childhood back...
PS: you're sooo gorgeous ...

Jocelyn said...

Ah, so jealous. I love your pictures! You and J are adorable together. And the food in your blog posts always makes me so hungry! Isn't luxurious food and vacation the best combo?

I am envious that you get to go to so many beautiful places. I miss the live easy lifestyle of summer already! I love your blog, and following you on twitter is always a blast, I feel like I am living your life, and my goodness you love starbucks ;)


Lindsay said...

That pup is adorable! You look gorge. Love the braids! I've missed hearing what you've been up to!

▲my• said...

Looks like so much fun!
I really want some of that ice-cream haha.

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

I love everything about this post so much I don't even know where to start. I want to eat every edible thing in those pictures. you two are super, super cute, and your parents are too! The pictures of the beach and sunset are so gorgeous and make me want to go there! I laughed really hard at the second coming of Snooki/The Situation line. And I didn't know your mom grew up in France!

Keith said...

It looks like a great time. That food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. I hope this finds you doing well. Take care.

Pop Champagne said...

what a wonderful summer you have. it looks so beautiful and relaxing, and I LOVE the braids in your hair! btw also really like the song on your mixpod. I'm downloading it when i get home :D

J said...

summer memories are the best. love the pics!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm already missing summer!