Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Believe...

One of my blogger BFF's, the lovely New England Girl, wrote a post where she mentioned all things that she really believes in - things that mean something to her. I absolutely loved and felt so inspired by her post, so, as I told her I was going to, I'm going to make my own list of things that I believe in - I hope you will all make YOUR own list too! =)

-I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that everyone has something to offer.


-I believe in yoga, and that it is good for the body and the soul.

-I believe in finding inspiration from everything and everyone, and by looking back on things that inspire you on days that suck, to put things in perspective.

-I believe in wearing cardigans...especially with belts.

-I believe in Macs. (my favorite setup while I'm blogging - my computer, obviously, and sparkling water!).


-I believe that people should do good not for the recognition of their actions, but because they are really, truly passionate about what they're doing and are in it for something much deeper than acknowledgment.

-I believe in learning about new cultures and religions that are different from my own. I believe that having information outside of my own small world makes me more understanding to others.

-I believe in reading fashion magazines while eating fattening food (especially ice cream!).


-I believe in peace instead of war; in doing good to those who wrong you. I believe this makes more of a difference than fighting.

-I believe in God, but I do not believe in forcing my beliefs upon others who feel differently.

-I believe that every woman should read Pride and Prejudice at least once in their lives, and strive to find their own Mr. Darcy.


-I believe in champagne truffles. At any occasion.

-I believe in not going to bed angry, and trying to resolve all issues so that you can wake up each day optimistic about how it will go, instead of being upset about something that happened the day before.

-I believe in wearing beautiful lingerie, even if you're sleeping alone, just to feel sexy, even if it's just for yourself.


-I believe in acknowledging the little things you love about someone.

-I believe that everyone should befriend someone that is different from them - different views on politics, different religions, different races, different sexual orientation... I feel that if everyone in the world did this, there would be so much more love and understanding.

-I believe in eating breakfast foods at any other time of the day besides breakfast time. And, I believe that chocolate chip pancakes can cure any bad mood.


-I believe in saying "I love you" to the people you care about, every single day.

-I believe in taking pictures - lots of them, so that when you're older, you can show your kids or grandkids how fabulous you looked in those sparkly Louboutin heels with your skinny legs.

-I believe in annual family vacations.

-I believe in shoes - lots of them, in every color.

-I believe that Boy Meets World was possibly one of the best TV shows created, ever.

-I believe in hard work, and doing things honestly. I don't believe in cutting corners, or taking the easy way out, no matter how appealing it may seem. I also don't believe in hurting others in order to get ahead.

-I believe that Magnolia Bakery cupcakes are the best in the world, and cannot be beat.

-I believe in the power of positive female role models for women - like Audrey Hepburn, Oprah, or Jackie O.


-I believe in good manners. "Please" and "thank you" go a longgg way.

-I believe in being kind to everyone, no matter what their position is. I believe that everyone is equal, so there is no reason to be nasty or rude to someone who lives differently than you.

-I believe at smiling at strangers - you never know how something as simple as that can really make someone's day.


-I believe in the healing power of sangria.

-I believe that words are extremely powerful. I believe in using words for good, and not to tear someone else down.

-I believe in photography, and that a photograph can touch a lot of people in many different ways.


-I believe in doing our part to help the earth, even in small ways like carrying a reusable water bottle, or turning off lights when you leave a room.

-I believe in the power of The Hangover to cure a bad mood.

-I believe that women should respect themselves - not that they shouldn't be sexy and fabulous, but that they shouldn't sleep around just to feel like they're worth something!


-I believe in standing up for others, when you know something isn't right and no one else is doing anything to stop it.

-I believe that a simple act of kindness carries so much weight. And I also believe that you may never know that the simplest of your actions meant the world to someone - even something teeny tiny.

-I believe in love, and that love has no age, shape, color.



What do you believe in?

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▲my• said...

this was a lovely post, and i think i'm going to follow suit and make my own :)

Morgane said...

i love this post ! i read the new england's girl too i tought it's fabulous ! it helps me to know you a little better and i share a lot of views with you ( especially reading while eating and lingerie ;))I THINK ABOUT doing a similar post those days ! thanks for the inspiration

Belle said...

This is the most gorgeous and inspirational post darling!!

I believe in love
I believe in following your heart
I believe in being positive
and I believe that is one of the most beautiful photographs of kate winslet - i just adore her!

have a wonderful day darling xxx

Laura Trevey said...

Beautiful post!!!

I definitely believe in telling those you love, "I Love You" every day.


New England Girl said...

Girl, you are such a beautiful person - inside and out - and I believe I am SO lucky to have you in my life. :) I was so thrilled when you told me you were going to write your own "I believe" post. Your list is simply wonderful and I can honestly say I read the entire post with a huge smile on my face. :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts... they are gorgeous and magnificent - just like you. xoxoxo.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing, this was so beautiful!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous and inspiring post, darling!
I believe in most of things, and I especially believe in love!


Jocelyn said...

I adored this post! Thanks for posting this Allison! I especially love that every woman should read Pride and Prejudice. It's so true, ha. I love your blog Allison and everytime I read it I just wish I could sit down to lunch with you and talk and talk and talk! Hope that you have a great weekend!


Candice said...

Hey there :) What an AMAZING post!!! It's my first time on your blog, and I am also a new follower! First of all..."Orange Sky," I literally just got done listening to that in my car before I walked in my house. And your post about fashionable ladies from TV shows...I couldn't agree more :) Your blog is wonderfu!!!

Hanako66 said...

what an absolutely wonderful post...i believe that i am feeling quite inspired right now!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

these are all freaking fantastic and I BELIEVE TOO! in all! and sangria. mostly.

Olive said...

I absolutely adored this post :):), such a great idea!
I definitely second a lot of those.. especially all of the ones concerning character and kindness. Those are so, so important. So is eating icecream while thumbing through fashion magazines ;). I cannot stand going to bed angry, it's the worst when the other party is too tired to resolve it then, and you're stuck waiting til morning to feel better. You're right, the world would be much more accepting, and therefore a better place, if people would just befriend more people that are different than themselves. Friendship really forces you to gain new perspectives and understanding on things.

Oooh Boy Meets World :), I love 'the Feeny call'. But great post, I'm inspired to come up with my own! Lovely pictures, too. Enjoy your weekend!

♥ Olive

Taylor Sterling said...

this post is so great!! I believe in love and following your dreams!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I had choc chip pancakes the other night and immediately felt better!!

I believe that my true friends will always lift me up when I'm down.

I believe you are a true friend. :)

Nicole Marie said...

i love love love love love this!!!!
i might have to do one of my own!

Desiree said...

What a beautiful post! Boy Meets World + Chocolate chip pancakes = Love. I just tagged you for an award, b/c your blog is fabulous! :)

Tracy-Girl said...

This post inspred me so much... I think I may need to do my own little "I Believe" list. I love this. I, too, believe in a lot of the same things... especially saying I love you to everyone you love. You can't say it enough...

Nicole Linette said...

This amazing! I'm speechless! I really loved it. Everything you said was so, so true.

(except I can't advocate for the Magnolia Bakery and sangria ;) )

~ nicole.

Kristin said...

I believe that this was an incredibly epic post! I also believe that a good latte, glass of bubbly or a hug from a munchkin goes a long way!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice =D
How weird is the first pictures, the faces of the girls!!
Nice UP picture =D

Sweet Nothings said...

oh boy meets world. there are no words.

wreckedstellar said...

Awww, what a lovely list of beliefs! I need to create my own! I also love all of the photos that accompany them. I totally saw Ben Savage at a club and he was dancing all crazy! I esp. love the photo from 'Up' where they're day dreaming. And I really need to read Pride & Prejudice. I remember trying to read it in 9th grade for extra credit but I couldn't comprehend past the first few pages so I gave up! Will need to try that again :) xo, mel

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I have been MIA from blogger this week and am finally catching up! I love this post so much - you are so sweet! And I lov that the picture is up in the header!! That totally made my day! We have rainy nasty weather here in Seattle so I needed a little pick me up. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!!!

AMIT said...

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