Friday, September 25, 2009

Healthy (and delicious) Snacking!

Over the summer, I was really proud of all the hard work I put into an exercise routine, and relatively healthy eating. I worked really hard to cut down on the sweets (didn't always happen so well ALL of the time, thanks PMS), get in enough servings of fruits and vegetables, and eat things that would make me feel good about myself, and that I knew was beneficial to me in the future (as in foods rich with Omega-3, or antioxidants).

Luckily for me, I'm a huge fan of fruits and veggies, so eating healthy wasn't really that difficult, especially when my mom has a massive garden (seriously, it takes over 1/3 of our big property), where there are vegetables all over the place. Inside my house, it is filled with fresh, organic fruits my mom picks up at Whole Foods or a farmer's market. It's pretty easy to stay on track and be healthy when you're surrounded by options. I finally hit my ideal weight, and lost ALL of the freshman 15 (or 20) that I gained the first two years of college.

Enter my return to college. All of a sudden, I'm on my own, without a huge budget to allow me to buy every single fruit available at Whole Foods, and the dining commons at my school offering nothing but foods ridden with high fat, sugar, or sodium (no joke, I went to get a quesedilla made with low-fat cheese the other day...the sodium on it was 1,000 mg!). The healthy options are minimal - even when you go up to get vegetables (like green beans or carrots, etc) they are literally doused in butter, draining any nutritional value right out of it. Since being back at school, my weight has just constantly been fluctuating, which is okay, I'm not so worried about the weight aspect (okay, a little), but it's more the fact that my school is constantly serving processed foods, or foods that are really, truly bad for you.

There is a salad bar, but I've been back at school now since August 25, and they have had the same options laying out on the salad bar since we got here... I don't know about all of you, but I need some variety with my salads, so I don't get sick of it!

Anyway, as always when I don't really know what to do, I turn to Ms. Martha Stewart. I went onto her website this morning, just for inspiration, and the first thing on the homepage that I laid my eyes on was "Healthy Snacks." Perfect!

These all look so unbelievably delicious (which I think is really important when you're trying to eat one wants to eat something that tastes like cardboard!) and are all incredibly healthy as well. I know for me, when I want a snack, I go for the ice cream, or toast with Nutella, or something that might satisfy a craving, but leaves me feeling a little gross after.

If you click on the title of all these snacks, it will take you to the recipe so you can make these fabulous snacks yourself!

Double Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscotti

84 calories, 1g protein, 4g fat, 10g carbs, 1g fiber

Papaya Berry Yogurt Parfaits

164 calories, 5g protein, 1g fat, 38g carbs, 5g fiber

Vegetable Salsa

51 calories, 2g protein, 2g fat, 8g carbs, 3g fiber

Berry "Pizza" (I think this looks a-mazinggg!)

Spiced-Up Hummus
187 calories, 13g fat, 14g carbs, 5g protein

Banana Yogurt Smoothie

245 calories, 9g protein, 4g fat, 49g carbs, 4g fiber

Four-Berry Salad

Sun-Dried Tomato and Artichoke Dip


Mango Salsa


Blueberry Breakfast Shake


Pita Pizza
(I think this looks too good for words!)

Frozen Lemonade


What are your favorite healthy snacks? (And what are your favorite UNHEALTHY snacks...because lets face it...we all need to indulge!).

Any fun weekend plans?
Ah, today I'm surprising J and taking him to the MuteMath concert in Philly (they're his favorite band). I have EVERY detail planned, 5:30 p.m. restaurant reservations at this really, really cute restaurant. I'm super excited! He knows we're going somewhereeee but doesn't know where we're going, or what we're doing! I love surprises! =)

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hottie of the Week #7.

So, it is no secret that I love me a good nerdy boy. Throw on some glasses and a sweater, and I just swoon. But, add in an amazing sense of humor and I swear, I'm ready to walk down that aisle with you ;)
This brings me to this weeks Hottie of the Week - Mr. Andy Samberg. Super cute, unbelievably funny...a little nerdy...ah, I swoon. (P.S. I can't believe this is my seventh hottie of the week! This has turned into such a fun post to do =] ).

If you watch Saturday Night Live, you already know who he is. Samberg is well known for his SNL Digital Short "Lazy Sunday," about two guys in Manhattan who go to see The Chronicles of Narnia. (The quality sucks a little, but you get the jist...).

Samberg then went on to win a Creative Arts Emmy for his hit "Dick in a Box," with Justin Timberlake. I swear, I barely even recognized that it was actually Samberg in this video!

As I've said time and time again - I loveee an educated hottie. And Samberg is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Mmm, perfect. Samberg has had a minor role in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (and by minor, I mean, he was on screen for maybe ten seconds), starred in the film Hot Rod, and is currently the voice of Brent in the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (besides continuing to make us laugh on SNL). On SNL he appears in many of the live sketches, occasionally performs with his comedy group The Lonely Island (you may have heard their song Jizz in My Pants...gotta love writing that one out ;), and writes a lot of his own sketches and material. It is thanks to Samberg and The Lonely Island that SNL now features "Digital Shorts," all written by Samberg and his comedy troupe.

This picture makes me smile =)


Samberg Departs



With The Lonely Island:




And any more suggestions for next weeks hottie? I'm thinking of rotating between males and females every week - does that sound okay?

I know this is probably getting so redundant, but I really am sorry for my lack in is just killing me right now...but I WILL be better at it, I promise! I miss you all, and appreciate you putting up with me! =)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy Day Inspiration.

Today, as I sit in my living room with the big picture window open, it is not hard to see what a gloomy, terrible looking day it is.
I can't lie - I'm one of those people who finds that my mood can be affected by the weather...on days like today I would be perfectly happy doing nothing else but laying in bed and watching TV all day long, not getting up for anything but Milky Way bars and Odwalla juice [gotta be a LITTLE healthy ;) ].
Even before the weather, today was shaping up to be a terrible sort of day - with my first 8 page paper of the semester due today (with little/no instruction on what exactly it was that I should be doing for it), and I have night class from 4-10 p.m., which kills me every week. (Sometimes I'm too dramatic for my own good).
It's on days like today when I can mope around and bitch and complain, or I can do something to pick myself up and get out of my terrible mood. It is during these pick up times that I go to my inspiration folders, to lift myself out of my slum and make me happy.
Seriously, within seconds, I can feel my mood transformed a bit -I know that sounds silly, but sometimes the beauty in these images I've said in a file over the years can instantly perk me right up.

Anywayyy, I figured that since it is so disgusting out today here, it might be the same for a lot of you, so I thought I'd share a few images that make me so happy to look at =) I hope that the weather is more cheerful for all of you, and that you might find someee inspiration in these!

I would like this set up very much, please and thank you:



Does anyone know how to do a braid like this? I'm obsessed!:





I think this is so perfect:


What cheers you up when you're gloomy?
Love you all, xo!

P.S. Loved all your suggestions for girl crushes - I will definitelyyy be having more girl crushes for my hottie of the week posts! =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hottie of the Week #6.

Girl crushes.... I mean, I'd be lying if I said my completely straight, and totally in love with a guy self didn't get them every once in a while. There are just some females out there that are so beautiful, it is impossible to not take notice of it (hello, Angelina Jolie).

Anyway, I figured that hottie of the week has had just way too much testosterone lately (psh, as if that is possible), but I figured switching it up is always a healthy thing.

So, this week for hottie of the week, we have our first female hottie!

This female is a part of the biggest hit movie of the year (winner of the Academy Award in pretty much every category) and she herself nabbed a SAG award, and was nominated for a BAFTA award.... I am obviously talking about Ms. Freida Pinto.

Slumdog Millionaire is one of my favorite movies...I honestly don't know if I could ever get sick of watching it, of the beauty of the cinematography, or the amazing message of hope. Plus, hello, Freida Pinto is effing gorgeous. I feel like it's almost unfair how pretty she is (jealousyyyy).

Pinto grew up in India, to two professional parents, and went to school in Mumbai, India, getting her BA in English Literature (I'm telling you, even with girl crushes, I like 'em educated ;)

She played a variety of roles, but really hit it big in her breakthrough role as Latika in Slumdog Millionaire (which really, if you haven't seen it, please rent it immediately. I can almost 100% guarantee you will love it).

Since achieving stardom through Slumdog, Pinto is going to be in an upcoming Woody Allen film (alongside Josh Brolin, Anupam Kher, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts), and recently signed a deal to become the new face of L'Oreal, going back to her original roots as a model (obviously).

She is currently dating her Slumdog Millionaire costar (who some might recognize from my fave show Skins!), Dev Patel.



Actress Freida Pinto arrives at the 61st Annual Directors Guild







Who do YOU have a girl crush on? (Or a guy crush, if you're a guy and very comfortable with your sexuality).
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend =) And thanks for all your sweet comments about my apartment! Love you all <3 style="font-size:85%;">
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Most Massive Catch-Up Post Ev-er.

Wow, Labor Day weekend just kind of came and went super, super quickly, and my professors are obviously having no trouble getting right back into the swing of things =/

I realized that I haven't really posted too much about myself lately, I've been pretty lazy with the blogging and have mostly just been doing hottie of the week this is going to just be a massive recap of everything going on in my life =) I hopeee I don't bore you too terribly! And I apologize for the picture overload...hopefully you won't mind too, too much ;)

The apartment:
So far everything is great! The apartment is located on campus, which is kind of nice because, for one, I don't need to spend any money on gas driving to and from campus every day, and finding a parking spot, which is beyond difficult. Plus, I get to stay in bed for those extra 15 minutes in the morning it would take me to drive to school.
However, becauseeee it is an apartment on campus, it means that the furniture is not exactly to my liking...the wood is mismatched, the kitchen is ancient, the beds super squeaky (and uncomfortable, requiring an egg crate plus mattress pad in my case!). But it's definitely roomy... minus the closet space and the kitchen, but we are making it work!
These are a few pictures of le apartment...we actually just got curtains today, and my Blackberry is not acting right, so I haven't taken a picture yet, but the curtains are a super pretty butter yellow color, with maroon trim in the bottom =)


Picture the yellow curtains hanging over the big bay window:

The amazingly sweet and beautiful Aubrey sent me this beautiful necklace, and a housewarming gift of a beautiful photo (that I'm currently shopping for a frame for!).

Little baby kitchen:



Life/Labor Day Weekend:
So after my post about the fabulous Martha Stewart drinks, I'm afraid that I actually didn't end up making ANY of my own, due to the lack of a barbeque to serve them at.
On Friday night, J and I headed to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our anniversary. Please let me tell you that I didn't eat all day to save room for what I knew would be a massive dinner. Unfortunately, this backfired, because after we split an appetizer (chicken potstickers, yummo!), I was still STAR-VING, so I ate about 5 pieces of bread. Once my entree arrived (cajun chicken and mashed potatoes), I think I ate like six bites and felt like I was going to just burst all over the walls of the Cheesecake Factory. THEN, our waitress (who was actually a little rude to me) brings out the dessert menu, and drew our attention to the fact that the Cheesecake Factory was having a special red velvet cheesecake in honor of their anniversary. Uhm, red velvet and cheesecake, together in one delicious combination?! I die. We each ordered one (to the utter amazement of our waitress who asked incredulously, "You're not going to split it?" giving a look of shock. Homegirl obviously doesn't know me, or J). I got about halfway through, which kind of impressed me, and then boxed up the rest of that fabulousss cheesecake to binge on later (J seriously ate his like, 10 minutes after we got back).


Saturday, J went to a concert with his friends, so I convinced my roommates to take advantage of the fact that we're 20 minutes from Philly, to go to South Street for some amazinggg cheesecakes at Jim's Steaks. I had been craving one for like, the entire week (since J took me last week). Unfortunately, when we got there, the line had wrapped all the way around the corner, and way, way far down into the street, so no one (besides moi) wanted to wait on a line that long (but trusttt me, it would have been worth it). Instead we headed for another cheesesteak place, which was good, but just not the same. It was still a really nice day to be out, and I satisfied my cheesesteak craving.



On Sunday, J and I had been planning to go down the shore for like, a longgg time. Like, all summer. We decided to head to Wildwood, NJ, which is where my family has a condo (and by my family, I mean my entireee dad's side all went in on a condo in this super nice community - with four pools and a private beach!). J and his family had summered in Wildwood for like, years so it was really fun going there together and being able to kind of share different memories about different places together.
We were really excited to go to the beach and boardwalk, and ended up eating pizza on the boardwalk for lunch (not so good), and then headed down to the beach. Now, let me tell you, I am a beach kind of girl, but for me, going to the beach means just laying out for hours reading a magazine. J on the other hand, is a go in the water type of guy. So I compromised and headed into the water with him.
Oh my goodness - the water was SO rough. Like, I am a little girl, but I'm pretty strong (especially my legs), but let me tell you, if I didn't hang onto J, I would have been swept away. The current was SO strong, the waves were HUGE, and I quite possibly resembled a drowned rat. When we got out of the water, we found that it was so windy on the beach that our towels had been totally and COMPLETELY covered in sand.

We decided that was a sign, and called it a day before we headed to my FAVORITE restaurant down the shore for dinner. My dad had told us to "charge it" to him, and that we should just go all out. So, we did. We each had daquiris while we waited for our appetizer to arrive (peach for me, strawberry for him), then indulged on crab cakes, and then our delish entrees finally arrived (tilapia stuffed with crabmeat for me, salmon stuffed with crabmeat for J). It was beyond delicious. Like, I'm salivating right now just thinking of that a-maaazing seafood. Thank God my dad footed the bill, because it was definitelyyy over $100 for the two of us, which for my broke ass is just not do-able. So thanks dad!

After dinner, I walked J around the condo complex, avoiding our townhouse because my family was there, but I showed him the beach, the four pools, tennis courts...everything. We then headed to the boardwalk, and rode on the ferris wheel (which was massive, and had the most amazing view of the boardwalk with all the lights!).

We then headed and walked along the beach at night, which was just perfection (minus all the wind which blew sand in like, every orifice imaginable). But just being there with him made it all the more worthwhile (sooo cheesyyyy!).


Please excuse the fact that my hair is a hot mess and that J looks like Wolverine ;) ..this is possibly my fave picture of the two of us though:

So, I'm sorry for the massive overload of information and I've said, my life is not overwhelmingly exciting, but that's okay =)

What did YOU do for Labor Day? And how have you all been? Your comments always make me smile so big =)

And a special thanks again to Aubrey for my fabulous gift! Love ya girl, and I'm praying that your son will have a speedy recovery!

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