Saturday, August 28, 2010

Currently Loving.

Thank you all so much for your sweet words to me - they were as beautiful as all of you! I appreciate the camaraderie in the blogging community - yeah, we don't all know each other personally, but there is still an investment in each others lives. I'm here for you all too - I'm just an email/comment/whatever away!


There was a time when I was constantly looking for things that were making me inspired, which would subsequently make me happy. There are so many things that I keep seeing and loving, so I'm combining it into a big post - which is a little selfish, because now when I get bitched at by a ten-year-old while babysitting, I can look back on this post, breathe for a minute, and feel just a little bit happier.

The Vampire Diaries.
So, I swear, I am not a vampire obsessed girl (no judgment to those of you who wear your Edward from Twilight shirts with pride), but holy crap - The Vampire Diaries is ridiculously good. Not only are there two super sexy and witty brothers, but the plot is really good and crazy addicting.
I started DVR-ing the episodes, and was sick, sick, sick on Monday - I seriously watched four or five episodes in a row. SO good, but you can judge by yourself looking at the two main stars...


So, I absolutely love touches of sparkle on clothing, accessories, etc.
(Though not so much Snooki in sunglasses you can't see out of though).



Hanging out by my pool.
Part of my summer job is taking the kids to their town pool, which really is not as glamorous as it sounds, since I have to twist their arm to get them to come. I think that because of that, pools have a left a bad taste in my mouth!
I have to say - I really do not take as much of an advantage of my pool as I probably should. This summer, my mom lent our house/pool to her bff Betty so that she could throw her sun a graduation party. It was really fun to hang out poolside with J (who was very disgusted when he got a gulp of the salt water in our pool - we just switched to saltwater!), and have our pool used by so many people.



Well dressed males.
I've got a thing for men who aren't afraid of fashion - I don't care what sexuality, age, weight, whatever you are - if you dress well, I think you're fabulous.


Childrens books.
Being an elementary education major, I can't deny that my kids (someday) are going to have a pretty good collection of books to be read to them. I've been collecting to add to my classroom library, and really forgot how beautiful some of them are.


Positive messages.
Because when I'm in a bad mood, why surround myself with negativity?

Weekly mani/pedis.
This has become my guiltiest pleasure (besides maybe my Starbucks a day habit). It's just nice "me time" where I can sit an relax and experiment with new colors!

Chicky movies.
Sometimes the only thing that makes you feel better is curling up watching someone whose life is far worse than your own - and it gives hope in happy endings and that no matter what happens, everything will work out.


My puppy.
This little guy just makes me happy whenever I see him. He is currently curled up right next to me on the couch as I write this, and he's just the sweetest little thing (when he's not suffering from separation anxiety and eating my comforter).


J. Crew
True story, I am heading there today to spend a very well-earned paycheck. There are just too many beautiful things that I'm dying over and their ad campaigns put me in such a mood to shop!


Homemade popsicles.
Specifically with fruit chunks inside and fun flavor combos.

The upcoming season of Gossip Girl.
Paris + Blair and Chuck drama + fashion + illegitimate children... I cannot even wait.


I need to buy more cocktail/embellished rings. Well, first, I need to find teeny tiny ones that actually fit my fingers. I love accessories though and wish I experimented more with mine!


Le sigh. Mon père promised me a trip to Paris in sixth grade, if I took and learned French. Je peux parler un peu français, mais je n'ai toujours pas été prises en vacances à Paris. Someday.

Images via Tumblr, my personal photos (of my dog and my pool), The Sartorialist

Currently: Motivating myself to go for a run. Any good new music I should add to my "Running" playlist?


Kristin said...

J. Crew is killin' it! They're makin' me happy too!

A New England Girl said...

Darling, you know I love ya! You would be high on my list right now of people that make me smile. I wish you were closer! We could take weekend (or afternoon - VT is only a 15 min drive!) jaunts to the Vermont countryside. We could fill the afternoons with pumping spice lattes, pumpkin beer, lots of gossip and gorgeous hikes with all the foliage. I think it would help clear your head - NY can't be good for all of that! Too busy. :)

You know if you ever need anything, I'm here for you! And just remember you're on top of my list. :)


Kristen said...

Your pool looks so niiice! I can't live without a pool, or being by the water.
And your puppy is adorable ♥

HiFashion said...

I'm not a Vampire obsessed girl either, but love the Vampire Diaries. I'm in love wth Damon, lol.
I'm also so excited for the new season of Gosip Girl.
I also love that second ring you poster! It's so unique.

Jocelyn said...

ah I love this post so much! I totally agree with you and well dressed males that is such a turn on! I have missed your blog dear, and I have been so bad at blogging lately. But now that school starts I will be blogging more, which doesn't make sense because I am busier... but whatever! haha AH! that JCrew outfit with the jeans is killing me... SO perfect.

316009 said...


you always have nice pictures and i always leave feeling motivated and generally happy about life. then i realise i'm doing freaking physiotherapy and i've got like about 300 muscles to learn. =(


keep it up.


Join the Gossip said...

First off, I LOVE anything that sparkles and I am obsessed with Vampire Diaries!! I watched that show religiously - it was one of the programs that I had to watch as it was on, not DVR'd haha! I'm not a vampire person either and only started watching because of the hot men, but as soon as I saw the first episode I realized it was much more than that! I'm so eager for the show to come back, along with Gossip Girl!!

Love the float on pic. Makes me think of Modest Mouse :)

Keith said...

It was great to see all the things that you are lovin'. Your blog posts are always so amazing. I enjoy so much coming here. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I still haven't found out if I still have a job or not. I'm hoping to know something asap. It's definitely got me anxious. Good luck with everything. Take care.

Croatian_Latina said...

Allison thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. It seems great-grandpa is making a recovery.

I love this post. It makes me happy reading it, in fact this is the second post I read about happiness. The other one said, she had 4 ways for daily happiness:
1. don't thank things personally
2. listen to music
3. don't read the news
4. no gossip magazines (I'm biased here as I find it as a way of entertainment). LOL

Your dog is soo cute...aww I just want to squeeze him.

3ate4 said...

Love all the rings!

Syed said...

OC!!! I have yet to check out Vampire Diaries, I may just have to give it a go. And I really do wish we had J Crew in London, they do such good stuff.

♥Aubrey said...

You're MY sparkle!!! Through your words & sweet always have a way to make me smile :)

I LOVE your list. J Crew is a favorite as well as seeing men who KNOW how to dress.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Love J.Crew too! And those glasses on Snookie are ridic! My comment was late on your last post but glad you are doing better!

Keith said...

I hope this finds you doing well. I've had a rough week. I got laid off on Tuesday. Now I have to find a new job in such a bad economy. Wish me luck. Thanks. Take care. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.