Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Magic of Marchesa.

Marchesa, the brainchild of Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, seemingly came out of nowhere when it was started up in 2004. Known for the exquisite draping and the Asian and vintage inspiration as well as the remarkable structure of the gowns, Marchesa has been making appearances on the red carpet all over the place.

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman

The styles of Marchesa are unbelievably feminine, with so much perspective, and cuts that are extremely flattering to a woman's body.

Having the perspective of two women is clearly a goldmine for Chapman and Craig, and I can't wait to see the continuing fashions of these designers through the years. It's clear from their celebrity clientele that Marchesa is here to stay for the long run.

Ali Larter.

The always gorgeous Kerry Washington.

Anna Kendrick.

Eva Longoria-Parker.

I die for this gorgeous Marchesa jacket Blake Lively was seen wearing. Unfortunately I think moi wearing that jacket would just not have the same effect.
private lives premiere 4 161109

Olivia Wilde.
Actreess Olivia Wilde arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards

Sandra Bullock.

Jennifer Lopez (who wears Marchesa all the time, and looks perfect in it all the time).

Nikki Reed.

Michelle Trachtenberg.

How gorgeous is this Marchesa wedding dress that was worn in Harpers Bazaar by Kate Hudson? I have this issue of it, and I swooned over the beautiful detailing of the dress especially contrasted against the busyness of the streets of New York.

Camilla Belle.

Kate Beckinsale.

I died of fashion love when Blair Waldorf wore this on Gossip Girl - and had a good case of fashion envy too for how beautiful Leighton Meester looked in it!

Mischa Barton - in happier days when she was actually working and doing something with her life.
Odeon Leicester Square

Are you as big of a Marchesa fan as I am? Which designers inspire you, or draw you in when you flip through the pages of fashion magazines?
Currently watching: The last episode of Season 3 of Gossip Girl. I'm very far behind on all my favorite shows, but I'm squeezing in an episode every night before bed as a way to unwind! :) Jenny Humphrey gives me anxiety/anger though - I can't stand the little brat.


▲my• said...

Gorgeous!!! All of them, although I'd have to say my favorite was the second one that Kate Beckinsale was wearing.

I want to catch up on Gossip Girl so badly! It's my newest guilty pleasure. I've seen all of season one, but I'm having the hardest time getting my hands on seasons two and three.

Jessica said...

obsessed with Marchesa. always have been. I'm saving up so they can make my wedding dress (for if I ever get married lol).

beautiful post.


HiFashion said...

Wow: all the dresses are so pretty. I'm definitely a fan now. I love the one Kate Bekinsales is wearing!

Couture Carrie said...

I just adore Marchesa, especially that short turquoise dress worn by Blake!
Gorgeous post, darling!


Gracey said...

These are all so gorgeous! Blake Lively looks awesome as always, and the one Blair Waldorf is wearing is to DIE for. Great post :)

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凱v胡倫 said...

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Keith said...

I am such a huge fan. I love them so much. They have such wonderful creations. Great photos. It's so hard to pick a favorite.

Kristin said...

The blue stunner that Black rocked is by far my fave. I am such a huge Marchesa fan!

Join the Gossip said...

All of the gowns are so beautiful that it's impossible to pick a fav! Love the frills. Very elegant yet playful!

And I despise Jenny as well. She IS a little brat!! ;) Don;t think she's a very good role model in real life either...

Syed said...

Hells bells yes! Marchesa rules. Kate looks absolutely stunning.

Nicole Linette said...

I.... absolutely adore Marchesa, and everything they are about!!! If I owned or every wore one of their gowns.. oh myyy :))). And that gown that Leighton Meester was wearing? Also in a Vogue photo shoot with Penelope Cruz. Love the post! As always!!

♥Aubrey said...

WOW...the 2nd dress on Kate Beckinsale is stunning! LOVE their style & vision throughout each feminine.