Friday, June 18, 2010

The Girls are Back in Town

I can still remember watching Sex and the City for the first time. It was before a dance when I was in ninth grade, and my mom had bought the series, but told me that it probably wasn't the best thing for my impressionable, young self to be watching. Of course, that was the kiss of death, because as soon as she said it was off limits, I found myself absolutely needing to watch it. So the night before this big dance, I had two of my best friends come to my house and sleep over, eat a little coq au vin, and after my parents went to bed, we popped in the first season of Sex and the City. From the first episode, my little awkward, way too skinny self was captivated by the clothes, the shoes, the relationships, the sex, and the empowering women that I was watching. I couldn't believe that there were women out there who stood up for what they wanted, and yet were so relate able, even to my young self.

Plus, I was already a shoe whore, and Carrie gave me something to aspire to. When I got my first pair of Manolo Blahniks to wear to my Sweet 16, I stepped into them with pride - and subsequently almost broke my ankle teetering around in them. Also, the first legal drink I had was definitely influenced by SATC, as I ordered a Cosmopolitan - thank you, Sex and the City for that gem as well.


I think the fashion is what really captivated me and kept me coming back for more. Of course, I loved the story of Carrie and Big and their romance that I always hoped would work out - even though there were quite a few times when I thought he was the biggest douche lord ever - but it was the clothes that drew me into the show. I couldn't wait to see what Carrie and the girls (except Miranda at first, though she got extremely fashionable after the fourth season) were going to wear next, and I was gutted when the show ended.


My best friend T and I share the same love of Sex and the City - she probably more than me! We spent much of our high school years watching the show, talking fashion - so of course when the first movie came out, we were there to laugh and cry with each other. While I was in China, my girl waited and didn't see the movie until I came back and recovered from my jetlag! Last Friday we headed to the theater, overpaid for tickets (after an already expensive day at Neiman Marcus and J. Crew) and sat back for 2+ hours watching Carrie and the girls. (P.S. Poor T sat next to this woman who was a one-woman commentary on the ENTIRE movie... the poor thing had to listen to the woman deconstruct every aspect of everything that happened!).


Even though the reviews were awful, I enjoyed the movie. Was it as good as the first? Definitely not. The plot was lacking and a bit unrealistic, but there were some really touching moments, and of course, the fashion/interior design was beyond beautiful. And the scene where Samantha finally loses her cool in Abu Dhabi? Priceless. If you're going to see the movie, take it for what it is - something to be enjoyed, but don't expect an Oscar winner! Instead, I chose to focus a LOT on the beautiful clothing worn by Carrie and the girls! Each character always stays true to themselves, and I think the way they dress says a lot about who 'they' are.






I can definitely spot a petit macaron from a mile away (thanks, mom!). My mouth was watering when I saw them in the bowl (on the left!).

Sex and the City 2


Dear future husband,
This will do.
Love, Ally


I also loved the interior design upgrade to Carrie's old apartment! J'adore.


Did you see SATC 2? Thoughts?

Which girl is YOUR favorite? (I'm a Carrie girl, even though I do think she's pretty manipulative sometimes!).

Sidenote - in China, I was asked by numerous girls if all girls in New York City look and dress like everyone on Sex and the City! Sadly, I had to tell them no and I think I may have completely horrified them!

Images from Google Image search, Socialite Life

Currently: Watching the World Cup and cringing over the noise of the vuvuzela that I just can't seem to block out no matter how hard I try!


Tom Cupples said...

Hey Allison - you've got a lot to answer for. The other morning, around 4am I think, I grabbed my PC and switched it on - I was still in bed. I looked at your Blog and then the music started - and I had my speakers set on full!

I've never seen J move so fast - ha ha !

Couture Carrie said...

Exquisite post!
Love all your SATC anecdotes, and am swooning over that walk-in closet!


Kristin said...

LOVED this post!! I too can thank the girls for SO much inspiration over the years!!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That closet is just amazing! I will never get over it! Have a great weekend!!

Gracey said...

ahh I haven't seen it yet but I really want to! I'll probably have to wait until I get back from vacation though. Awesome pictures :)

嘉容 said...

It is never too late to learn. ..................................................................

t said...

Great post! SATC2 wasn't the greatest movie in terms of plot, but the clothes were absolutely fabulous. I was in love the whole time!

daisymay said...

I loved the film, although it isn't as good as the first one. The fashion in the desert is all amazing though! I'm a Sam fan, she is just ridiculously outrageous and I love her fiery spirit.

Daisy Dayz Home

Elisa, Croatia said...

We had a girls night out (6 of us to be exact) I'm with you , I love the fashion and it was enjoyable. and get this, there were only women as the audience and some were dressed like 'carrie' 'samantha' it was fun to see them.

I think I'm a charlotte kinda girl,

one of my fav parts (as a mother) when miranda and charlotte are at the bar and talking about motherhood, 'take a sip' talk, 'take a sip', talk,

Keith said...

Hey Allison. This was a fantastic post. It was cool to read about your love of SATC. Great photos you posted. I'm sure it has inspired so many people with fashion and style. It does such a fab job at that.

Join the Gossip said...

I haven't seen the second movie, I did like the first one though. I didn't watch the series either. I had an obsessed friend and she tried to get me to watch but I never took to it for some reason. Since everyone else has seen it, I think I am waiting for the DVD release ;)

Syed (dapper kid) said...

As much as I'm now a SATC fan, the movies left me feeling rather let down. I love the clothes, but then with a narrative as long (and relatable to most), I just felt that it needed a better storyline. Hope you're well :)

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