Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Hotties.

I absolutely love soccer. I played varsity soccer for four years in high school, and I loved the teamwork that went into it, how in shape I was (seriously, it was ridiculous), and the fact that my tiny self was super aggressive, and it was completely acceptable! The team spaghetti dinners, trips to 7-11 for Slurpees, annual end-of-the-year dinner at this crazy good Italian restaurant... it was really a special time, and helped me make a lot more friends, especially as an insecure freshman.

Ever since stepping foot on the field for the first time, soccer has become an important part of my life, and a love of mine. I know it sounds cheesy, but I am passionate about it, and wish that I had pursued it in college (I was recruited, but decided it would be too hard to juggle college and sports, so I hung up my cleats when I began college). However, the decision to stop playing soccer doesn't mean that I cut my ties with my beloved sport, as if it was a toxic ex-boyfriend.

I can still remember being at my friend's graduation party in 2006 during the last World Cup when Zidane from France headbutted Materazzi from Italy, and the gasps and looks of horror on the faces of my friends. I remember that was the last time that all of the crew from my town hung out together.

I remember our first team dinner, laughing and reminiscing about the events of the season, when I was given the award for "most promising" player. I remember growing really close to another freshman girl and two senior girls who took us under their wing and showed us the ropes of adjusting to high school. I remember putting a huge bug in the shoe of a teammate during my freshman year and having to run an extra two miles because of it.

Soccer has become a way that my family hangs out - we all sit around, and each of us pick an opposing team (obviously, two on two). Even my mom who does not understand "le foot" gets into it, hurling insults at Pat or I (especially with the Portugal/Côte d'Ivoire game, when she made the mistake of picking the team that speaks French).

There is another reason why I adore le World Cup. Where else are you going to find a group of gorgeous, international men who are all in the best physical shape of their lives? I do enjoy the actual game, but having these hotties to look at makes it even more fulfilling!

P.S. I wrote this post a while ago but forgot to post it - so most of these teams are sadly out now :(

United States - Michael Bradley.

Austria vs United States

Australia - Lucas Neill.

lucas neill australia

lucas neill

Argentina - Javier Pastore.
A young hottie - only 20 years old!
javierpastore argentina

javier pastore

England - Jamie Carragher
Unfortunately, he has no belly button, (seriously) if that's what you're into, but he's still pretty good to look at!

JamieCarrager England

England - Shaun Wright-Phillips

shaun wright england

shaun wright phillips chelsea portsmouth

France - Sébastien Squillaci

Had to put someone from the France team on here for ma mère, and Sébastien seems like a very perfect (and very hot) choice!


Japan - Atstuto Uchida

He actually didn't play in the World Cup (whoops!), but he's so hot that I'll leave him in there ;)


atsuto uchida japan

Spain - David Villa



Portugal - Cristiano Ronaldo

He's under 30, has been named the best footballer of the year by FIFA on numerous occasions... and he's not bad to look at either! (Though I hear and believe that he's a pretty big tool). He's beautiful to watch on the field though!


He should probably work out more...looking a little flabby ;)

Plus, he scored this sick goal against North Korea, which Portugal won 7-0 (!).

Portugal - Fábio Coentrão

I'm a HUGE Portugal fan, and Coentrão is my favorite player - he's perfect to watch when he's on the field, and he's a very skilled player. This is his first year playing in the World Cup, and he's a brilliant wingback (and so pretty!).


Fábio Coentrão

P.S. I feel like a bad girlfriend - in the past few posts I've mentioned hotties or crushes a lot, but I do love J very much and I'd never act on any of my little crushes ;) Phew, my conscience feels better now!

P.S.S. I'll be heading down to my family's condo at the Jersey Shore for a weekend of keg stands, fist pumps, and GTL. Just kidding, it's not that Jersey Shore - but I can't remember if we have wireless there or not, so you may not hear from me until next Monday! Although I'll miss you, I'm looking forward to a fun long weekend with J, my parents, and my Poppy in our condo (especially because it was 104 degrees here today - you best believe I'll be taking advantage of the beach/pools in our complex!).

Currently listening to: Justin Bieber - Somebody to Love (I can't help it, I love J. Bieb).


Belle said...

Ahhh loved it!!! Go australia!!! Lucas Neil is definitely hot!! (bless him ♥ ) And christiano ronaldo - yes! And I have heard he is a bit of a douche as well and has a thing for prostitutes ha xxx

Keith said...

Great post. I love soccer. I've been obsessed with watching the World Cup. I can't wait to watch the final between the Netherlands and Spain. Soccer does have some good looking guys.

Tom Cupples said...

Allison - you might portray Jamie Carragher as a 'hottie' but despite him being English, you wouldn't understand a word he says - he's a Scouser from Liverpool. Listen to him at this Youtube video - he starts 'talking' about 50 seconds onto the clip.

Gracey said...

that goal by Ronaldo was amaaazing! I agree he is so fun to look at :)

Kristin said...

Holy crap. WHY don't I watch soccer?? Break me off a piece of numero uno!

p.s. Thank you SO much for joining our Rosebud network. Don't forget to show your pretty bloggy face over at la blog! We're linking one of you nearly every day and featuring one of you every week and we're really hoping to drum up lots of support for our network members! Big hugs!

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HiFashion said...

I'm a huge soccer fan as well, and I have been loving checking out all the hotties this world cup. Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely gorgeous!!!

Syed (dapper kid) said...

Yay for football!!! Although I suppose I ought to call it soccer (that sounds so wrong). Grrr not a Ronaldo fan, but I suppose he is pretty good looking considering.

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KC said...

Woah that aussie's a hottie! hmm i don't see the whole cristiano ronaldo thing, hes such a sleaze!

Lol i tagged you on my blog hun yay xx

Elisa, Croatia said...

I recently read that - Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be a single dad, has a surrogate.hhhmmmm sounds like a Ricky Martin copycat?

My eldest nephew lOVes Soccer and he is only 6 but he also plays it in school and he is quite good.